Zeng Feiyang grabbed the frontcourt rebounds …
James held the backboard in the backcourt …
In the following games, the Rockets and Cavaliers fought offensive and defensive battles under the leadership of Zeng Feiyang and James respectively!
In the game, the tactics of the Rockets are very different. Their core is no longer to play from outside by Yao, but to hand over most of the ball to Zeng Feiyang for distribution! And Zeng Feiyang’s basic point is that people outside can play or play outside! It’s hard to prevent! In a sense, the Rockets’ tactics are a bit like an alternative’ triangle attack’, and Zeng Feiyang is the core of the attack! And it is possible to play without worrying about anything to attack the core!
Van Gundy is called the defensive coach, and his defensive ability is definitely one of the best in the league. On the contrary, his attack level is flattering, so the Rockets are also a defensive and offensive team! But today’s tactics completely broke this theorem. They not only did a good job in defense, but also left no room for attack! Full of aggression! It can also be said that the current Rockets have become a strategic team with fierce attack and defense! It can also be said that their current play is 6 points on offense and 4 points on defense-they have completely given up the boring play of defensive offense!
Although James played well in the Cavaliers and his teammates played well, their overall defensive ability was obviously weaker than that of the trained rockets, so they could defend the enemy like the rockets and bring the two sides closer step by step!
Finally, at the end of the third quarter, the two sides fought to 12-the Rockets were only 1 point behind the Cavaliers!
In the first three quarters, the Rockets had scored 21 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. And James is no worse than Zeng Feiyang. He also scored 2 rebounds and 6 assists!
Can these two tianjiao performance really reached the level of energy! They’re all perfect. They’re all amazing! But in the end, one of them must taste failure! Because there must be winners and losers in basketball! No matter who is stronger or more perfect!
"Du!" As the whistle sounded on the court, the Rockets Cavaliers finally fought for hegemony …
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Victory or defeat
In the fourth quarter, Van Gundy made some adjustments in tactics, and Yao was the tactical core again, while others were Yao’s helpers to attack the position-Zeng Feiyang had been changed by him to rest!
Van Gundy will do this because Zeng Feiyang’s physical strength is exhausted-Zeng Feiyang’s physical strength can best support him to soar for 3 minutes without leaving any strength!
Physical fitness has always been the biggest weakness of Zeng Feiyang! This is not to say that he has no endurance, but that Asian’ physical fitness is inherently inferior to that of blacks. His physical fitness and fitness are already very good among all Asian-if he has been fighting for 70% of his strength, he may be able to keep playing for four minutes! However, the team’s situation doesn’t allow him to relax at all. He always consumes almost all his physical strength before the fourth quarter, which leads to his own insistence on playing the game, which is also commonly known as’ last quarter collapse’!
This time, Van Gundy absolutely won’t allow this to happen again, so he let Zeng Feiyang be the tactical core in the first few quarters to make his new tactics play, thus helping Yao save his physical strength, so that Yao can play hard in the fourth quarter, and in the first six minutes of the fourth quarter, Van Gundy will definitely not send Zeng Feiyang out again! Because Zeng Feiyang needs a rest, he must get a chance to breathe so that Zeng Feiyang can lead the Rockets to victory with Yao in the last 6 minutes!
In the first half of the fourth quarter, James, who had been soaring with Zeng Feiyang, was also given a rest by the Cavaliers coach, so that both tianjiao were prepared for the final decisive period; And the stadium battle will be handed over to others to complete!
"Audience friends, both Zeng Feiyang and James have been rested by the coaches of the two teams. At this moment, the tactics of the Rockets have obviously changed, and once again, the typical center tactics with Yao as the core of attack have been shown! Oh, think about it before the game. I don’t know if people will think that the Rockets were just the Lakers in the’ Zijin Dynasty’-Zeng Feiyang was Kobe Yao or O ‘Neal! The game just now was really enjoyable and played very well. Maybe this new tactic is suitable for the Rockets now … "
In the fourth quarter, Yao had to face the Cavaliers’ crazy double-team, but when teammates helped Yao gradually reduce the burden of line attack, the line attack power became stronger and stronger. Only in four minutes, Yao made three shots, two free throws and two free throws, and scored points in one fell swoop. However, the Cavaliers also played well. Larry Hughes led Cavaliers to shoot and hit again and again, making the Rockets always overtake the score!
After a 6-minute staggered battle, Alston, the king of streetball, hit a three-pointer again and the Rockets finally tied the score with this three-pointer-the Rockets tied the score for the first time since the game!
Rockets players are in high spirits at the moment because they know that their efforts have not been in vain. They finally succeeded in tying the score-now that they have tied the score, they can certainly overtake it and win the final victory!
Cavaliers coach Bai is already dead. He immediately called a long timeout to stabilize the army and arrange some tactics!
Yao led a group of rocket players back to the rest area to meet them. It must be Zeng Feiyang and others who warmly welcomed them and celebrated them with high five!
