It also looks strange to send it to this location.

Because a huge … disc-shaped object can be seen next to it.
This is the shape of God’s Eye. Lin can determine the position of this warship … and send it to God’s Eye.
Lin remembers that this is the position where the second Lin mecha built the small aircraft and was attacked.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one Bombing
"It seems familiar here."
Looking at a nearby world like a disk, Bilu made a questioning sound.
What will the warship move to the eye of God? Lynn thinks there are many possibilities, but as for …
This shouldn’t be where the battleship wanted to go.
"Just now, the movement has been misplaced and ready to move again. Please continue to hold on!"
As the broadcast sound warships shook up again.
But after the vibration … the stars outside haven’t changed at all.
It was obviously a failure … but the broadcast didn’t say anything, but tried to keep sending.
The warship vibration appeared several times again, but nothing happened every time … At this moment, the broadcast sound rang "There is a fault at present and it is being repaired"
"How do you feel that this kind of fault seems to happen easily?" Bilu said. "Veronica, let’s find a way to go back."
"The fault is caused by you," said Lin Bilu.
"what!" Bilu exclaimed, "Does this have anything to do with me? Is this true? Veronica, by the way, does this have anything to do with me? It must be! "
It’s true that it’s connected with Billou … but Lynn can’t finish it because Billou has other things.
"Excuse me …"
At this time, Lin saw the former one … who had come to ask about the incident. Ershimin appeared. "We just detected a very strong … gravitational effect. Do you know what the reason is?"
"What is gravity?" Bilu asked.
"Is … to attract"
Ershimin said that they have encountered this situation many times, that is, the delivery time … has been sent to one place, and when they arrive at this place, everything can’t get out of this place.
They call this phenomenon "sending gravity". Things seem to be attracted and usually stick to one place … It wants to ask … Does Lin know the situation, but Bilu keeps asking it what it is, and it finally leaves.
Lynn does know something, which can only be known from the horrible area of God’s eyes.
Although Veronica sent it away, Lin sent some arms … Veronica left here before she left. They have set up some bases here, visited a building in the city.
Lin also built a velvet ball > > arms, and this place continued to fly and observe … and at the same time, she found the spirit dust.
This spiritual dust is currently moving with Lin’s fluffy ball, and recently Lin found it very flustered.
"They … gather here …"
And it has been saying such strange things, so Lin has now let it find a place where it can connect with the consciousness of God’s eyes.
This is not a secondary position, but a new place.
This place looks like a … freezer. There are big pieces of meat hanging everywhere in the cold environment.
When Lingchen enters here, he can receive the message from the eye of God.
Because it can’t be expressed accurately, Lin prepared a brain for it as before.
Linc can learn from her brain that …
This place is changing.
The original god’s eye has passages leading to many worlds, all of which were originally back and forth, but they are ready-made for one-way delivery.
That is, you can come back from those places … but not from here.
This is mainly due to the influence of solidification virtual extrusion.
Although it has created a lot of horrible things here, it is still squeezing this place constantly.
It squeezed the eye of God, and there were many changes, and its body delivery channel became abnormal.
In fact, this is not an anomaly, but has turned into another way.
That’s why the warships of the research group were attracted by …
Lin thinks there should be something that will be sent here if you try to connect the place with the eye channel.
In addition to this, there are some variations in the other places of God’s Eye. For example, it connects some biological channels … just like a corpse craftsman bug.
The original god’s eye is connected with every corpse-leaving worm and gives them help, but at present it has been disconnected from these corpse-leaving worms.
I met those resin craftsmen outside, but now there is no connection …
But relative to the divine eye, it connects some unrelated creatures, such as Bilu.
There are some other creatures besides Bilu … Lin, these creatures can be found here.
Lingchen can observe their position through the consciousness of god’s eyes, which has not been discovered before.
It seems that this spirit dust and the eye of God …’ connectivity’ is rising, and it can see deeper parts of consciousness more and more.
Most of these creatures are amazing, and the surface should be some terrestrial creatures … but they are originally unconnected species.
And two of these creatures are very special, one is Bilu … and the other is Bilu.
It’s just … another Bilu.
Lynn has been trying to find this Bilu, and finally she found it here. It is now somewhere in the eye of God.
This position has always been the activity of one side of God’s eye and the other side before Lin has been to Yinlin.
Lynn wants to go and see what this other Bilu is about now.
So Lin warships asked the people inside for an aircraft … They quickly agreed.
So Lynn and Bilu flew an aircraft away from the warship and flew to the other side of the eye of God.
This side is also a’ back side’ … because one side of the eye is brighter and the other side is darker … it’s a bit like night.
Continue to try to send away at the battleship’s restore position.
They were not attacked.
"Veronica, I kind of feel that my … cloning it seems to be this position!"
When Lin and Bilu flew to the edge of the eye of God, Bilu suddenly became excited. "Can I know its location? Is this empathy?"
"…" Lin didn’t say anything but continued to fly to the target location.

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