上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 桑拿会所 Banned just closed Chen cold spirit knowledge immediately leaned out on the spot face upheaval small yard was not the bartender and others, and the number is more than ten people.

Banned just closed Chen cold spirit knowledge immediately leaned out on the spot face upheaval small yard was not the bartender and others, and the number is more than ten people.

"Mom, list a B. Does this cargo dare to collude with outsiders to rob the old man?"
It’s not surprising to think that when I was used to spending lavishly in Fantasy Xiaxian City, my roots were not at the same level. Tianxu City was still so lavish in throwing Lingshi. He finally knew what was going to happen. It’s not surprising that ordinary soldiers in Tianxu City were paid only five pieces of Lingshi in a month, and those ordinary generals who reached the Du Jie period earned up to three pieces of Lingshi to reward bandits.
Chen cold corners of the mouth to stir up a cold smile has always been he robbed others or the first encounter robbed his stupid fork.
He pretended to be doing a dive and didn’t respond. After a while, the door slowly hit the bartender and he crept in.
Gray, not gray, not white, the flame is wrapped in several color liquid masses, and it has a unique smell of fairy materials. These are not the most important keys. The goal is not to close the dive.
Since the day I saw Chen Han taking Lingshi for improper money, he has moved some thoughts.
Since this person wants to go to Taiyi Xianmen to sign up in person, it means that he is not from some family power, so there will be no consequences if he is killed. However, the most basic thing to sign up for Taiyi Xianmen is to have the initial state of Du Jie, and there must be more than one step of talent increase. It is impossible to kill him if he fits in and prunes his roots later.
He’s afraid that he’ll find too strong a man to repair, and then he’ll kill Chen Han, and he won’t get any soup himself, so he’ll find people to fit in and make an agreement that he monopolizes 30% before Du Jie’s early days.
I thought it was the easiest way to kill the other person quietly when he closed the dive, but it was just a precaution.
I didn’t expect that I had been calling outside for so long. The original party was closing the dive and was indifferent to the outside world. I didn’t expect to be refining the device.
Of course, the refiner knows that things around him stop halfway, that is, the waste of materials will not cause substantial harm to the body of the fix-true.
Du Jie’s initial state!
More than one increase!
More than a dozen of them will pay a very heavy price even if they want to kill him. After all, the strongest increase among these people is less than one order key, and he is refining fairy wares. Let alone those who fix the truth in the early days of Du Jie, such as refining fairy wares, he is likely to have a magic weapon of fairy wares. In that case, they will be dead.
Chen Han still made a tactic print with his eyes closed from time to time and said lightly, "Did you do it personally or did your shopkeeper tell the truth together? I can spare your life."
"We … guest officer, we are not …" The bartender suddenly panicked when he knew his number.
"What are you talking about with him? Haha … Brothers can take all the treasures as their own after killing him!" Others don’t know that Chen Han is going to Taiyi Xianmen to sign up, and now it’s either you or me, even if you live, you can fight.
More than a dozen people have called out the strongest magic weapon with the first spirit level, the sword-light knife, the awn, and the sword-light knife have been bombarded with cold.
Chen Han still sat on the ground and did not move. A blue glow spouted from his head impressively turned out to be a fairy with wind properties.
"There’s nothing wrong with thinking about money, but it’s the waste that doesn’t know what to do."
The blue sword awn didn’t meet those attacks, but directly evaded the attack. More than a dozen people just ignored their own lives and died. When they saw the fairy appeared, they were almost desperate. The bartender suddenly found that he didn’t replace despair with extreme surprise in the lock of consciousness.
This part of him is to die with others. When the time comes, everyone will die in the place. Doesn’t it mean that all his treasures are himself?
It was the bartender who was carried away by the surprise. He never thought that Chen Han would end up with them. What he is releasing now is that Du Jie’s late peak is to add a fairy in his hand. It is easy to kill these people unless he has a brain problem.
Wind attribute cultivation method
Wind attribute fairy device
Du Jie’s Late Peak Realm Repair
The flying sword is too fast, and the root is not the strongest. There is the strongest increase, which can be compared with the garbage in the early stage of Du Jie. The sword light has avoided more than ten people’s attacks, so it is so understated that a dozen piles of rotten meat have been splashed around a large area of blood and rain
Booming …
Overwhelming attacks all fell on Chen’s cold body. He was only repelled by less than one meter and still maintained his posture when he was sitting on the plate.
The body is floating at the right time, and a suit of spirit-level clothes is right. He is not streaking like before, and his face has not even changed a bit, let alone been hurt at all.
