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I left the manor for the first time, but in the opposite direction. First, I entered the garden from the courtyard and passed a house, then a linden tree avenue. A boy chased me and gave me a note. I read.

I told my sister everything, and she asked me to break up with you. I couldn’t listen to her and make her sad. May God give you happiness. I hope you can know how sad my mother is.
Then there was the dark spruce avenue, a collapsed fence field. At the beginning, rye and quails were crowing. Now cows were fettered, horses were wandering on the hillside, and some green winter wheat fields were scattered. I returned to my usual calm mind. I couldn’t help but feel ashamed when I remembered what I said at Ninov’s house in Valcea. As before, I lived a boring life and went back to my residence. I picked up a bag and left for Petersburg that night.
Since then, I have never seen Valcea Ninov’s family again. Not long ago, I went to Crimea and met Belokurov on the train. He was still wearing an embroidered shirt with a pleated waist coat. When I asked about his health, he replied that he was blessed by you. We talked about it. He sold the Xiangrange and bought a smaller grange in Liupov Ivanov, named Valcea Ninov’s family. He didn’t say much. According to him, Lida still lives in Schell Koffka and teaches children to read in a small school. Gradually, she gathered around her. A group of people who sympathized with her formed a strong faction, which was defeated in the recent local Council election and kept the county Labajin living in Niya Belokurov until she didn’t live in her hometown. Where are you going now?
I have gradually forgotten the room with attic. When I was reading, I occasionally suddenly remembered the green light in the attic window and the footsteps I walked in the field that night. At that time, I was immersed in love and walked home unhurriedly, and it was even less when I was cold and rubbed my hands. When I was lonely and depressed, I also vaguely remembered this past, and for some reason, I gradually felt that people were missing me and waiting for me to meet one day.
Mysius, where are you?
In 1896
A waiter in a Slavic shopping mall in Moscow was ill. His name was Nicolaci Kildeyev. His limbs were numb and he had difficulty in moving. One day, he tripped in the aisle and fell down with a tray of ham and peas. He resigned. He went everywhere for medical treatment and spent all his wife’s savings to make a living. Besides, everything was really difficult to talk about. So he decided to go back to his hometown and stay at home without getting sick, which was more convenient and saved a lot of daily expenses. As the saying goes, a wall at home can also help you.
In the evening, they returned to their hometown Rukewo village. In his childhood memory, their home was always bright, comfortable and convenient, but now when they stepped into the house, they startled him. The cabin was dark, crowded and dirty. When they came back with him, their wife, stepanova’s daughter Sasha, saw the stove, and it was so big that it almost took up half of the room. The flies were so black that it was so full of soot that the walls were warped and tilted. Looking at it, the cabin would collapse at any moment. There were bottles of trademarks stuck next to the place where the icon was placed in the front corner, and they cut The pictures are poor. It’s really poor. Adults are not at home. They are all cutting crops. There is a seven-year-old girl sitting on the stove. Her hair is light yellow and her expression is cold. She doesn’t even look at the people who enter the house. A white cat is rubbing her back on the stove fork.
Cat, Cat Sasha calls it Cat.
Our cat can’t hear the little girl saying it’s deaf.
How come?
Deaf and beaten
Nicola Olga saw at a glance what day people lived here, but no one told each other. They silently put the package and walked to the street. Their house is the third in the village, and it seems to be the poorest and most shabby. The second house is not much better, but the last one has curtains on the tin roof. This lonely house has no fence. It is a small restaurant. The wooden houses in the village are lined up in a row. The villages are quiet and quiet. The branches of willows, elderberry and sorbus in each courtyard are all looking at the wall.
Behind the garden beside the farm house, a steep soil slope leads to the river bank. There are big stones everywhere in the clay. The potters dig holes in these stones, and some winding paths pile up pottery fragments. Brown and red are piled up there. The hillside is a vast and flat green grassland. At the moment, the farm animals are wandering. The river is a mile away from the village, and the river meanders on the beautiful tree-lined bank. On the other side of the river, there is a big grassland. The livestock are lined with rows of white goose pastures. In the past, it was as steep as this side of the river, leading to a village at the top of the mountain
What a nice place you have here, stepanova said, pointing to the church with a cross on it. How wide it is
At this time, the church bell rang to call people to pray all night. It was Sunday night and two little girls were carrying a bucket of water. They looked back at the church and listened to the clock.
At the moment, a good meal in Slavic shopping mall, Nicholas said with god
Nicholas Olga sat on the steep slope and watched the sun set. The golden purple sunset glow was reflected in the river and reflected in the church window. It was soft and quiet in the wild air. It was not pure. It was never sunset in Moscow. Cattle and sheep called geese and flew across the river from the other side. Then the soft light disappeared and the dusk soon enveloped.
