上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 约茶品茶工作室 The beautiful fish in Anlu is big, fat and tastes good. Yang Chengzu handed a grilled fish to Jiang Dalang to see how he ate the fish and asked with a smile, "Haven’t you eaten it?"

The beautiful fish in Anlu is big, fat and tastes good. Yang Chengzu handed a grilled fish to Jiang Dalang to see how he ate the fish and asked with a smile, "Haven’t you eaten it?"

"No" Jiang Dalang nodded and asked again, "Why don’t you let these people rest at the Grange? I think those leaders are very enthusiastic. Are you afraid that they will plot against us later? "
"They dare! Are you tired of plotting against loyalists? It’s not like that. This army just takes this opportunity to practice long-distance marching, which is a kind of training instrument. Although the guard of Wangfu doesn’t undertake the war, there is no harm in training for preparedness. It is also a training subject for them to live in the wild before they can qualify as good soldiers. "
"What instrument is worried that Anlu will have a killing?"
"Why do you come to the spirit as soon as you hear the killing? Don’t look forward to the killing of the instrument and health department, which is only 700 people in total. If it is really the time when the instrument and health department kills, the palace, the world and the princess will be disturbed as soon as possible. That’s not a good thing. Since Ningfan rebelled, we always have to take precautions. Supposedly, he won’t divide his troops to take Anlu, but Huguang is familiar with the harvest. In case he is possessed and really sends a partial division to take it, it is always good to take precautions."
Yang Chengzu thought it was a good opportunity to train the team. In the future, this team will have the opportunity to become the emperor’s confidant troops and go to various places to undertake such a thing. However, this is obviously not suitable for saying that Ning Wang will be the shield.
Jiang Dalang said, "Yizheng, why didn’t you start to raid the house today? Are you these people who are unreliable?"
"This is not that they are very reliable. If Wangfu Yiwei is not reliable, then Wangfu will be miserable. But there is one thing. They are local people, many people, and the troops in the grange are related by relatives. Maybe they are related to a certain manor. It’s inconvenient. It’s not that they are unfaithful to Wangfu, but that they are in a dilemma. It’s not good to help anyone. In the end, we don’t even know each other’s language. It’s natural to do what we want without scruple. It’s also a truth that imperial taxes are hard to collect. Local loyalists and gentry are too involved with each other. Sometimes it is more convenient for gentry to send loyalists than the imperial court. How can they collect taxes? "
"That is to say, if the soldiers and these gentry don’t know each other, this can guarantee taxes?"
"You can’t say that, even if you transfer troops from other places, it’s not a matter of time. After all, the gentry always have the means to let these foreign troops have some involvement with them, and then they can continue to do whatever they want. Whether they want to ensure the tax harvest or ensure the implementation of the orders, the first thing to do is to have a loyal team to themselves and command them from themselves. With this team, the guarantee is the foundation. Without this foundation, no sage education is top."
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five A punch (7)
In the next few days, Jiang Dalang was like an open-minded student who asked Yang Chengzu about this and that, and he also remembered what Yang Chengzu said.
With the first day’s work, things advanced quickly in the next few days. Even if several village leaders wanted to fight back, they found that Yang Chengzu knew their situation very well, where he had hidden the money or signed a contract with someone, and how many shops in the city had swallowed up the fields privately.
In this way, if you can’t use any means, you will have to pay your dues. After five days in a row, the tax arrears have been collected, and the remaining 20% belongs to the strength to pay off. However, a repayment plan has also been drawn up and an iou has been given to Wangfu, and their house and land can be taken back without paying taxes.
"This 20% is to leave’ benevolence and righteousness’ for the Princess Empress. In a few days, Wangfu will send a few literati to announce that these IOUs will be abolished and that 20% will not be returned to Wangfu. The reputation of benevolence and morality will be louder than before, which will not damage the prestige of the first king."
On the way back, Yang Chengzu’s patience and Jiang Dalang explained that the girl from Zhujiajian was redeemed by her family on the third day. Zhuguang promised that she would definitely send 7 thousand stone meters to Wangfu every grain, and invited several prominent people to come out and say that this matter is finally over.