Van Gundy knows that the situation has become favorable to the Rockets at the moment, and the final moment of victory or defeat must be a timeout. At that time, the Cavaliers will definitely send’ Little Emperor’ James to let James lead the Cavaliers to launch a Jedi counterattack!
If this had happened before, Van Gundy would have sent McGrady to defend James alone, and McGrady would have been able to defend the’ little emperor’. But at the moment, Van Gundy has nothing to stop James’ ace, so let’s rise together! The Cavaliers attack and the Rockets attack, so we can see who has a sharper attack, who has a more stable attack and who has a higher shooting percentage!
Because of this, Van Gundy once again sent Zeng Feiyang to play with Zeng Feiyang, which must be Van Gundy’s new tactics!
In the later game, the score of the Rockets and Cavaliers was in a stalemate. One moment ago, the Rockets led the Cavaliers by 2 minutes, and the Cavaliers overtook the Rockets by 1 point. Then the Rockets will gain the lead again!
James and Zeng Feiyang both took the first attack point of their respective teams in the remaining games. The Rockets and Cavaliers are completely running around these two young players! Although they are not in the right position, the essence of this game has become a PK battle between them! A wrong PK war! A PK battle where you can compete with your skills! A PK battle for hegemony with your own leadership!
These two teenagers will be able to play the word to the extreme! Both of them are so perfect in terms of skills! But in terms of teammates’ ability, the Cavaliers are slightly inferior to the Rockets, which is why the Cavaliers lost today …
16 seconds before the end, Fei Yang hit a three-pointer again, which made the score between the two teams become 116,114-the Rockets were 2 points ahead of the Cavaliers!
James White is the last head at the moment, and there must be no mistake. A little mistake may decide the outcome of the game! Therefore, he made a breakthrough immediately after protecting the ball through the half-court, and after attracting the rocket players to double-team, he put the ball in the hands of Larry Hughes, whom he believed and defended!
Larry Hughes took off immediately after receiving the ball and threw a three-pointer!
James believes that his teammate gave the key ball to his partner, but maybe it was because of too much pressure! Larry Hughes didn’t hit the ball! The rebound just fell into the hands of Zeng Feiyang!
The Cavaliers were in a hurry when they missed a key goal, and James made a foul tactic against Zeng Feiyang at the first time! However, his suspicion sent the Cavaliers to hell, because the 9% free throw percentage that Zeng Feiyang hit definitely made players who wanted to foul him afraid!
At the last moment, Feiyang walked the free throw line because of James’ foul. His free throw also decided the outcome of the game-at this time, there were 5 seconds left before the end of the game!
This time, Zeng Feiyang made two free throws, but instead of missing the ball like the last shot, he made two steady penalties, rewriting the score of the two teams to 11114. At the same time, the Cavaliers were completely plunged into hell by the Rockets!
In the last five seconds, the Cavaliers had given up hope. Before the game was over, both players shook hands and made peace. At the same time, the result of the game also appeared-the Rockets beat the Cavaliers 1114! Ended his five-game losing streak!
Excited, happy, excited, happy!
At the moment when the final whistle sounded, all the rocket players ran off the court and surrounded Zeng Feiyang in their center. The simplest way-happy smiling face-expressed their gratitude to Zeng Feiyang at this moment, because the biggest contributor to this victory was Zeng Feiyang!
James, the little emperor, was more annoyed when the team lost. He looked at Zeng Feiyang, who was laughing with his teammates, and strode to Zeng Feiyang. When other rocket players saw the little emperor in person, James made a way for him to walk in front of Zeng Feiyang unimpeded!
Little Emperor James stopped in front of Zeng Feiyang and stared at Zeng Feiyang with the majesty of the king. Zeng Feiyang looked up slightly, and his eyes were full of elan to return James’ eyes!
For a long time, two talented teenagers of similar age showed their admiration for each other by smiling and the simplest body language-hugging each other!
"You are very strong!" James express Zeng Feiyang’s position in his mind in simple English.
"You too!" Zeng Feiyang responded to James in the same simple English!
"pa! Bang! Pa ~ ~ ~ "There are fans in the venue, and James once flew. These two young people who are full of talent and talent are also strong and also deeply pity each other clapped their hands.
It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose at this moment! The important thing is that there are two more young players in the NBA who are also enemies and friends. From then on, the NBA will be more exciting, and their competition will be more intense and cruel …
Today, people are also surprised to find another thing, that is, there has been another magical record in the NBA-two players who won the’ triple double’ in a game once flew 32 points, 1 rebound and 13 assists; James has 4 points, 11 rebounds and 1 assist …
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six NBA Chinese style again
NBA president David stern sat in front of the camera and watched the game of the rockets Cavaliers silently, with a slight smile on his face.
When the final horn sounded in the video camera, David Snort took a deep breath and smiled gently. "Oh, China boy, you really didn’t let me down! It seems that Van Gundy’s stubbornness and baldness also know that I want to train Zeng Feiyang, the’ China trapeze’ … Ah, it seems that it is time to release the’ that’ news … "

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