上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 桑拿夜网 The closest to the explosion center, Elder Jin was even more embarrassed. Cui Yun took the initiative to protect the Lord, but after all, without Elder Jin, Cui Yun’s account defense was played less than ten percent. No.1 self-destruct blew Cui Yun’s account back to its original shape. Elder Jin was hit hard, and his body was shattered immediately. Even Yuan Shen was swept by the shock wave and was seriously injured.

The closest to the explosion center, Elder Jin was even more embarrassed. Cui Yun took the initiative to protect the Lord, but after all, without Elder Jin, Cui Yun’s account defense was played less than ten percent. No.1 self-destruct blew Cui Yun’s account back to its original shape. Elder Jin was hit hard, and his body was shattered immediately. Even Yuan Shen was swept by the shock wave and was seriously injured.

Wrapped in a golden glare, Ye Lingtian was shocked. Looking at the vacant floating 7, he was constantly floating out of the golden aura, and the gold elder Yuan Shen exclaimed, "What a terrible power! This, this, this is simply ~ "Ye Ling thought for a moment, and he resolutely ordered," Ye Yan gave the three elders’ liquid to gather the gods’ to help them build a scattered fairy, and personally tried the power of these puppets. "
Lin Xiao, whose clothes were blown to pieces, stopped Ye Shuang from climbing up from the ground with a wry smile. "Master Dan Xiao has a good idea. If you want to try the power of these puppets, how heavy their fists are, don’t try too much. If you want to try their greatest destructive power, just give a puppet a hundred pills of Yiling and let him know how powerful they are at the same time!"
Lin Xiao, this idea is absolutely absolutely unique. Ye Lingtian and other senior members of the B-door couldn’t help laughing at the same time when they heard Lin Xiao’s words. Even the bombed-out body and the Yuan God were hit hard. Elder Jin was not in the mood to take care of himself. Elder Jin ordered a puppet to walk out of the queue directly. Ye Kun took out one hundred pills in the corner of the hall and put them in the puppet’s hand. Then he stayed away from Ye Ling and put his defensive weapon "Jin Kuang" in front of the puppet.
Yuan Shen’s traumatic life, Jing Yuan, kept drifting away from Yuan Shen, grinning with pain. Elder Jin gloated while swallowing the liquid of gathering the gods. "The explosive power of the master puppet is so scary that you must be careful." Then he immediately ordered the puppet to take 100 pills at the same time.
One hundred pills in one spirit have exceeded the limit that these puppets can bear. As soon as the puppets swallowed the pills in one spirit, their bodies exploded. A lotus flower swept the whole hall. Rao is Lin Xiao. This time, they were all prepared to be wrapped in heavy treasure light. They were still blown back by dozens of feet. Ye Lingtian was not damaged at all, but the golden light released by his golden light was also dim, and a little body was blown from this corner of the hall to the other end of the hall.
"awesome!" I learned the puppet explosive power face to face Ye Lingtian laughed wildly. "This is equivalent to the explosive power of a monk in the early days of virtual environment! Hey, hey, if there are dozens of puppets in his sect struggle, they will blow themselves up and kill nearly a thousand people without guarding against the enemy! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! This spirit pill is so good! "
Lin Xiao licked his mouth and finally conceived him. "The boss is not only that. If these puppets are still carrying hundreds of pounds of Dan Xiao’s secret erysipelas, does the boss think that dozens of puppets need to blow themselves up to kill nearly a thousand people? What’s more, if these puppets are refined, their bodies will be melted into virulence, and these puppets will be refined into poisonous days. Once they explode, Fiona Fang will die in a hundred miles. This power is not small! "
There was a dead silence in the hall, Ye Lingtian or Ye Kun, Ye Fei or Ye Shuang or B door. Everyone looked at Lin Xiao strangely. Lin Xiao gave a few quick smiles. He said in a low voice, "Some of the ancestors of the door also have a special preference for poison technology. Some of the notes left by that ancestor have the means of refining the puppet of poison, but the raw materials for refining the puppet of poison in his old man’s house are all kinds of birds and animals, but no one has ever refined them. However, it is not difficult to want to use this method to refine the puppet of poison."
