Chapter 10 Women should be generous

After many reporters witnessed the smooth signing ceremony, Shen Dahai really came to join in the fun. The official signatories were Gu Rongchen and Ruan Bin.
These two handsome guys of similar age and different types went there to fight side by side. How many women have to commit anthomaniac? The eyes of the first row of female reporters are straight, and they have been stuttering when they ask.
Shen Dahai clapped his hands with a big smile. I don’t know when he has reached Qiao Xinwei’s side. "Should I call you Miss Qiao or Mrs. Jiang?"
Qiao Xinwei deliberately moved a step aside. "It’s better to call your name in the workplace."
"Ha, ha, ha, good. Qiao Mei is really divided between public and private."
"…" Joe heart only hate this slick middle-aged man to have a bad impression, which is really disgusting.
Shen Dahai clearly saw that she was uncomfortable and said, "Okay, okay, I won’t tease you. How is Miss Qiao Xiao Tianai recently?"
I don’t know.
"I don’t know if Jiang’s chief is not loving her. How can you not know?"
"I don’t know is I don’t know"
Shen Dahai is a very active person. He wants to curry favor with anyone who is of value. If he wants to curry favor with him, he can stand all the cold words, even if the person’s status is not the same. It’s like knowing that Qiao Xinwei hates him now, and he still suffers.
He probably said, "Listen to Miss Qiao’s sour tone. It seems that Chief Jiang must have made you angry. Alas, the hero is sad, and the beauty is heavy. But men are always a little bit sloppy. What do you say is that he is marrying a wife?"
Seeing that Joe was indifferent, he continued to persuade him, "Besides, being angry about such a thing will create opportunities for them and bring them closer to each other. It will win men’s respect if you listen to my woman generously."
Joe only thinks about men. He can always find excuses by himself. "I know, manager Shen. Thank you for your guidance."
Shen Dahai smiled "You’re welcome"
At the end of the signing, Qiao Xinwei held the contract like a rare treasure. God knows how much she cherished this hard-won opportunity. When she first entered the unit, she came in with Ji Xiaohai. Her idea at that time was that Ji Xiaohai should be nice to her. She would help him do other jobs after finishing her own work, so that he could enjoy promotion and promotion.
She has been laughed at, sympathized with and buttered up in this company, and she has trained herself to be honored and disgraced.
Thanks to that dark past, she made her light today.
Ruanbin walked in front and suddenly turned to talk, but I couldn’t bear to disturb her when I saw her immersed in this honor. She bowed her head slightly and held her briefcase tightly with her hands. Her eyes were particularly soft without focus, and occasionally she smiled shallowly. The smile from her heart was particularly sweet on her face.
He actually looked fascinated.
Suddenly, she looked up and Ruan Bin coughed lightly to cover up her gaffes. "What’s the progress of the advertisement shooting?"
"I finished shooting yesterday, and the rest is in the later stage."
"The Wanda team will move here soon, and about a dozen people from their side will wait for the sample film to come out, so that everyone can see when it will come out after combining the opinions of all parties."
"I asked for three to five days, and the exchange meeting on Wednesday will definitely come."
"Very good"
The two men walked through the corridor to the lobby. Through the glass wall of the lobby, they saw Shen Dahai and Gu Rongchen surrounded by reporters outside.
"By the way, do you know what the origin of this Gu Rongchen is?"
RuanBin slightly surprised "how to ask about him"
Qiao Xinwei stretched out his hand and smoothed his cheeks, and his broken hair was casually held behind his ear. "Oh, hehe, it will be together in three months. After all, it is the general manager of Wanda. I am afraid that some places are not done well enough, so it is impolite to want to know more about it."
Ruan Bin smiled with relief and pointed to an outside Gu Rongchen, saying, "He used to be the vice president. Remember the corruption case of Kai Midland last year, which was the plane crash of A Hao troops."
"Yeah, I remember."
"Wanda’s original general manager was a shareholder of Midland. At that time, he was arrested. Shen Dahai was the mayor’s younger brother. They walked a lot to press this matter to the position of general manager. Now that the limelight has passed, Gu Rongchen came to Shen Dahai. Now he is bent on making Bolan music card. Wanda Ji has been given to Gu Rongchen to take care of Shen Dahai. He values him very much."
Qiao Xinwei kept asking, "He has been working in Wanda all the time. Does he have another sideline?"
