Several particles in the water attacked the pompoms.

But Lynn also saw something new …
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six The past
Gollum …’
Lin fuzz ball is being besieged by several particles.
Their attack is quite effective.
These things have almost completely wrapped the pompoms, and a relatively simple way … is to keep bumping and exploding.
They attacked the outer layer of the pompom one after another, and the defense has cracked.
And Lynn didn’t fight them back, but tested the situation here.
Lin mainly investigates this special’ dream maintenance field’
The whole dream field is very large, but Lynn noticed that it is not a’ whole block’
But divided into many blocks, each of which controls a part of the water.
These particles in the water are not directly controlled by the dream maintenance field, but they have already adjusted the structure of these particles in advance.
And these energy fields Lin thinks they are deep in the water and control some devices that can manipulate water.
After learning about this, Lin’s whole fluffy ball was also attacked by several fine particles and slowly disintegrated.
After the whole fluffy ball dissipates, the sea surface of the satellite is calm again.
Because there is still Lin in the virtual space, Lin can continue to observe the changes of this satellite.
It obviously wants to continue to do something. Lin noticed some local water activities.
These water surfaces form eddies, and the eddies can detect that there are dreams in them, and some changes have taken place in energy.
Lin doesn’t know what it does yet.
But … we’ll know soon.
In this way, after observing here for a while, Lin found that the satellite body had no change, although she could detect that the dream maintenance field was’ active’
And the seventh roller has a lot of problems, generally speaking, it is continuously … flooded.
All this water actually goes from the satellite, and it can’t drown the whole seventh roller.
But it will also flood many areas.
In that point system, it is also constantly’ updated’
It keeps adding a lot of convertible things and the whole thing has grown.
That is to say, there are many tentacles around, which are mainly composed of particles and microorganisms.
It seems that if we continue to let it go like this, it will turn the whole seventh roller into a water point war world.
But all this is controlled by the satellite … Lynn should just deal with the satellite.
At this time, many stones suddenly appeared in the virtual space around the satellite.
These stones are tens of meters in size, and a large number of them surround the whole satellite.
As they fall into the water like meteorites.
Satellites react to this similar to Lin Qianrong Pills. They gather water cannons or water columns to fight against these flying stones.
This kind of defense is actually quite effective. Small water column … In fact, it can be said that the’ waterline’ can directly cut stones.
The inclusion of granular explosive shells in the water cannon can also turn stones into slag.
But it doesn’t make much sense.
These crushed stones still fall into the sea, and each stone that enters the water can spread a lot of … particles.
Of course, these particles are all normal particles. To be precise, they are’ repair particles’.
Each particle can emit a kind of ray that can be called’ repair ray’ …
To be hit by this ray, those controlled particles in the water will immediately … return to their original state.
This is equivalent to a mandatory order.
According to the data seen in Lin’s center, each granule has a’ main system’
If you want to send a signal to this master system, you can get back control of it, but you also need special particles to send this signal.
These stones are actually made by Lin … together with the control center. Each stone contains a lot of repair particles.
The center told Lin that the seventh roller of these repair particles was lying in a maintenance field
When Lin found them, she found them hiding in many rocks.
These stones are accessible’ access’ stones.
Knowing from the center that every tumbling person has a’ passage’ can actually be called a’ turbid passage’
This is a kind of passage … The former golden sphere passed through this passage from the third roller to the seventh.
However, this kind of channel is somewhat different from the general channel. It is said that they are almost’ coincident’ with the normal virtual channel.
That is to say, many perception methods can directly and normally perceive the objects in this channel, but they can’t touch them.
Generally speaking, these stones can reach the satellite because they pass through these channels.
A large number of repair particles in their water … have caused a lot of’ turbulence’ in the entire satellite waters.
And then … There were bigger stones in the void.
This kind of stone is hundreds of meters in diameter, and there are three pieces in all.
They appeared in different positions of the satellite and fell into the water from these positions.

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