Nicholas’s father and mother went home. Two old people were as tall as usual, thin and hunched, and lost their teeth. Two women’s daughters-in-law Maria Fekla helped the landlord’s family on the other side during the day. At this time, she also came home. Maria was her brother Chiriac’s wife and raised six children. Fekla was her brother Genese’s daughter-in-law and two children Genese were soldiers outside. Nicholas went into the farmhouse and saw a large family, large and small, wriggling in the corner of the bassinet and saw the old people and women soaking black bread in water and wolfing it down. At this moment, he thought that one of
Where is Chiriac’s brother? He asked after everyone greeted him.
He works as a watchman in a merchant’s house, and his father replied, stay in the forest. He is a good farmer, but the horse urinates too much.
The old woman, who doesn’t earn money, cried, Our Han people are all unlucky. Instead, they take Chiriac out for drinking. The old man is the same. To tell you the truth, the Notre Dame is angry that he is familiar with taverns.
It was only because of the guests that the tea was burned. There was a fishy smell in the tea. The candy bar was bitten by excess gray bread and dishes. Many cockroaches crawled around. How can this kind of tea make people swallow and talk? It is also unsatisfactory. I haven’t finished drinking a cup of tea yet, but suddenly I came from the yard, drunk and shouting loudly.
It’s like Chiriac’s back. The old man said that whoever he said really arrived.
After a while, everyone shouted again, and the thick breath dragged on like it was coming from the ground.
Maria, the eldest daughter-in-law, turned white and went straight to the hearth. The broad-shouldered, sturdy and ugly woman looked panicked, which made people feel strange. Her daughter, the little girl sitting on the stove, had been indifferent and suddenly burst into tears.
Why are you crying? Fekla yelled at her. She is a beautiful woman with a strong body and wide shoulders. Don’t be afraid. He won’t kill you.
Nicholas learned from the old population that Maria was afraid to stay in the forest with Chiriac, and whenever he came back drunk, he would make trouble with her and beat her mercilessly.
Maria called to the door of the room.
For Christ’s sake, speak for me, dear ones. Maria said strongly that she was panting as if she had been thrown into ice water. Speak for me, dear ones
All the children in the room began to cry. Sasha looked at them and she cried, too. First, she coughed drunkenly, and then a tall black Hu Han came into the room. He wore a winter hat and couldn’t see his face clearly in the dim light.
It’s scary. It’s Chiriac. He went to his wife and swung his arm and punched her in the face. She was knocked unconscious without saying a word. She just squatted down and got blood in her nose.
It’s a shame. The old man muttered and climbed to the stove. He was guilty in front of the guests.
The old woman sat silently with her back bent and thinking. Fekla shook her cradle. I could see that Chiriac felt very proud of her town, so she grabbed Maria and dragged her to the door. It was even more fierce and roared like a beast, but suddenly she stopped when she saw the guests present.
Ah, I’m back, he said, releasing his wife, brothers and family.
He stumbled and prayed to the icon, opened his red eyes wide, and then said that his brothers and his family had returned to their hometown. So it was from Moscow, not that Moscow was the capital city in ancient times, but the mother of all cities. I’m sorry.
He sat on the bench next to the teapot and drank tea. Everyone was silent. He drank a lot with a small handless cup. He drank ten cups in a row and then fell down on the bench and immediately snored.
Everyone is ready to sleep. Nicholas is lying on the stove with his father because of illness. Sasha sleeps on the floor. stepanova’s two sisters-in-law go to sleep in the shed.
Oh, forget it, dear ones. She said after lying next to Maria in the hay that tears can’t wash away. Just endure the pain. Forget it. The saint said that if someone hits you on the right face, even the left face will turn away. Let him hit you, dear ones.
Later, she spoke slowly about Moscow, her life and how she worked as a maid in a furnished apartment.
The houses in Moscow are all made of big stones. She said that the churches are many, many, 1,600 miles, and the family members and owners are all masters, beautiful and decent.
Maria said that she didn’t even go to a county or city in Moscow. She couldn’t read or pray. Even we in the heavenly father didn’t know about her. She was sitting there listening. They knew little and knew nothing. Neither of them knew anything. Maria was afraid of her husband. Whenever he stayed with her, she trembled with fear and asked her to come near him. The strong smell of alcohol and smoke always made her dizzy. What about Fekla? Whenever someone asked her if her husband was bored, she always replied angrily.
Go to him.
They talked for a while, but then they stopped.
It’s getting cold, and the cock crows loudly near the shack, which makes people unable to sleep. When the light blue morning light shoots through every slot, Fekla quietly gets up and goes. Then she can be heard pattering barefoot, and I don’t know where she has gone.

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