After a long silence, Ye Lingtian finally asked, "How long does it take to forge a poisonous puppet?"
Lin Xiao said lightly, "It will take about nine days to forge a puppet that is not very toxic if the materials are complete."
"Good nine days later, let’s see if the power of the poison puppet is really like" Ye Lingtian sank. "If the power of the poison puppet is really like what Elder Dan Xiao said, it can turn Fiona Fang into a hundred miles of death, then I have mastered a great weapon at Gate B, but ~"
Ye Lingtian’s eyes were radiant with cold light, and he drank heavily. "If anyone dares to leak a word in the dialogue in this temple today, it is that my second door is rebellious and should be pursued by my second door!"
Lin Xiao-yi, the elders at the same time, obeyed Lin Xiao and knew that Ye Ling’s words were not bluffing. If someone leaked out what happened today, B-door must do its best to kill that person. B-door is a super sect in the monastic world. How to say it is also a representative in the right way. It is supposed to be open and aboveboard. Even if it is robbing the sword, meaning and inheritance, it is all in the name of’ maintaining the normal order of Bai Hengxing’. How can it forge such a poisonous puppet?
Nine days later, with the rapid spread of a mountain in the Xuanxuan Mountains of Lv Yun, the mountains in Fiona Fang, with an area of tens of thousands of square miles, really turned into a deadly giant wood, and immediately turned rotten wood, flowers and plants into mud, and all the birds and animals turned into purulent blood, which was banned and bound by the second door, and hundreds of unlucky scattered repairs were lost everywhere in the mountains, from repairing the highest master in the middle period of virtual reality to leaving a little breath for the minor role in the condensed gas period. All the others were poisoned to death, but the monk in the virtual reality repair was also poisoned by poison gas, and his fighting power was greatly reduced.
More than 300 elders and nearly 1,000 Presbyterian elders in Gate B were suspended, and they watched in amazement as Fang Yuan’s life was limited. A short breath in the mountains turned into such a terrible hell, which caused all this to be just a puppet with no mana fluctuation, just like normal people. A chill rushed from their heads to the soles of their feet.
"What a poisonous puppet!" One of the three oldest elders in the generation said, "Elder Dan Xiao has made great contributions. He wants to choose three magic weapons when he enters the secret cabinet!"
Another elder, whose hair and beard are all brilliant golden yellow, said with peace, "Ye Shuang can make friends with Elder Dan Xiao, so an alien has also made great contributions to our second door. He should be qualified to enter the Secret Pavilion and choose a suitable magic weapon, such as elders?"
Lin Xiao can’t pay tribute to Ye Shuang, but he is very happy. He opened his mouth and looked at the three elders stupidly. The saliva almost flowed from the corners of his mouth. If Ye Lingtian had a snap of his finger, Ye Shuang would have forgotten to thank them.
Many hidden and slender elders of Door B took a deep look at Lin Xiao. The dense pressure in the eyes of these amazing elders made Lin Xiao’s body sink. He had an impulse to be seen through completely. If there was no quiet glass pagoda, a piece of green light filled Lin Xiao’s body. Lin Xiao was afraid whether these elders could see that his body was different from others. I don’t know how many years these elders have been hidden, but several of them have survived the ninth Armageddon but refused to soar anyway. If there was no quiet glass pagoda, Lin Xiao might have been exposed.
With a furnace of spirit pills, Lin Xiao can finally stay safely in the second door, and his position in the second door has been guaranteed. Even Hongyuan, an elder who opposes Ye’s family, has become courteous and respectful to Lin Xiao, and Lin Xiao can safely mobilize the strength of the second door to search for traces of medicine for him all over the sky.
