"Wind Johnson you get the news is true? The Three Swordsmen’s Sword Sect’ Jiancheng’ really combined with the three gates. Is the elite brother going to ambush Jin Wei and a group of people in the’ Poisonous Fog Valley’? "
Five figures in the dense forest quickly shuttled among them, and Xia Qi and Gu Yue were among them. At this moment, Xia Qi asked a rickety old man around him.
"Hey hey, Xia Feng Daoyou, rest assured that I am wind Johnson, although it is only the peak of the foundation period, but I am the most well-informed in this area! It took me a lot of effort to get this news. Zong Jinwei and others entered the poisonous fog valley the other day and learned that there is a poisonous dragon in the poisonous fog valley. Now they are planning to kill this poisonous dragon! Few people in the five elements of this news know it, but Sanxiao Jianzong doesn’t know what it is to take people to ambush the old road, and I am lucky to know this secret! "
Wind Johnson’s figure is rickety, but he is extremely spirited, and his eyes are full of pride.
This wind monster has been practicing in this Qinyuan mountain range for decades, and he is very familiar with the Qinyuan mountain range. Just like this, with his extensive friends in scattered repairs, he pieced together some news and inferred that the sword of Sanxiao Jianzong was going to ambush a group of people from Wuxing Zongjinwei in the poisonous fog valley.
However, this kind of thing can’t be put in by the wind Johnson. He found Xia Qi Gu Yue and two other monks who are all monks on the first and second floors in the peak of the construction period or the then period
Of course, finding Johnson such as Xia Qi and others didn’t want Jian Cheng and Jin Wei to rob the poisonous dragon. He took a fancy to what was inside the poisonous dragon abode of fairies and immortals!
According to the wind monster, there is a spring in the Cave House of Poisonous Dragon. The name of this spring is’ Lingyangquan’, which contains a very strong spirit of heaven and earth and a kind of strength to temper the flesh.
Exactly. This poisonous fog valley is nothing more than a poisonous python. Now Yangquan has turned into a dragon by this spirit. Its strength is so poor that it can’t be transformed. It’s a line away from the then period!
Wind Johnson has stayed at the peak of the foundation period for more than ten years. When Shou Yuan got the news this time, he immediately thought of Liling Yangquan’s impact on the realm of an elixir period!
Of course, even knowing that Ling Yangquan is here, and this time, the five elements of Zong Jinwei, San Xiao Jian Zong Jian Cheng and others have to kill the antivirus dragon and ambush another such a good opportunity. Wind Johnson dare not fish in troubled waters alone, but found Xia Qi four people.
A total of five people, except for the wind Johnson, the lowest level of the Xia Qi period. Among the five people, there is a seemingly young man, Lin Fan, who is also on the second floor of the Jin Dan period. The last person is a woman who looks like a beautiful young woman, but there are actually dozens of annual repair who are also the peak of the construction period named’ Bao Yanqing’.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Poisonous fog dragon
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Poisonous fog dragon
A line of five people is not high. This is probably because the wind Johnson has scruples and is afraid of finding a teammate with strong strength. I am afraid that in the end, he will not benefit as a leader.
Five people along the way are not lonely. Bao Yanqing, a seemingly enchanting young woman, has been twisting her waist and whispering at Xia Qi.
Nai Xia Qigen is not interested in not letting Xia Qi move Gu Yue around with a cold face, that is, the wind Johnson has already woken up. Xia Qi, this Bao Yanqing seems to be enchanting and beautiful, but in fact, his heart is vicious and many monks are confused by his beauty. In the end, he will be destroyed by his double repair furnace tripod.
As a result, Xia Qi naturally avoided Bao Yanqing at all, but Xia Qi’s heart was also a little surprised. I heard a lot about Bao Yanqing’s cultivation of immortals, but it was the first time that Xia Qi heard about it.
All the way forward, the paths chosen by the wind monster are very remote, in order to avoid the sword of the three immortals becoming a group of people and Jin Wei and others
After all, the strength of five people is too weak. In the face of Jian Cheng and Jin Wei and others leading a group of elites, their strength must be strong. If they are found, I am afraid they will not escape death.
Poisonous fog valley
This is a deep canyon, which is shrouded in a thick fog all day long. The canyon is so mysterious that few monks dare to explore it.