The bartender’s face suddenly turned white. He finally turned white. The other party didn’t resist the attacks of more than ten people. Because of those attacks, even a hair on his head couldn’t be hurt. This product is definitely not an early repair in Du Jie. Otherwise, even if he was attacked by more than a dozen people in a fairy device, he would be as bloody as flesh and blood.
Half an hour later, with the last handprint, a first-peak fairy cap was produced.
Chen Han casually put his hat on his head and walked to the front of the bartender who had been silent in the same place. Hehe smiled gently. "Tell me whose idea this is. To tell the truth, I will spare your life."
"Elder forgives ….."
The bartender knelt on his knees in front of the cold and cried bitterly. "Little people are greedy at the moment, so it’s not as good as their predecessors’ adults … I’m telling the truth, please show mercy to them …"
The knife light flashed gently, and the bartender was twisted into a pool of meat sauce. Yuan Shen and Yuan Ying directly turned virtual to death without knowing how they were killed.
When Chen Han turned and left the room, his voice floated, "Silly B always said that he would forgive you, so he really believed it. He lied to you and didn’t know that living is also a wave of aura."
Chapter 319 Mysterious inflammation casting
It’s only half a day before Taiyi Xianmen recruits its masters once a year, and it’s only half a day to go by sending troops.
Anyway, the wind spirit royal fairy sutra has risen to the late Du Jie, and it took several hours for SHEN WOO to print it before it was released once. The root won’t delay the emperor’s extremely shaking record, and the magic weapon has also been refined. Chen Han wanted to think about it, and he just went with the wind to see a face. He has been worried about himself.
"Boss, please go to my other hospital to collect the body. Those reckless things have died."
Throw out a piece of extremely cold stone and walk away without looking at the shopkeeper. Based on his experience, he has seen that the shopkeeper has a ghost in his heart, but he really didn’t take part in it.
Seeing the dazzling stone on the counter, the shopkeeper’s heart couldn’t help shivering. Just because he didn’t participate doesn’t mean he didn’t know. In fact, he had already discovered that the bartender conspired to pretend that he didn’t know that he just wanted to eat black. After all, his ability was much higher than that of the bartender.
When the bartender succeeded, he came to catch cicadas and yellowbirds, but he didn’t expect that the bartender had just entered for a moment and more than a dozen masters had died. In contrast, this guest named Qin Yang didn’t have any damage at all.
How long has it been since we entered the country?
It is absolutely not more than ten seconds when fighting. In this short period of ten seconds, more than ten masters died. This guest Xiu Yuan is much stronger than expected.
His original little mind suddenly disappeared, and such a master is definitely not something that he can provoke and accidentally put his life in.
After putting away the lingshi, he bowed himself and went to the other hospital to collect the body. Without permission, the bartender took this large group of people in and the guests were killed in the other hospital. There is nothing to say. What’s worse, in the fix-up world, unless the power governs the fix-up sect, the fix-up sect has no family background, and the fix-up sect is killed, and there is no place to give you grievances.
The empty city is as calm as it used to be, and it’s cold in a good mood. Walking down the street just now, driving a flying sword to slaughter the living feels different from the pure power battle.
But he didn’t know that he had a pair of eyes staring at him in the dark when he just came out of the inn.
"Two adults, please help me to communicate with Sigong in Qinyang."
Chen cold stopped outside the castellan mansion and saluted the guards outside. A guard couldn’t help frowning and drinking "Qin Yang? I haven’t heard of Sigong, but you can’t just tell me that this is the city’s main residence. Get out of here! "
Nai sighed in his heart. He took out a few pieces of Lingshi and slipped them into the hands of the guards. He had a lesson. He didn’t make a generous move this time, but Lingshi made these guards look overjoyed and relaxed a hundred times.
"Since you’re a friend of Sigong, I’ll connect you to the public and you won’t know until you see it," said the guard leader lightly.
"Thank you, my Lord. In addition, please tell Sigong that the surname is unlucky."
"What does this mean?"
"Adults just need to take the message, and Sigong will naturally come out to meet each other."
"Wait here."
The guard chief looked at him and turned away from Chen Han, holding his arms outside the Duke’s mansion, thinking about those messy things again.
At this moment, a young man in his early twenties came up slowly, and no one else knew he was there except his eyes.
In other words, at a close distance, even Chen Han’s consciousness didn’t notice that he suddenly patted him on the shoulder next to Chen Han. "Friends and others?"
Chen Han was thinking, his eyes didn’t look at people’s minds at all, and he didn’t find anyone approaching this sudden movement. He was scared and couldn’t help but exclaim and stepped back several steps. Only then did he see the appearance of the newcomers. I have to say that the young people in front of him are very good, and their appearance and temperament are picky.

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