Hong Jun said, "Maybe. Your dad will come out soon."

Beibei looked at the rotating chaotic airflow with surprise and then said with frustration, "Old man, you lied to me that my dad is still in there."
Hong Jun said, "Soon."
If as the airflow to rotate a figure from the inside out, who is not Mr Zhang?
Beibei hugged Zhang Wendao with joy. "Dad, how do you get a shadow? Are you afraid that Beibei will come to accompany me if she is not fun alone?"
Mr. Zhang laughed. "My lovely daughter, Dad, can’t come out as long as she can. Let’s go."
With this, she took Beibei to the new world, and Hongjun continued to look at the swirling chaotic airflow and settled down.
Zhang Wen looked at Xintiandi and said, "Does Beibei like it here?"
Beibei said, "Dad, why do I feel at home when I come here?"
Zhang Wendao: "Dear daughter, this is your home. Everyone will like you here."
Beibei said, "People here are sleeping. Why don’t they get up?"
Mr. Zhang gently touched Beibei’s little head and said, "In this case, let’s go and see the people who wake up." Then he took her to the lunar star.
A woman in lunar star is meditating and a complete jade dish floats in Qingyun above her head. Beibei is a little happy to see her. "Dad, who is she?" I’m afraid I seem to have seen it there? "
Zhang Wendao: "Dear daughter, give me that teardrop."
Beibei handed the tears to Zhang Wendao. "What is Dad going to do?"
Zhang Wen threw the teardrop at the woman, and the teardrop fell into the woman’s body and disappeared immediately. The woman opened her eyes to see Zhang Wen and the two of them and made a kotow. "Being original and jade cicada is the first Taoist. I don’t want to be ashamed to see them before me."
Zhang Wendao said, "Empress Yuchan needs to be polite and be original. This is my daughter. We are not from this world, but we are here to meet an old friend."
Jade cicada said, "Is it because Taoist friends want to meet people that they want to see the Empress Shu in heaven and earth?"
Mr. Zhang nodded. "It’s a pity that an old friend has gone, but we can’t meet again. Can you lend me your jade dish?"
Jade cicada will take the jade dish of nature and give it to Zhang Wen. Looking at the complete jade dish of nature, Zhang Wen shook his head and sighed, "Heaven is dissatisfied with the jade dish of nature and is not broken, fearing that it will be reborn in the future." Zhang Wen pulled the jade dish of nature and gave it to Jade Cicada.
Jade cicada seems to understand the general saying, "Although the Taoist friends are good, what should be done with this half-made jade dish?"
Mr. Zhang handed Beibei the fragments of the jade dish, saying, "That’s enough." Then he stretched out his hand and made a move toward the void, but he saw four treasures flying in with a picture, a banner, a clock and a gun.
Zhang Wen handed the Tiansanbao to Yuchan, and then turned the gun into a huge stone. He grabbed it at the boundary and put a few magic weapons on the huge stone. Zhang Wendao said, "Taoist friends can accept the three disciples transformed by Shuyuan God in the future and then give Tiansanbao to Taoist friends. It is important for Taoist friends to know that the Heaven Gate can have six saints but seven saints, and that the last one can’t be a disciple of Heaven."
Yuchan said, "Thank you for your advice."
Mr. Zhang nodded and took Beibei to the distance. When he left, he came to a proverb, "Heaven is more affectionate than love."
When Yuchan heard what Zhang Wen said, her heart moved, and the jade dish of nature poured into the Yuan God. After practicing according to that method, she was able to prove the Tao in the future, but Yuchan saw this method and practiced immediately.
Mr. Zhang came to this Wangyun mainland with Beibei and went to a fierce place. With a wave of his hand, Mr. Zhang flew out of the fierce land and gave it to Beibei, saying, "This world needs the four swords of Zhu Xian, so you should keep it safe."
After they turned a circle in this world, they left for chaos. Zhang Wen reached out and recruited the HarmonyOS sword and chaotic violet. Zhang Wen took Beibei to the edge of Pangu world.
Looking at the face of all sentient beings, Zhang Wenyi pointed out that HarmonyOS’s sword had three magic weapons, one sword, one dust stroke and one foot. Zhang Wendao said, "HarmonyOS’s three treasures cannot be changed again."
These three treasures are changed by HarmonyOS’s sword, namely, heavenly sword, calm sky and dust, and HarmonyOS’s feet. They are better than the three treasures of heaven. As soon as these three treasures fall, heaven will change immediately, but it is still in the process of reorganization. It is impossible to finalize the design because of the appearance of these three treasures.
Zhang Wen took Beibei to the human world and looked at the little girl Zhang Wen picking flowers on the grass. The little girl saw Zhang Wen and Beibei laughing. "Uncle, will you let this sister play with me?"