"After all, taking a big girl back to the house is a hindrance to me. When I give it to him, I just want him to find someone. He is not too stupid to find someone and make a guarantee. I will naturally let him take people away. If he is stupid enough to even find someone, he deserves his bad luck."
"Yizheng, aren’t you afraid of being punished by the princess when you get back to the house?"
"It’s a problem. It’s just like the imperial court. It’s not that there are no people who can do things in the imperial court. There is a lack of people who dare to do things. Because they have done it afterwards, they will definitely be scolded. Who knows that long live? This kind of thing is very risky. Once you can’t hold your head to calm everyone’s anger, do you think it’s wrong? "
"Just because long live can’t give backing to the minister, let him do whatever he wants, and everyone will be able to muddle along and live one day at a time. Besides, the empress is a good person, and I have offended only some Zhuang leaders. They are sure to sue me, but what can I do? Their status is not high, their family status is not prominent, and they are almost as good as me. I can’t tell you that the most I can do is get a stick. It’s just that I can’t get hurt by one of my own execution. It’s nothing. "
Jiang Dalang nodded. "I am assured that Princess Yi is a reasonable person, and I will definitely not punish you for what Wangfu is, of course, a kind name, but it can’t chill the loyalty."
When the troops entered Anlu, Yang Chengzu found that Jiang Dalang’s people suddenly disappeared. After calling Lu Bing, Lu Bing said that he had gone back. Yang Chengzu smiled and asked, "Who did you say was the first credit for this success?"
Liu Bing is also very excited these days. He has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, but he has never touched anyone, and he has never experienced such a scary thing. These days, he feels that he has both sides and officials. Only by doing this step can he have some taste. He thought, "It should be the eldest brother who plays around. After all, the instrument guards have actually done nothing."
"This is wrong. What if they don’t curb those villagers and make sure they don’t use force? Besides, it’s not that the guards are down a peg or two. Many young people in the grange want to be guards. If I’m not afraid of being angry with Wantong, I’ll really recruit a group of young people to fill in the front soldiers. But to say that the greatest contribution this time is really not the head of the guards, because someone has greater contribution than them, and this person is you. "
Liu Bing’s face turned red. "Eldest brother, you’re joking. Younger brother didn’t do anything behind you. What credit did you get?"
"The most important thing for me to get things done smoothly this time is to give me the information because I have information. If it weren’t for you telling me where the silver is hidden in the Zhuangtou family, who signed the contract with others, and how many shops and houses there are in the city, how can I just hit them seven inches to understand things so clearly? It is convenient for you to say that this credit is due to you or the person who gave it to you. Don’t tell me where the news came from. I don’t believe it. "
Of course, he wouldn’t believe that a small child could have mastered so much information. These things must have been an energetic helper in the dark, so that he could successfully beat these villains and hide behind the scenes. Since this person has access to these news channels, he must be a hand-eye role. Supposedly, if he wants to clean up these villains, it will be necessary to help others himself.
Liu Bing blushed. "Eldest brother, you already know the truth. These messages are all given by Qian Furen."
"Qian Furen? Is there someone named Uncle Tuu in the head of our cleaning house? "
"Eldest brother, what did you say?"
"Come on, there’s nothing to say. You’re not white. You need to tell me that Qian Furen is a sacred party. Just help me."
"It’s nothing. Qian Furen is a businessman who does a lot of business. Many shops in the city are her industrial villages, and there is also a large manor field. There are naturally some ways to do business for adults, such as news. She naturally helps me by mastering these things … She is a friend of Longevity Princess, but she specifically told me not to tell her things, so I didn’t say it."
Yang Chengzu nodded. "So that’s it. Even if you are trusted by others, I won’t blame you. Qian Furen seems to be our friend. I will visit him in the future if I have the opportunity."
