上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 桑拿会所 Chen Han pinched his neck and roared, "Wake the fuck up, there are better treasures on it, why are you in a hurry!"

Chen Han pinched his neck and roared, "Wake the fuck up, there are better treasures on it, why are you in a hurry!"

Eyeballs are almost jumping out, staring at the baby with extreme reluctance. He cried and was pinched by Chen Han and ran to the steps on the fourth floor.
Having the same experience three times in a row, I don’t think it’s strange for a long time. The key has just been sucked into the keyhole and bounced out again.
However, when several people walked into the fourth floor, careful Jing Aoxue immediately found the problem: "No fifth floor?"
"My brave … my baby …" Xiang Lang burst into tears.
"Hey, you uncle!"
Can’t stand his ghost appearance, Chen Han kicked it in the past, glanced around the empty fourth floor, and frowned: "Without the fifth floor, the key should be useless. How can it pop up?" There is no baby, that is … "
The fourth floor is only 100 meters away from Fiona Fang, so they can see everything at a glance with their eyesight.
Not only is there no staircase leading to the fifth floor, but there are no display shelves everywhere on the next three floors, and there is no treasure they know.
Crunch …
Just in the middle of Chen Han’s sentence, there was a sound from the empty fourth floor. A platform made of magical spar rose slowly from the ground one meter high.
Half a foot away from the table, there is a dark yellow light floating in the void, which is about the size of an egg. Eyes can see the opposite thing directly through the dim light. This thing is obviously not an entity, that is, an illegal treasure and not a panacea.
"What is it? Baby? "
Fang Chihai stared blankly and whispered to himself, "Without any energy fluctuation, it is definitely not a natural treasure, a magic weapon and an elixir, an intangible substance, nor can it be a method or a monster beast. What the hell is it?"
Chen Han’s face became very dignified, and his figure flashed past, which was derived from the knowledge of Huang Ji’s forging machine, so that he quickly recognized the light in front of him.
No energy fluctuations?
It’s not that there is no energy fluctuation, but that the energy fluctuation it emits is too mysterious, which is not the energy of the fix-true world, or even the energy of the immortals.
Don’t say Fang Chihai they can’t see it, even in the heyday of the fix true person more than two thousand years ago, I’m afraid few people know it.
However, if the ethereal celestial world really exists, it will only appear there, and even the top immortals will be crazy about it.
This is a peerless treasure that is separated from the day after tomorrow and has great magical use-congenital elite!
There is a record about this kind of thing in the tactic of the Imperial Forging Machine. It is a treasure of heaven and earth that can refine the sacristy, and its value is incalculable!
If all the treasures in the first three floors are compared to a drop of water, the value of this small group of congenital elite is comparable to that of the whole Pacific Ocean. The two are not at the same level at all, even if there are so many treasures, they are more useful to fix the true. The monster beast cubs on the third floor are a little valuable, but how easy is it to practice successfully?
However, as long as Chen Han has enough strength, this group of innate elite can immediately create a sacred object, which is a great treasure beyond the best fairy!
Woo hoo …
Chen Han’s hands trembled with excitement. Just as he was preparing to collect the elite of innate bentonite, there was a low whine from under the jade platform at his feet.
He was startled and quickly dodged. Looking around, it turned out to be a small hairball less than a foot long.
The whole body is covered with a layer of smooth and soft white long hair, short legs and a small tail, and pink and tender small tongue sticks out from his mouth. A few deciduous teeth that seem to be not fully developed are particularly cute. Apart from smaller ears, straighter hair and less flat mouth, they are vivid images of a Beijing Ba dog that has just been born for a month.
However, it is staring at Chen Han with angry and alert eyes at the moment, and it looks like anger, giving people a sense of confusion.
That’s right, this puppy, who didn’t know when and how to appear and had no reason to be here, showed a vivid anger similar to that of human beings.
"What a lovely puppy, it’s mine, hee hee …"
"Stand back!"
Chen Han reached out to block Jing Ning’s snow from the little girl’s mentality, and said with a heavy voice, "Stupid girl, do you think there will be an ordinary puppy here?" Do you think a dog will have a human expression? "
After hearing his roar, Jing Ning Xue couldn’t help but turn pale and retreat repeatedly. This building is a treasure cabinet with countless treasures of heaven and earth, and the first three layers are all treasures everywhere. Theoretically, on the fourth floor of a higher floor, there will only be more advanced gadgets. How can an ordinary puppy appear here?
Besides, I don’t know how many years have passed since it was dusty here. Let’s not talk about it. How can a lively puppy live so long?
The little guy glared at a group of people with a deep whine, which smelled like anger and threat.
"There is no demon yuan fluctuation, and I heard grandpa say that the stronger the demon clan, the greater the ontology. This little thing doesn’t even have baby teeth. It should be a cub. Even if it is a demon family, at its stage, the realm is not too high. It is impossible to escape our spiritual knowledge. "
"But …"
Listening to the big guy’s once-in-a-lifetime analysis, Chen Han frowned and murmured: "There is really no energy fluctuation, and the psychic detection has not encountered any obstacles. It looks like an ordinary puppy. However, how can it appear here? How can you live to the present? "
Panlong golden gun appeared out of thin air in the hands of Xianglang, and the golden light flashed. The nose of the little guy in your gun was less than half an inch, and the little guy was scared to retreat.
Just now, the threatening expression disappeared without a trace, and the tears of Dou Da rolled down from her eyes. In the shocked eyes of everyone, it began to cry like a human child.
"Isn’t it? Is it a dog or a person? " A few people are stupid, and all of them are stupid.
"It seems that there should be no threat. Put it away and do something serious first." Chen Han’s alert psychology is a little relaxed.

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