Mr. Zhang nodded and said, "Of course, but I have something for you." Then he handed the chaotic violet to the little girl. The chaotic violet changed in a palm-sized way, which was very beautiful. The little girl jumped happily when she got the violet.
Beibei played with the little girl for a while and someone shouted the little girl’s name. When the little girl turned to look at Zhang Wen and Beibei again, people had already left and the violet in her hand had disappeared. However, there was a small violet mark between her eyebrows, which made her look even more beautiful. In other words, Zhao Guangyi rebelled successfully. When the people in the underworld of Ren Huang were simply chaotic, if they stayed in the underworld, they would be swallowed up by demons, but these demons could not kill everyone’s roots. They had no choice but to escape. There were no monks in the boundary except a few fairy homes and blessed places where there were no demons to harass them.
Nai, a large number of monks have fled to the wilderness outside the country. Now, there are no magic people there, but how can they escape from life outside the country?
When the White Elephant Bodhisattva was enchanted by Heaven, Lingshan experienced another reincarnation. It turned white like a demon hiding in the other place, and now it is impossible to hide it. However, the White Elephant Magic did not know that a number of scattered immortals were hiding in the other place. The White Elephant Magic did not know that the arrival of the immortals and Buddhas worried about being besieged, and he wanted to return to the Three Realms. It was a big disaster, and it was impossible to return to the Three Realms safely.
When the white elephant demon was careful to avoid the immortals, he still met the immortals. Now, the magic list is sealed, and all the demons will be full of magic, and the immortals will not recognize the white elephant demons who have stepped in to deal with the white elephant demons.
The other place is the refuge of the fairy Buddha, but how can there be a demon king here who doesn’t let everyone worry that everyone is bound to drive the white elephant magic out of the wilderness? Because the magic man can’t kill the fairy Buddha’s treasure, he throws it at the white elephant magic one after another, which can erode the magic of the fairy Buddha and can fight far away.
Chapter 22 Seal the Magic List Simmi
The White Elephant Tower stands in front of the White Elephant Magic, and all the magic weapons can’t reach him. The White Elephant Magic Root doesn’t want to make moves. Nai Qunxian is adamant, and the White Elephant Magic is also beaten timid. Suddenly, a finger at the White Elephant Tower suddenly becomes bigger, and the magic weapons of the White Elephant are immediately put into the tower.
The immortals are still adamant, and the white elephant demon is furious. Suddenly, the white elephant tower is severely smashed at the immortals. The white elephant demon has robbed the immortals. But if the magic man is not eradicated here, everyone will die in the future, and the immortals will attack the white elephant demon again. In the field of transformation, the immortals and buddhas have come to besiege the white elephant demon.
Nowadays, all the immortals and Buddhists dare not snow in front of the self-sweeping door, because the horror of the magic man in the boundary has made everyone know who the magic man’s habit theory is. Not enough people can escape from the magic man except hiding in the shelter of the great avatar, looking for the magic man who likes to eat and the monks are eaten in countless places. Nowadays, everyone is afraid of being divided by the white elephant magic, and they dare not let him go easily. The white elephant magic is bound to drive him out of the country.
The White Elephant Magic was forced by the crowd to kill the immortals and buddhas. There was the White Elephant Magic’s opponent, the White Elephant Tower, which caused countless deaths and injuries. But it was really like a meteor shower to see that the real spirit kept flying towards the Six Roads.
The immortals and Buddhists are constantly reincarnated and reincarnated, and the white elephant magic has killed the red eye. Anyone who sees the monk will kill all the people. It is not his one enemy who has fled. It is the white elephant magic root that has spared them all the way. Suddenly, one person grabbed the white elephant magic tower to stop the white elephant magic from killing the monk and continued to kill him. So many monks were killed and injured in other places. After all, Shennong finally came forward. Now most of the monks are Terrans, which is also a god farmer. Moreover, the white elephant magic has killed his door. Naturally, he can’t ignore it.
When the white elephant demon saw Shennong frowning, he said, "Shennong, do you want my enemy, too?"
Shennong said, "White elephant, you’re Penglai’s brother, too. You’d better stop and go home."
White elephant magic wry smile way "now I am Penglai brother? Shennong, you are the ancestor and younger brother of san huang Hulu, but what about me? When I was a deity, I was transformed to the west of Buddhism to learn from it, and now I don’t deserve to be the younger brother of Penglai. "
Shennong said, "The heart is in Penglai, not Penglai. You have the heart to repent. If it weren’t for Penglai’s brother’s big disaster, the people you killed were all destiny, and you need to worry that if you return to Penglai, you can naturally save your life and start over."
The white elephant demon shook his head and his face showed a hint of determination. "Shennong was not Penglai’s brother when I was standardized. Now I have no home to return to."

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