Celestial pole, this person is here now.

Yang Tianwen immediately asked
This man has been lurking in the polar Leishan Mountain since he left the plough gate. He has hardly been seen for 3 thousand years, and he has been there for penance. Who knows, in recent years, this fellow has suddenly become active again and is called the extremely mine demon.
The demon emperor replied
Extremely mine magic is him.
Yang Tian, this is the magic power of the white pole mine, which can embrace the magical power of Leifa.
Why have you met him?
Demon emperor see Yang day look different and asked
Yang Tian will probably say it again after the Leihuang City War, but he did not talk about later entering the thunder polar funeral.
What are the celestial pole, the black emperor and the bodhi old zu, and what are they doing?
Yang Tian asked again
For 3,000 years, the hatred in the celestial pole has become more and more fierce, and it has reached the level of madness and abnormal condition. He wants to destroy the plough gate step by step, so he shows his empire from the foundation of the plough gate.
I don’t know what method he used to get a batch of monsters from the abyss of the earth. First of all, the black emperor and the bodhi old zu have achieved the foundation of the country, and first of all, they have collapsed.
The bodhi old zu of the black emperor has been trying to follow the example of the blood god and become the eleventh immortal door for many years. He thinks this is a golden opportunity and the celestial pole hits it off.
And I, the demon god Zong Yunpeng, the silver wolf, have long been disloyal because of my strength over other ministries. I haven’t had a chance to achieve this, but it’s hard to endure when I was seduced by the celestial black emperor bodhi old zu.
Alas, King Yunpeng is suffering. The emperor can soar in a hundred years. No matter whether he succeeds or not, the demon emperor plans to wait for him. Unfortunately, he will bring Yunpeng clan to extinction sooner or later, and even the silver wolf clan will be lucky.
Demon emperor nai sigh a way
I don’t know the attitude of other demon kings in your school here.
Yang day suddenly see demon emperor a face of bitter color is not heavy asked.
In addition to Yunpeng, Wang Yin Wolf King, the first demon king, King Jin Xian, has a straightforward personality. He has always been obsessed with cultivation. He rarely asks questions and will not be a problem. The third black bear king also secretly colluded with Yunpeng for a while. However, after Hu Na ‘erdabi came back, they drew a clear line to protect neutrality. The fourth great ape king, the sixth white snake king, and the seventh day, the bat king returned to the fox king. They were all angry at Yunpeng’s Wang Yin Wolf King’s behavior. They had already joined forces to be destroyed by the emperor. They had a great influence on this
The demon emperor explained
I don’t know what I’m going to do with the two demon kings, Yunpeng Silver Wolf.
Yang Tian asked tentatively.
Alas, the two tribes of Yunpeng Silver Wolf are too big, just reaching the monster beast level of 100,000, which accounts for half of the monster beast number of our demon god clan. If we remove my demon god clan, it will be weakened and will never recover. The emperor intends to punish the first evil and not punish the public.
However, once the emperor ordered the two kings of Yunpeng, Yinlang and their two clans to riot, it was safe to be on the safe side, and the emperor decided to take your hand off the two kings, which is why the emperor helped you.
Demon emperor nai sighed and looked forward to Yang Tiandao’s dew
This demon emperor is too high and underestimates Yunpeng, Silver Wolf, Two Kings and others.
Yang Tian feels a little difficult. In fact, he is not afraid of killing the two kings. He is afraid that he will become two sworn enemies of Yunpeng Silver Wolf.
Hehe, don’t worry that the emperor won’t ask you for help in vain. Chaner will call Jin Canhu Naer Mei Er.
The demon emperor will not look at Yang Tianxiang, but he doesn’t discover it. He smiles and turns to tian hu Wang Daotian and Fox Wang Wen immediately disappears into the hall.
Yang, as the slightest movement faintly guessed the meaning of the demon emperor and no longer waited quietly.
Jin can visit the demon emperor
Hunaer meets the demon emperor
Su Mei-er visits the demon emperor.
Soon the light of the hall flashed golden, and three people appeared in the hall led by King Fox in the day. However, it was an accident to call Naer when he stole a look at Yang Tian’s presence. Golden was crazy immediately after being a little stunned, but Su Mei took one look at Yang Tian and lowered her head and dared not look at the second eye again.
Well, you all know Emperor Yang, so I won’t introduce you. It’s important for you to come here this time. You three will accompany Yang Tian to the real map period. All actions will follow Yang Tian’s instructions, and then the emperor will tell you to kill whoever he asks you to kill. You can’t hesitate at all.
When the demon emperor stared at the three people, he even gave a direct command to the three people with unquestionable majesty.
Golden three people didn’t hesitate to do it despite doubts in their hearts.
Well, the golden imperial sword, the email imperial sword and the water imperial sword are in Huernar, and the emperor gives you the animal imperial clock, and each one gives a bottle of Yang Tian’s magical power.
The demon emperor was satisfied with a slight nod and then a few lights flew into every hand.

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