At the same time

The tragedy of the dead is going on in scenes.
Those people who fled during the chaos were not saved because of it. Fortunately, even if they entered the nightmare, it would not be so painful to die, but it is hard to say that women will not only be insulted by the nightmare, but will eventually eat it whole, and it is the hunters who are more terrible than the nightmare.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You want to escape from this rippling bitch, but you’d escape." The naked fruit has a scarlet scratch on its skin, and the new hunters have no sympathy or pity for women. They want to vent their hearts.
"Don’t play for too long. The news that the young man has just arrived seems to be more troublesome than expected." The swordsman in black is not interested in these broken flowers and defeated willows. He now wants to find the escape and forget the dust to cut him to pieces.
"Go to hell as much as you want" seems to be tired of playing. This girl who has been insulted by turns is greeted with death, but before she died, her eyes like a spectre issued a sharp roar.
"You scum, I curse you for dying a natural death. Whether it’s reality or a game, I will curse your generation even if it turns into hell."
"Go to hell, bitch." A love bomb once again took away the life of a teenage girl. Even if she can come back to life, she may be able to face her future. This group of animals is worse than garbage, and the insult to her will be branded in her heart.
While chasing and forgetting the dust, the blood friends brigade is killing all the way. These scum should go to hell to calm the world.
The pursuit of the dead is still going on
"Damn it, what the hell is this monster? It’s been three hours in a row, and what’s even more frightening is that he has been carrying that woman’s physical strength and will, and he can’t see that he is a newcomer." The performance of forgetting dust shocked the tracker’s heart inexplicably, and it only made him move in this chase.
"Ding-dong, your physical strength has reached a critical point. Please replenish your physical strength as soon as possible or rest immediately."
Just when the tracker felt tired, his sight suddenly blurred for a second and he almost stumbled and fell, but after all, it was the old player who had been wandering for many years who forced himself to wake up.
The dagger cuts his wrist. This guy should wake himself up in this way. This willpower is also serious.
"But if I go on like this, it will be my physical strength." He has already felt that his physical strength has reached its limit. If he continues to follow, he will run out of physical strength before forgetting the dust. Maybe the worst thing is that he will die!
Yes, you will die. If your physical strength reaches the limit of your body and you enter a state of collapse, you will be so exhausted if you can’t recover.
Although let yourself awake, the current situation is not optimistic. If you kill yourself at this moment, you may be yourself.
"I didn’t expect such a precious thing to be here. Even if a new person dies, you should be honored." The tracker slowed down and then stopped to take out a blue syringe medicine from his treasure bag.
This is not a blood medicine, but the most precious physical recovery medicine in the game. The old five will say such a thing. When the medicine is injected into the body, the body will be exhausted and full of strength again.
"Stop?" Three hours of running and snow falling on yourself, even if it is a monster’s will and physical strength, it will feel a considerable load and forget the dust. So far, there is no big breath.
At the moment, he can’t help but want to thank the butcher Wang for letting him go to Shilin for a year’s exercise. If not, he would have been defeated in this chase, and all his efforts have played the greatest role in this battle.
"It seems that the other party has been tempted to start work." Forget the dust and grin, and there is already a plan in my heart.
"It’s almost time to have a rest when the snow falls. No matter what happens later, don’t panic. I’ll deal with it." Forget the dust and start to slow down, but it’s not so obvious. He can’t let the other side see any flaws
"Snow falls?"
After several calls, there was no response. When I turned around, the silly girl actually fell asleep behind him. The sleeping appearance forgot to wake him up and smiled. "Maybe this is better for you."
Forgetting the dust suddenly stopped, which made the young man tremble behind him. There were no night ghosts and no other monsters around him. At this time, Forgetting the dust looked around. He quickly hid himself and looked at Forgetting the dust through the leaves.
It is the first time that the young man saw a woman’s face when he saw her carefully, and his heart became hot involuntarily. This woman actually made him play with women, and his heart boiled! !
Can’t help but marvel at the beauty of women, and calm down.
"Don’t waste me chasing you, Xiao Baili, this woman, and I will accept it." The fifth man showed an evil smile
"Well, it should be a safe area around, so we need to find some food to replenish our strength, otherwise we can’t go like this." Forgot the dust and said to himself in situ. He knew that the tracker was 500 meters away from him and was trying to get close to him.
So he would deliberately say so.
The tracker did hear the words of forgetting dust, but he was even more delighted. Wouldn’t it be if forgetting dust really went?
With this idea, it seems too perfect to stare at a woman’s face, chest and buttocks, especially the snow-covered tights to wrap up a perfect figure and a little fat belly.
The more you look at it, the more beautiful you look at it, the more obsessed you are with the fifth property. You can’t bear the commotion.