Wait until Liu Bing touches the corners of Yang Chengzu’s mouth and reveals a smile. "Jiang Dalang Qian Furen … Liu Bing, although you are young, your mind’s eye is not small, but it’s a pity that you said these lies are deceiving me. Although Qian Furen doesn’t know who it is, it’s not small that you are willing to bring out Xing Wangshi, but it’s really a chance to get the world’s trust. It’s good to get ahead from Long Gong."
He looked at the carts behind him, pulling silver. "I hope these silver coins will make a good impression before the world, and half a generation of wealth and prosperity are counting on this time."
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six A punch ()
Princess’s reward came soon, and Yang Chengzu had gone out of Qingyun Gate before the formalities of putting silver in storage were completed. All the dispatched personnel of the instrument and health department were rewarded with two months’ salary each, and Yang Chengzu was rewarded with a reward of platinum, two hundred polished rice and a hundred stones for his hard work.
Princess Jiang of Fengxiang Palace pulled Zhu Houzong to the front and looked at it again and again. "Have you ever been hungry and thin these days?" You this child is really bold not niang to discuss dare to make decisions without authorization out of the house, if it weren’t for your sister to intercede, I have to let jin huang get you back. "
Longevity infanta is busy sitting beside Jiang Fei, exhorting, "Mother Princess, after all, my younger brother will be in charge of the whole Wangfu in the future. If you don’t let him sort out the tax on those farmland and acres, you won’t be able to get this money after all. When I wait for a while, my shop income will have to be explained to my younger brother a little bit, so I will have to be cheated."
The world is still a little excited, as if this trip is my own contribution. "Mother Princess, I learned a lot from Yang Yizheng when I went out this time. I always feel that even if I studied history with Yuan Chang for ten years, I may not go out this time for a few days. I have learned a lot about those people. It is not so easy for handmaiden to deceive me again. In the future, if they want to default on rent or pay money and food, I will have a way to deal with them."
"It is also said that" Chiang lightly chastised his son. "When your father was a man, he was praised as a virtuous king. This time, his reputation for benevolence will be affected by many obstacles. If you hadn’t pleaded with him, I would have beaten Yang Chengzu dozens of boards to let people know that his behavior is not what our palace meant."
"Mother princess, when he comes back with so many rents, he’s afraid that there won’t be 200,000 silver in the account. If even such a hero plays with me, I’m afraid it will chill others’ hearts, but it’s just some little people telling on mother princess when she didn’t see it."
"It is true that Yang Chengzu’s contribution is not small. If the daughter makes moves, she is sure to get the silver back, but she is afraid that she may not be able to do it so neatly." Longevity infanta listened to Zhu Houzong’s narration and nodded frequently.
"If we recover the rent, it’s just a matter of ability. The most important thing is that he is willing to let himself suffer and become a loyal servant like this. We really need to win over, not really. It’s the greatest truth in the world that he is in debt to pay back the money. Those people are poor or difficult, but they are all excuses. Besides, I don’t think they are really poor. If they are used to this problem, our rent can’t be recovered. It’s better to simply tell them that Yang Yi means Wangfu means that whoever dares to owe rent or not pay it is this field."
She said that she hesitated for a moment. "Actually, I think if this can be an opportunity, whoever can collect the rent in the future will be able to draw a share of water from it, and 200,000 silver will draw a share of water, which is 2,200 people’s wealth will die, and the birds will eat and die. I think we may be able to handle more and more people."
Yang Chengzu delivered the silver and went out of the house by himself. He went back to his house all the way to see his family, but everything was all right. There was nothing wrong. I heard that there was another great event in Anlu these days. After Wan Jiashu disappeared, Zhang Sizong also disappeared.
"What? Zhang Sizong was also ticketed? It’s impossible. He must have brought a lot of escorts with him. Even if we want to touch him, it’s not easy. Who can vote for him like this? "
"It’s hard to say, but it should be true. Wantong also invited all the famous rooms in Anlu yesterday to discuss with everyone to make a contribution to redeem Zhang Sizong first. Besides, after all, if anything happens to Anlu, he can’t afford this responsibility. Sun Lao also specially asked people to come over and take a few photos to let us go out less when we are free."