Because the white fog that stays in suspension all day is a kind of miasma with severe toxicity, even if it is inhaled into the abdomen, it will be poisoned seriously and even die!
Exactly. This poisonous fog valley has always been very mysterious and few monks have explored it.
This time, Zong Jinwei and others of the Five Elements also saw the poisonous fog valley because they were not familiar with the Qinyuan Mountains, and sent people to the depths to find out.
This time, more than a dozen brothers of Wuxing Sect were killed and injured, a few of them were poisoned, some were attacked by monster beasts, and more because they met a poisonous dragon!
There is a poisonous dragon in the poisonous fog valley!
This news makes Jin Wei feel very excited! A poisonous dragon is of great value. If it can be hunted, it is a huge fortune, which makes Jin Wei feel moved.
More importantly, the poison dragon poison sac, if you can get the magic weapon in your hand and join it, it’s worse than not preventing the master from suffering!
Jin Wei was excited to get this news and immediately blocked the news. At the same time, he called a group of elites to prepare to ambush the poisonous dragon in the poisonous fog valley.
However, due to the fact that the strength of this poisonous dragon is comparable to that of the seventh floor of the elixir period, and that the monks in the Yuanying period can’t enter the Qinyuan Mountains, it took Jin Wei some time to call many elites of the five elements to hunt this poisonous dragon.
It was Jin Wei who had no road for several days to prepare for the encirclement and suppression of the poisonous dragon, which made the genius brother Jian of Sanxiao Jianzong suspicious and got the news through careful exploration.
As a result, the Qinyuan Mountains are weird and quiet during this period.
At the moment, I am familiar with this Qin Yuan Mountain Wind Johnson and a line of five people have come to the poisonous fog valley.
Mist and mist surround the whole deep valley, and a piece of white is the truth condensed in the eyes, which also makes people see clearly that this dense fog covers the deep valley.
"This poisonous fog, Gu Bai fog, is so toxic that monks in the then period dare not fight hard. Fortunately, this time we are ready to have this senior Jiedu Dan just white fog, but we are not worried," said Wind Johnson proudly.
Before deciding to come to the poisonous fog valley, the wind monster prepared these detoxification pills to deal with this poisonous fog valley, otherwise it would be difficult to move in this vast poisonous fog.
"Wind monster, are we going like this?"
Bao Yanqing’s eyes are sparkling with spring, but Xia Qi and Lin Fanfeng Johnson next to them are completely unmoved.
"Bao Xianxin is in a hurry. This poisonous fog valley is not only filled with poisonous fog, but also filled with poisonous dragons. I don’t know how many monster beasts live in it. We should have joined us earlier. Jin Wei and Jian Cheng and others should not have arrived. Naturally, we can’t go first. Let’s hide in this distance until all their departments enter it and then go quietly!"
Wind Johnson had planned to have answers at the moment.
Five people have no opinion, and Johnson with the wind is far hidden in the jungle, keeping a close eye on this side.
In order to prevent someone from probing the wind, Johnson also arranged a simple array flag to cover five people without any breath leakage.
Five people didn’t wait long. After several hours, just at noon, Zong Jinwei of the Five Elements led a large group of elite brothers of the Five Elements to appear in the poisonous fog valley.
This time, the younger brothers of the five elements sects are relatively young, and there is a sense of taking this opportunity to experience a younger brother.
Just like at this time, among the ten or twenty five-element monks, there are five or six floors in the then stage and even the peak monks in the then stage, but the first one is just entering the Jin Wei in the then stage.
Because Jin Wei is less than thirty now, but Xiu has entered the golden elixir period, and he is also a proud man in the Five Elements Sect. It is said that Jin Wei ranks second in the younger generation by practicing Jin Xing Mind Method!
So young, so cultivated, its future is limitless. Many monks gave it to Jin Wei to lead Xian, just to cultivate Jin Wei’s ability. Jin Wei became the pillar of the sect.
Jin Wei’s face in a golden robe is like a knife. He is not so handsome, but he has a sword drawn and sharpened!
"All people swallow Jiedu Dan. Be careful of poisonous fog and monster beast attack. Come with me today. I’m waiting to slaughter the dragon! After success, you will be rewarded! "

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