It’s better to leave everyone shocked than shocked!

It is the Pacific Fleet-Japan Joint Fleet that unites the naval strength of all countries in the world. Except for the British Empire, which can stabilize their heads, no country can guarantee that it can win the battle. However, this kind of sky-flying, dead-tired, big bird weapon will strike back the two fleets as soon as it is born. Battleships, cannons, machine guns and rifles, etc., all weapons have become furnishings and pose no threat to the roots!
It’s horrible. A country has this kind of weapon.
Military strength will multiply because no country has weapons that can threaten him. This is the king of war!
Now the emperor is as pale as dust. He knows that he is afraid of going out this time and will have to do something hard. With such a weapon, Fengtian can’t cope with it. Even Britain and France are helpless in the face of such weapons!
Temple stand see Shangwen Yamagata Aritomo and others stand see Shangwen came out at this time sink said "positions now things have not our army even attack Mukden? Nowadays, the Republic of China is not the same as that of the Qing Empire, but the Chinese tiger defeated nearly 100,000 allied forces in less than 60,000 people. Nearly 100 thousand Russian troops in Vladivostok were also beaten to ashes; Now let’s join forces with the Pacific Fleet to attack Vladivostok, so that the naval strength has already entered the top three in the world, and it is still being beaten by others and almost wiped out. Now we can stand by and wait for orders. Only when our country is strong will we have the opportunity to raise troops again! "
Emperor Zhi sighed, "I don’t know what you mean, but you have to know that we are not young, and all of you have become veterans. What can we develop into in the hands of the Japanese empire in the future?"
See Shangwen Fenran immediately. "If you are so decadent, now you are at the peak of’ spring’ and autumn. Even we are all at least fifty years old."
There are still ten years when we are hungry and ambitious, and we are still working hard. We won’t be too far away! "
Ito Bowen also said, "It’s true that we still have a chance when we see that you say it’s good and we want to rest on our laurels." China people are the best at fighting. Now the Qing Empire is still occupying more than half of China. This group of waste will not easily hand over the mountains and rivers. The Chinese tiger in the north will definitely raise troops to March south to launch a unified China war in the future. There are also those revolutionary parties who are restless and afraid that China will not complete reunification and peaceful development in ten years. Our opportunity is here! "
Emperor Zhi’s eyes are bright and heavy, and he said, "You are our small country, and resources are scarce. If we can’t occupy China, what resources can we use to support the development of our country? Once China rises and relies on powerful resources, it is difficult for a country to be its opponent, let alone a small Japanese country? " Li Jian Shang Wen replied, "China is in a hurry and we can’t clean them up, but we still have opportunities in Southeast Asia. Now Southeast Asia is occupied by Malaysian British, Philippines and Americans occupy Indochina Peninsula, French occupy Java Islands, Dutch occupy China, Britain and the United States and France, and we can’t afford to be taunted, but the Dutch, whose country is smaller than ours, deal with them. We still have a certain grasp that Java Islands are rich in products and have many natural resources. In the future, we can move here and ask us to take out enough benefits to say Britain, the United States and France.
第七百三十章 贪婪原罪
Such strength is just a new weapon of the Chinese tiger to defeat two powerful fleets. This is tough!
Damn it, Chinese tiger
Nicholas II is now calm and can’t come to his side.
Linevich, secretary of the army, said, "It is obvious that this new weapon, the Chinese tiger, has shocked all countries. Is it necessary to go to war again now?" This kind of weapon is too powerful. We have no confrontation weapon at all. We are too small to continue the war! "
Nicholas eagles generally looked at Linevich and roared, "Of course, the war will continue to be timid, but we will never back down! We still have a strong force. Now that two regiments have started to set out and will arrive in Siberia, our strength will exceed 300,000. I don’t believe they can withstand the attack from Heilongjiang, Mongolia and ancient China! "
Nicholas II gasped and continued, "There are still a few days to play, so we will unite with England and France! Now this kind of weapon called airplane is afraid that a powerful country will be jealous of defeating the Huaxia Empire, so we can get such weapon technology. Once it is mass-produced, which country will make us rival? Send a telegram to Lube and Salisbury asking the three countries to unite and ask our three great powers to join hands. The roots of the Republic of China will be vulnerable. Although they have this weapon, the number is too small. They can’t decide the outcome of a war. This time, they will not only seize the territory, but also grab it together with this weapon! "
Soon Lube Salisbury received the Nicholas II newspaper.