Such as fairy introduces the situation outside the Miao said, "that ten thousand male cellar so many days although someone to feed water but no one to eat will starve to death? If he dies, will it be troublesome? "
"Well, I also think it’s almost time to send someone back. We can’t really let him die. It’s too bad luck."
I heard that my son was found back by the guards. Naturally, I don’t really believe that the guards are in charge of Wangfu’s security affairs on weekdays. If the yamen can’t find anyone, they can’t find the so-called thief who happened to find the public. These words can’t fool him.
After all, I don’t know how many people have tried the case for many years, but I don’t know how many brains are not confused. Where can he believe such a flawed lie? But the problem is that you can recognize these words without catching these people’s wrists. When he finishes reading the thick stack in front of him, the color behind his mouth will change.
"Yang Yizheng, what do you mean? Show the officer what these purposes are."
"Don’t get me wrong, Zhou Mu. I don’t mean to catch thieves. They left these things in a hurry. I simply looked at them and found that it is important. If it is not good for you and your father, it will be sent to you. Please keep it."
The threat in this sentence is of course to listen to the white, but this thing is too heavy. There are many things involving women’s privacy, which is definitely not fabricated, and it is clear that being a father is very rich and unrestrained. What is the meaning of hiding here is also white. The other party is definitely not slanderous and can’t be slandered.
If this thing goes out, it will not only kill itself, but also kill itself. Those angry noble families don’t know what measures they will take to retaliate, but one thing is certain: their father can’t compete with this monstrous anger.
Tie Wantong’s face changed a few times and finally forced himself to calm down and asked coldly, "Don’t say anything if you give me this thing?"
Yang Chengzu still looks so natural as if he doesn’t know how much weight he gives.
"As I said, I’m just afraid that these things will come out neatly. In case someone picks them up and happens to know words, it’s just that this person doesn’t know what to say. It’s not good for you and your son, is it? I don’t have anything to say about you putting away your things. I also hope that you will consider that it’s not easy for a guardian to live. They should always be paid. Besides, Lao Wang’s Japanese court stayed very thick, and now people stopped as soon as they left. Lumi cried if the princess really repaired to Long Live. I don’t think Wanzhou grazing is good. Think about it. "
Wan Tongshen said, "You mean you’re going to do these things when you’re married to Yi Wei Si and Xing Wang Fu? Don’t you know that after these things are done, they won’t just forget it? "
Chapter three hundred and fifty-seven A punch (9)
"I don’t know what you said and what did I do? I just helped the Wangfu go to the countryside to collect rent. I happened to meet a thief and just saved your son. I don’t know anything about other things. We must tell the evidence when we talk or do things. Otherwise, what do you think? "
Yang Chengzu made a ha ha. "You claim to be a good official, and you love the people very much, like an honest official. A good official like this should be as long as possible, and maybe he can get rich in the future. If this thing goes out and hinders your official’s future promotion, it will be bad for me. This village urged me to give you something to protect an honest official. If there is any misunderstanding, I can say that it is not what I want."
"You did a good job … you shouldn’t say that you did a good job." Wantong was silent for a long time and suddenly issued a compliment to Yang Chengzu. "You are an excellent instrument guard, or an official. Since you came to Wangfu, it’s the first time to see me and admire you. Since you said that, I will promise you to promote Wang Lumi. Your instrument guard department’s salary is Wangfu Diding Yin. I will fill it up and send it to Wangfu in three days. Just ask the ambassador of Wangfu Library to get ready for reception."
"Thank you, Princess Zhou Mu, for not coming, but said that money and food are tight when the imperial court is fighting. Wang Fu Di Ding Yin should be used as a donation to serve Wang Fu, so Lu Mi really can’t wait for food with thousands of mouths in Wang Fu, but it can’t be delayed. By the way, when I went to the township to collect rent this time, I found that my Anlu fertile land was in the south of the city, where the terrain was hollow and the Anlu rain was heavy. I think the dam was a little shaky. Wanzhou Mu was a parent, so it was better to note one."
When people go out with their front feet, a teacup falls and breaks into dozens of petals in the back room.

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