Force bear [Calaide] respectfully replied.

"If it is normal, with the [Hallows], the odds are probably about the same."
Before the Torre’s world, not only the "gods" power will be limited.
Beyond limit strength
Even if there is no wisdom [artifact], it will still be restricted.
You should be able to kill most weak chickens [gods] and [butchers of all sentient beings] indiscriminately. Here, it is also a bit of being pulled to the same level as the other party and forced to be broken.
Therefore, it is not low that [Calaide] can be sure.
after all
External force is external force after all.
Degraded [gods] have been rich at least.
Compared with ordinary life, the basic conditions still have unique advantages.
For example, those [fighting] [gods] rely on the blessing of [priests] and [gods] to have unparalleled combat skills by nature.
Compared with ordinary people, they can better judge the way to deal with each blow.
Just like the automatic analysis of plug-ins
And can also have a certain degree of "winning percentage blessing"
Take [Battle God] for example.
Even if he didn’t make any preparations, he should have something to do with the battle he belongs to.
Then, even if [Battle God] doesn’t fight back on the way, he will have a certain probability of winning inexplicably.
His opponent may encounter a meteor shower, be hit by a dump truck, have to run away from home temporarily, have an alien invasion, and so on.
of course
Some people feel like garbage [gods] just like water-injected pork.
Even if it has an innate advantage, it’s pure garbage. It belongs to mixed players. Even if it has a unique advantage, it will still overturn …
At the moment, in the face of Calaide answer.
Nodded after reluctantly recognized [Calaide] strength.
Olga is very heartless and says casually.
"Although my goal is those [gods], there is no hard and fast requirement for you to kill as many people as you want."
"If you feel that there is a foundation, you can also combine with the gods."
"Of course … it depends on you whether you will be pitted."
"Anyway, it’s no problem that you should protect yourself by killing all beings."
Kill or bury.
Pulled people over, but they didn’t care
But also rightfully!
This is Olga.
His chip degree is rising year by year!
However, I don’t think there is any problem with Olga’s smashing [Hakata] and [Calaide].
I even think this is the other party’s letter.
Leave the overall situation to yourself!
On the spot, 【 Hakata 】 【 Calaide 】 was quite moved!
After all, this is the entire [Gith World] four-thirds combat power! !
To be able to leave this force to yourself without reservation is to be broad-minded.
Yes, compared with those who try to cut off the company as soon as they see that it is bigger, it can be said that it is radiant and makes everyone look directly at the great feelings!
But moved to moved.
After thinking of some intelligence in my mind [Haqatar] or hesitating for a while, I asked
"… the great [bloody king] joined forces with the soil. I had a little idea before this."
"The reason is … recently, we found that a man named Lin Mokui and Tu Ethnic Group seems to be your disciple, so I think we both have a natural foundation, but the former genus still needs to ask, are they your successors?"
"Do we need to contact each other here?"
To tell the truth, at first, I found that there were times when [ethnic groups] here believed in [bloody king].
[Hakata] The first feeling is that I met a [god] with the same name.
Just as many worlds have a God of War.
[Gods] Having the same name is nothing
The second reaction is that the other party is likely to be Olga and stay here.
This also makes sense.
This is especially true when [Hakata] finds that this side [Doctrine of the Blood King] and [Gith World] are very similar after investigation.
However, in the face of a very strange person, after a subtle investigation, [Hakata] is also not easy to contact.
The most direct problem is that since both sides are "blood kings" and "believers" and have their own "religious leaders"
So who will you listen to after the meeting?
So this just have eyes to ask.
"The subsequent hand?"
After touching Ba wanted to think, Olga replied

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