"Snow falls, wait for me for a while. I will definitely be back here." Forget the dust, touch the girl’s face, kiss it on her forehead, and then go to other places, and soon the figure will disappear.
He didn’t act immediately, and he also suspected that there was a problem. After five minutes, he finally showed his sinister face after leaving.
Snowfall had a dream, a very beautiful dream, in which she forgot the dust and rode a white unicorn to pick herself up at the moment when people paid attention to her. She was the most beautiful woman in the world that day.
In a daze, I opened my eyes and saw a figure in front of me. She smiled beautifully and was a little gorgeous. "Forget the dust. Where have we been?"
"Pretty girl, you will go to heaven soon." A wretched smile echoed in my ears.
"Heaven is dead wood. You’re talking nonsense again."
"Wait a minute, it’s not wood. Oh, it’s iron bars that make you happy in heaven! !” Ripples smile to conceal the heart * * * exposed may be felt wrong snow suddenly woke up to stare at the strange face exclaimed.
But I was immediately blocked by the other party. "Don’t make a move, little beauty, or I will kill you."
"Woo-hoo" wanted to say something, but the injustice and panic merged into tears. She didn’t know what happened to forgetting the dust, but she couldn’t forget the eyes when it fell into this group of people’s hands. It was exactly the same as the five love rat at that time
"Don’t show such an expression? It will soon make you feel the paradise." When he laughed, his other hand began to swim around in the snow and slowly moved to the full place. In the eyes of the fifth, this woman was already in his pocket.
"No one will come to save you, beautiful woman. I’ll make you comfortable later." He said that his hands climbed the snowy mountain peak and wanted to knead them as much as he could, but just as he had an idea, a thick arm held his left hand tightly.
Property mind a quiver suddenly look back to see just forget dust that cold face has that seems to be able to see through the soul.
"You" are so surprised that you can’t speak. This moment, Lao Wu feels fear, forgetting the murderous look emitted by the dust body is like a countdown to death! !
Chapter 34 Head
In the silent Hesse, the fierce ghost roars from time to time in silver moon, which makes people tremble.
The giant tree’s eyes are staggered in the moonlight, which is more strange than it is.
The heart can’t hide the panic, which shocked the face of the young man. He never thought that the original left and forgot the dust would appear in front of his eyes again. What the hell is going on?
If it is a coincidence, he can say that the new guy is really lucky, but when his eyes are crossed, he has a strange illusion. The man’s eyes are like knowing the evolution of things. That kind of penetrating eye makes the tracker feel that he is not facing a human being but a hungry beast.
"Boo hoo, forget the dust" Seeing the figure of forgetting the dust finally calms the heart and fears, but the face is still difficult to hide the panic. After all, for girls, this experience may cause a huge shadow. Snowfall is desperate for men because of the Five love rat. Only by forgetting the dust can he feel at ease and be the only one who believes.
I saw her tears again, forgetting the dust and feeling a little guilty, but I didn’t comfort the snow first, but killed the tracker. The cold eyes actually gave the fifth property some unspeakable oppression.
"It’s a newcomer. How on earth did he achieve such terrible murderous look and this oppressive feeling is not right!" He reacted quickly and was almost ready to fight when Forgotten Dust appeared. He was glad that he had not shed his equipment at the moment, or he would kill him when Forgotten Dust had enough.
In fact, if you want to forget the dust, he has just died, and the reason why he didn’t do so is to leave the snow.
I don’t know why the snow falls to lure the enemy, but I can’t help but forget the dust when I see this man trying to do something about the snow falls. His eyes are full of murder for desecrating the snow falls!
It’s not that the young man didn’t want to coerce the young girl to force the new man to submit, but he gave up the idea. Because he wanted to act at that time, he felt that this man would kill him without any basis. This is the intuition of the young man.
"So is it a coincidence or"
"You should go?" The tracker Mo Laowu looked coldly at the forgotten dust dagger in his hand, and the battle could happen at any time, but before that, he had to understand one thing.
Forget dust corners of the mouth with evil smile, but he didn’t answer Mo Laowu’s words, which made Mo Laowu feel a little uncomfortable.
"It seems that you will be obedient only if you know the uncle’s means." Mo Laowu moved his heart. He just stopped forgetting the dust when he delayed, but now it seems that he can avoid frontal combat.
Seeing Mo Laowu’s posture forgetting dust and smiling, he suddenly said, "Do you know what keeps you alive?"
When I heard this, Mo Laowu looked stunned and flew into a rage. "It sounds like you made me live to this day?"
"Little naturally the couple! ! !” Mo Lao Wu suddenly launched an attack. He’s not Nightcrawler. Although he can’t sneak in, he’s a tracker. His speed is also first-class! !

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