"Why are you so curious about him?"
"Well, I’m not me." Well, I can’t say that Xu Risheng was so annoying. She had a brainwave and said, "Because I met him ten years ago when he was an intern, he was just a little curious about his abandonment of medicine and business."
"Oh, I see. I don’t know if he has a sideline, but he has been working in Wanda for sure. Otherwise, how could Shen Dahai value him so much?"
"Well," Qiao Xinwei felt more suspicious. Ruanbin said that it sounded reasonable. It seems that there is nothing to find out from Ruanbin. Isn’t Gu Rongchen really Xu Risheng?
Before entering the ladder, she turned her head and looked out of the glass wall to see Gu Rongchen’s deep and mysterious eyes passing through the wall and through the glass. She gave a strange smile to his evil spirit’s mouth directly. She suddenly shivered. Was it that her mind was precious or how she was going crazy?
Jiang Hao rolled up his sleeves and bent over, holding a wrench in his hand, and said, "No problem, it’s just loose. Just screw it tight."
"Oh, please." Xiao Tianai looked at him quietly in the living room. She fantasized about this picture several times and stopped at this moment when she wished.
Jiang Hao’s back is turned to her, even loose trousers can’t cover his good figure. Good genes have given him a slender figure, and he has developed a strong and refined muscle through years of exercise. No wonder there are so many women who are fascinated by him. He was born with this talent.
In retrospect, wherever Jiang Haolun went, there were girls admiring her eyes, including wealthy women, official brothers and famous talented women in the school. At that time, Jiang Hao was not as mature and low-key as now, and sometimes she would play with girls. She often felt a sense of crisis.
But now that Qiao Xinwei really caught Jiang Haoxin completely.
Section 79
"A Hao, come and sit down. Aunt stewed soup and ate lunch before she left."
Jiang Hao put the tool back in its place and politely refused, "There’s something to do in the army." When he put the wrench away, he suddenly heard a sound that shouldn’t belong here, and his heart jerked.
"But you always have to eat. No matter how busy you are in the army, you can’t exploit you when you eat."
"But …"
"Don’t be a jerk. Are you still afraid that I’m a basket case?"
"Of course not," Jiang Hao said with a sigh. "All right."
Jiang Hao is very familiar with this place, and all the decoration and design are done by himself. He is familiar with the food and takes out the bowls and chopsticks.
"Come to dinner … are your legs conscious these days?"
"I have an aunt who gives me rehabilitation every day when I am fixed. Sometimes I will be numb after sitting for a long time. Aunt said that this is a good phenomenon and that the motor nerves of my legs are recovering."
Jiang Hao himself said over dinner, "That’s great. Didn’t Dr. Fu say that the first operation is rebirth and the second repair will definitely get better and better."
As soon as the contract was signed, the planning department was started, and the temporary workers’ team was stationed in Wanda. With another team, it promoted and supervised each other, and everyone was busy like clockwork.
"Hello, I’m Qiao Xinwei … Why don’t you come here right away?" Let it be said that Qiao Xinwei took the bag and rushed out. "Xiao Mi, I went to the construction site and Ruan always asked me to help me say one."
She didn’t dare to go fast when she got her driver’s license.
Learning to drive was urged by Jiang Hao to learn. He said that after learning to drive, you can go where you want to go and visit your parents. But now that you have learned to drive, she still has no time to visit her parents. She is busy with work, making money and living every day. Perhaps this is the case in this society.
The car suddenly went out, and the speed of the train slowed down. As soon as she was in a hurry, she stopped and lit the fire, so she couldn’t light it.
It’s really a leak in the house. What’s the matter with the rainy night? Is this that the car has been in the garage for a long time and is broken?
Qiao Xinwei was puzzled by the car, and she didn’t know how to walk. She was in a hurry. It was already out of town and in the suburbs. At noon, the car was not much and it was still hot. Although the sun was not as scorching as it was in the hot summer, it was hard to stay in the sun.
Helpless, she immediately thought of calling Jiang Hao for help.
"Hey, I can’t move suddenly when my car is parked. I can’t get it up anymore. What’s the matter?"
Jiang Haoguang listened and didn’t know the specific situation. "Why can’t you suddenly move around the community yesterday? Isn’t it good?"
"I don’t know." She looked up at the top of the sun.
Jiang Hao wanted to ask, "Did you go out to refuel early?"

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