Lube Salisbury was also shocked by this new weapon.
It’s amazing that dozens of planes can actually beat two powerful fleets. How powerful it needs to be!
At the same time, the two people are both in awe and envy of this weapon, and their eyes are full of greed. If you want to get this weapon production and development technology at any cost, Zhang Jian will definitely not give it, then there will be a fight!
Lubei’s holding two newspapers in his hand is completely crazy. With this weapon, his country will never be afraid of German invasion again. On the contrary, once Germany is friendly to China and the Republic of China, it will almost mean the end of France. The powerful German army and this mysterious weapon will bring disaster to France!
The Louvre in Lubei shouted, "Immediately order our second regiment to go to China. We must defeat the Chinese tiger and grab this weapon!"
Salisbury is even more crazy. Once his country has mastered this technology, it will seriously threaten the hegemony of the British Empire in the world. Absolutely! Because the British empire is proud that the enemy fleet is no longer enemies, this is the most powerful nemesis of the fleet!
Salisbury roared, "No one can get this kind of weapon. Either we get it or we destroy it. Never enter a country!"
The commander of the navy, Scheer, said, "Mr. Prime Minister, first of all, we must get this kind of weapon, and we must also develop it in the future, but we must send it."
War? You know, the Boer war is at the most critical moment, and we have no extra troops at all! "
Salisbury grunted coldly, "Don’t you want to ask the Chinese tiger directly if you don’t start a war? If you have this weapon, will you give it to others?"
So is Scheer’s face. This is the real strategic weapon of the national weapon. No one will give a country life or death, and no matter how big the interests are, they will never let go.
Aside, Lansdowne replied, "Mr. Prime Minister, even if we want to wage war, we must have enough troops. It is impossible for us to wage war by recruiting soldiers from Australia."
Salisbury sneered, "With Australian soldiers, we really can’t defeat the elite soldiers of the Republic of China, but with France and Russia, there is no war in their two countries now. It is inevitable that we can’t deal with Zhang Jian with these two helpers?"
Scheer said, "Well, we can send our Indian fleet to China and recruit the Australian legion again. We must not fail again this time. Once we fail, we will be overwhelmed by the pressure of our country!" Salisbury said, "Well, send the Indian fleet to recruit and form the Australian Legion according to your plan, and then’ draw’ two thousand’ fine’ sharp troops from Malaysia to go to China together. Rest assured that Lubei has already transferred a regiment army.
More than 60,000 troops plus 200,000 or 300,000 Russian troops will definitely not be able to cope with the Republic of China this time! "A few people sitting in the hall ha ha laugh, the plane said what also want to grab when the war is over here, compared with the Boer war has been close to the end, then directly eastward …
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-one No brain like that
At this time, Zhang Yizheng accepted Nishi Tokujirō, the Japanese ambassador to China, in the temporary post office in Beijing.
Nishi Tokujirō said, "The President’s Cabinet has just arrived, and the will of the Emperor of the Japanese Empire has been conveyed to you. I wonder what the President’s Cabinet means?"
Zhang Yi is still in the joy of the Bohai War at this time. In less than a day, Cang Lang broke the Japanese-Russian attack from the sea to Fengtian with his plane, and at the same time, it hit the Japanese-Russian navy to the maximum extent and greatly shocked the powers of various countries.
However, Zhang Yi is also very aware that there is a huge vice-husband in the plane at this time! Our country has by no means entered the ranks of world powers, and now it has such a terrible killer, and the fear of greed of Britain, the United States, France and Germany has already risen again!
At present, the war situation is at a most delicate moment, and an inconspicuous negligence may lead to a tilt in the balance of victory. Even Zhang Yi can try his best to make a move and be careful to deal with it. If Zhang Yi withdraws today, of course, he will raise his hands and feet in favor.
If you are in favor of it, you can’t be too enthusiastic on the surface. If you look extremely eager to stop fighting, you will definitely be ripped off by the Japanese.
Zhang Yi said faintly, "The friendship between China and Nishi Tokujirō goes back to ancient times. In recent years, your country’s repeated aggression has caused heavy losses to your people and my people. It really makes the president regret that this kind of trip in your country has caused serious harm to me. It’s not that easy to retreat, is it?"
West Germany

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