Of course, there is one more thing that we have to do, that is, go to the secret cabinet and choose three elders to give Lin Xiao a magic weapon. Lin Xiao is not very concerned about this matter. He has too many magic weapons and they are all magic weapons of fate. The ordinary magic weapon has already made Lin Xiao interested, but Ye Shuang is finally jumping around. After entering the secret cabinet, he can pick out the most powerful magic weapon. Ye Shuang almost asked all the people who have been in the secret cabinet in Gate B.
Finally, in the middle of this month, that is, on the brightest day of the moon, people such as Lin Xiao, Ye Shuang and Ye Ling Tian later arrived in front of the secret cabinet of the treasure house in the second door.
The entrance to the secret pavilion is just like a piece of white jade. The cliff is as clean and smooth as white jade. Three tadpoles are carved on the cliff 30 feet above the ground. The golden characters are the three characters of the secret pavilion. On the left is a row of ten people who can only cross their legs and sit three feet deep. Now the abode of fairies and immortals are sitting in the cave. These ten old people are the ten elders who rotate in the secret pavilion at the second door. Everyone has spent at least six times in heaven.
In the mountain forest near the cat pavilion, it is even more dangerous, and I don’t know how many prohibitions are arranged. Lin Xiao in the Sanli mountain forest in Fiona Fang is slightly transported from the cave. What he sees in his field of vision is all kinds of strange brilliance and all kinds of light. The density of prohibitions is simply amazing, especially there are dozens of large and small holes in the ground, and I don’t know what is hidden in them. Now Lin Xiao is full of all kinds of prohibitions. Now he has the ability to see through those prohibitions.
Ye Ling Tiandeng and others took Lin Xiao and Ye Shuang to the front of the cliff, where a line of people quietly said nothing.
It was not until the mid-day of the month that a Taoist priest in the cave suddenly pointed his hand at a piece of white jade symbol and floated lightly into the white cliff. The white light on the cliff was as soft as running water, and Tian Yue shot a hazy silver moonlight. The white cliff suddenly turned into a semi-transparent leaf, Ling Tianchao made a sign to Lin Xiao, and Ye Shuang immediately rushed to the cliff. Lin Xiao felt a little cool and a little weightless, and then he came to a huge castle.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen From god GongLing abacus
There are no doors or windows in the pavilion. There is a ray of white light around Lin Xiao. He and Ye Shuang emerged from the white light. The spacious pavilion is wide and long, and there are thousands of tables and tables neatly placed in it. There are more or less flying swords and magic weapons. There are some precious natural materials and treasures. Lin Xiao glanced at them and saw dozens of precious medicinal materials in the Great Rodin Classic-these medicinal materials have disappeared from the Qi Yuan world. Lin Xiao has only seen the pictures from the Great Rodin Classic, but he has never seen the real thing. These medicinal materials are all raw materials for refining the elixir!
Lin Xiao’s eyes are a little red. Door B, after all, is a super sect. Its possessions accumulated over the years are much richer than that of the Taifang people. It is no wonder that experts such as the old dragon slayer in the Battle of Bai Hengxing have been dispatched, but even if a person like Door B doesn’t want to come, there is no need to peek at those elusive treasures, saying that only their own sect’s possessions are a shocking treasure. The magic weapon of flying swords and all kinds of materials in this castle are comparable to those of the Taifang people’s department. Of course, there is no reincarnation sword of this level.
Ye Shuang was so excited that he rubbed his hands. He laughed. "Second brother, you can be optimistic about my brother. I’ve come to find out these days that the treasures in the secret cabinet are all treasures collected by some predecessors over the years or some strange things that they don’t know themselves. There are also treasures left by our predecessors when they soar! When they went to the celestial world, naturally, there was a door where ancestors prepared fairy wares for them. It was unnecessary for them to take them with them, but there were too many good things! "

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