It’s crazy to see Alice in the sea

I can’t catch it, I can’t fight it, I can’t beat it.
How long will she have to watch?
Now even the repair of the third crack in Jiuding Magic Furnace has been delayed for many days.
"No matter!"
Muhai withdrew her eyes and solemnly said to Tang Yu, "Rain is falling all Xiaoxi, I’ll go to the front and see you. I’ll come back and pick you up after the ruins are opened."
"Xiaohai, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone. We’ll go with you," said Tang Yu.
"Yes, there are many people and hands in Xiaohai. Besides, we are not weak," said Zhou Qian.
"No, you can’t be exposed. After entering the ruins, you have a lot of opportunities to shoot," Muhai said.
"Then you should be careful." Tang Yu nodded his head without insisting.
Muhai went into the bushes and used concealment.
Then he looked at Zhong Yingtian and moved forward a little bit without finding a sound.
See Zhong Yingtian with hundreds of dragon net members together, to the front of the rock crowd.
Hundreds of Dragon Net members dressed in uniform ornaments attracted everyone in front of the rock wall.
"Look, the Dragon Nets are coming."
"This … this why don’t we go? !”
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At the moment, when I saw hundreds of dragnet personnel outflanking me, someone immediately became unintelligent.
"Go a fart!"
At this time, a red hair in a green shirt shouted that it looked like green leaves with red flowers from a distance, which was very conspicuous.
As soon as his words made the original noisy crowd quiet a lot.
Many people who are ready to divorce have stopped to observe secretly.
"Hum …"
Suddenly, the blue mask in front of the rock wall vibrates faster. It used to take 2 seconds to appear once, but now the blue mask is once every second.
"I want the remains."
"Great, it’s a good thing I didn’t leave."
Seeing this scene, the foreigners showed their joy and stared at the rock wall without moving.
"No, the Dragon Nets are getting closer and closer. It seems that they are going to kill."
"Let’s run? Even if there are treasures, you must have a life to take them. "
Various languages sounded among foreigners.
Some people want to go and some people don’t want to go.
"Afraid of what? !”
At this time, Hong Mao said that it was a standard American dialect and shouted.
Miguo dialect is the universal language, and even if Muhai goes through high school and goes to college, the famous course is Miguo dialect, and he can understand it a little.
No one from a foreign country can understand it.
When the red hair said this, everyone looked at him together, revealing doubts.
"People don’t be afraid of Hua Yuanjun, the National Security Bureau of Zaoguo." Red hair here paused with a natural pride in his eyes.
"Oh, my god, he is Hua Yuanjun? Great! It is said that he returned from Xianguo alone and brought back the highest military secrets of Xianguo. "
"I didn’t expect to see such a person here!"
Hearing all kinds of flattery from a group of people around him, Hua Yuanjun held his head high and looked more proud.
"Don’t dare to be unworthy" Hua Yuanjun waved his hand again and again. "Today, everyone is not afraid of the Dragon Kingdom. Do they dare to be the enemy of the whole world?"
"Yes, we are from all over the world. Are we still afraid of a dragon country?"
"What if they had a big fight for the treasure?"
This group of foreigners is less than 50% sympathetic.
No echo, silence, secret observation, showing a look at the theatre

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