Didn’t Yan Mumu do it?

Then who hurt her?
I thought that not long ago, she just gave Tang Sumei a big gift and later asked Su Lan to spit out the investment of 5 million yuan.
Will this have anything to do with them?
Yan Mumu came with Han Zhi tonight. They look very close. Are they dating?
But when Yan Mumu couldn’t wait to kill her, did she let Liu Yichen go so soon?
Section 19
Sue rubbed her hair in the evening. Who is going to hurt her? What’s the purpose?
"Don’t think about it. Some things sometimes seem confusing, which will prove everything. After a while, things will naturally come out." Liu Yichen sat down beside Sue and held her in her arms.
"You said there would be clues to everything. Just because you can’t see it now doesn’t mean you’re not here. If we let our guard down, maybe the other party will give away the clues."
Liu Yichen praised and kissed her forehead. "Don’t worry, my wife, I will definitely find out who is behind this."
"Well …"
The next day, Lu Yichen went to Su’s class with Su Evening Love. They have been living in the apartment for two days, and no one has moved back to Lu Zhai.
Sue knows that Liu Yichen is accommodating her, and it’s also stipulated by Bai Lu family.
It was before she tidied up her mood that she didn’t want to move back because she didn’t want Wen Yiting to worry, and she didn’t want Fang Nuo Nuo to be embarrassed.
Compared with yesterday’s excitement, Su’s employees have calmed down a lot when they see Lu Yichen today.
Look at Sue’s late love eyes. There are also envy in all kinds of jealousy furnaces.
Sue’s late feelings are indifferent. She is proud because she is Lu Yichen’s wife. On the contrary, sometimes she is troubled.
If she married an ordinary person, wouldn’t these troubles be gone?
There are not so many people who want to harm her.
Shook her head, which is also her choice. If she didn’t marry Liu Yichen, she would enter the Su family smoothly.
Jiang Zhuomu came in holding the file and put it in front of Liu Yichen to report to him.
After the work report, he glanced at Sue’s late feelings and said, "Foreign experts have arrived for manager Lu’s consultation with manager Zhuang."
Sue was reading the information and heard Jiang Zhuomu ask, "Is the consultation already?"
"Yes, it is."
"Ok, I know, you go and have something to talk about." Liu Yichen warned that Jiang Zhuomu, an assistant, was getting worse and worse.
Jiang Zhuomu’s heart will be wronged to death. The most painful thing for manager Lu to move to Su’s class is him.
In the company, he blocks all kinds of guests from running errands and delivering documents every day. The managers of those departments now report to him, and he will report to General Manager Lu again.
Just now, manager Zhuang told him to pay attention before, but now he reports it and stares at him.
He must ask for a raise!
Sue took one look at Jiang Zhuomu’s grievance and knew that this stingy man was jealous again.
Zhuang Weiren, she’s hurt. She can’t ignore it, can she?
Lu Yichen has signed five documents. Seeing that Jiang Zhuomu is still there, he asked strangely, "Is there anything else?"
Jiang Zhuomu gave him a humbled look. He snorted for a long time and said, "Manager Lu, I want a raise."
Sue looked down at the information with a smile.
I didn’t expect this assistant Jiang to have such a lovely side.
At Jiang Zhuomu, Liu Yichen supported the bus and nodded. "Now you have to send me documents every day. The gasoline has really gone up a lot. Let’s give you three hundred yuan a month for ten yuan a day, right?"
Jiang Zhuomu almost cried for ten yuan a day and three hundred yuan a month.
Why is manager Lu so stingy?
Sue couldn’t resist laughing at Jiang Zhuomu’s expression. It was so funny.
Liu Yichen smiled at Sue’s late feelings and said with a gentle smile, "Go to the finance office and say that your salary will increase by 1% from this month."
Jiang Zhuowu immediately changed from the face of the stepmother to the eyes of the stars. "Thank you, Manager Lu, thank you, Mrs. Lu."
Then I ran away happily.
Sue glared at Liu Yichen grumpily at night. "I still think it’s very stingy of you to give Assistant Jiang an increase of three hundred yuan a month, and it’s funny to make trouble for a long time."
Liu Yichen laughed heartily. "It’s a credit that Assistant Jiang can make Mrs. Lu laugh. A salary should be increased."
Sue shook her head at this fallacy. "You should deal with the workers quickly and then we will go to the hospital to see Manager Zhuang."
Liu Yichen’s face was black. Why did his woman go to see Zhuang Weiren?
I feel a little regretful about giving Jiang Zhuomu a raise.
Sue said, "Mr. Vinegar Bottle always goes to the hospital because of me. I won’t go and see if I’m still human?"
"… what Mrs. Lu said is what" Liu Yichen concentrated on processing documents.
Sue is also absorbed in her work when she smiles.
Two hours later, they came to a private hospital.
The nurse who came to the intensive care unit told them that Zhuang Weiren had woken up and had been transferred to the general ward.
Sue thanked the nurse and asked the ward number before pulling Liu Yichen away.
Lu Yichen’s face was covered with three black lines. Why didn’t he want to see Mrs. Lu being so kind to other men?
Think of Sue’s late feelings and call him Mr. Vinegar Bottle. His handsome face turns black.
I’m not jealous, I’m guarding my private property.
You can’t covet Mrs. Lu even if she is his personal property.
After finding the ward number, Sue raised her hand and knocked on the door.
Come to the door is Bai Wanzhen see Sue late feeling one leng immediately pulled a face.
"Aunt …" Sue called her a late feeling carefully.
"Only benevolence sleeps and you go home."
It’s a pity that Sue is late. She still wants to say thank you to Zhuang Weiren in person.
"Mom, who’s here?"
Inside, Zhuang Weiren said that Bai Wanzhen was embarrassed to follow the words, "Weiren, you are awake. Manager Lu came to see you with his wife."
When Sue went in with Liu Yichen, she saw that Zhuang Weiren’s bag was like a mummy, and one leg was set high in plaster.

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