The black cat immediately took action and stretched out its claws and drew a crack immediately.
The black cat got in.
Zhang Yinghao followed closely with the black cat and counted the world constantly jumping.
In a certain world
At night, a figure quietly fell into the street.
Zhang Yinghao
He helped his black hat, put the black cat on his shoulder and strolled through the spacious and bright street. No one noticed him.
Seeing him walking, he pulled out an old pocket watch and gently pressed it somewhere.
At once, the hand of the pocket watch jumped rapidly and pointed to a line of fine print that had just appeared.
"You have entered the exclusive country of beautiful women in the hidden world."
Zhang Yinghao took his pocket watch and moved on.
in a moment
He came to a large building community surrounded by walls.
"The sword sleeps … this is it?" Zhang Yinghao asked
"Meow!" The black cat must nod.
Zhang Yinghao stepped back and looked at the plaque in front of the building community.
See the plaque with several big characters written on it.
"Beauty Country National Women’s College"
Zhang Yinghao looked for a moment and couldn’t help but sigh.
"That’s right, the sword is by nature … this should be the place where it sleeps …"
Chapter V Birds
Black cat crouches outside the female college.
Zhang Yinghao squatted beside the black cat.
"Where is my little baby’s sword hidden in this school?"
He asked as he pulled out his pocket watch.
The minute hand and the second hand of the dial go rapidly and make a rapid "click" sound.
Wake up from the pocket watch.
"In 20 minutes, a bird with bad luck will come and it will fight for the sword."

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