In general, it has told Lin where it is’ polluted’

This location is the vault, and this place is located on the sixth tumbling satellite.
Sixth Tumbler has a relatively small satellite with a diameter of more than 100 kilometers. Lin saw it before and there was nothing special, but it seems different now.
So Lin sent the 300-meter wool ball there.
But before doing this, Lin and the golden sphere said one.
"I’ve found another place for it" and the golden sphere says, "I’m going there to see you. Just investigate here."
With that, it quickly flew towards the virtual.
Actually, Lin has always told it something, but the golden sphere has never done anything.
It has been drifting and’ watching’ the distance.
It seems that in the distance, it has found something that makes it interesting.
In that case … Lin let the micro-arms follow it and see what it is.
In other arms, I will investigate a … cache.
When Lin’s fluffy ball was sent to the surface of the satellite, Lin found that the situation of this satellite was the same as that of the sixth roller.
It’s … flooded.
In fact, it became a liquid ball.
Surging waves can also detect a lot of … dream energy.
To be precise, it is a kind of dream energy similar to the’ dream maintenance field’, which feels quite special.
"This is … the earliest maintenance field"
When Lin felt it, the golden sphere suddenly said to Lin
To be precise, it told Lin that it knew Lin had a micro-arm.
Chapter three thousand sixty-five The sea
It is said that this is a very old … maintenance field.
According to the golden sphere, this dream maintenance field seems to have appeared in the first place.
That is … there is a virtual gap maintenance field.
However, it has been a long time since it’ saw’ this maintenance field.
I don’t know what it will appear here on the sixth tumbling satellite.
Although Lin was told this, the golden sphere didn’t stop. It still flew away.
While Lin decided to investigate this satellite dream maintenance field … what is it?
Lin has now let the fluffy ball fly directly to the rough sea covering this satellite.
The water here is constantly surging like a strong storm, but there is actually no storm here
There is a constant movement of water, and there is no air in the sky.
And when the fluffy ball flew to a height of one kilometer above the sea, Lin noticed it … and launched an attack.
Several … very thin water columns suddenly shot out of the sea.
These water columns are close to the height of the pompoms in an instant, but the pompoms have avoided them before hitting them.
But then Lin once again saw several … tiny water columns from the square sea.
It seems that it intends to attack in this way.
So the pompoms no longer hide, but throw a large number of arms in the original position while resisting the water column.
Lin felt the power of shooting the fluff water column … Lin thought it could easily cut some common solid materials, but there was no way to cut the outer skin of the fluff ball.
And Lin micro-arms also quickly spilled into the sea.
These micro arms were attacked the moment they entered the water.
Lin found that the dream energy in the water … is trying to’ erode’ their neural structure and input them with a lot of meaningful information.
Generally, if the brain of a cell organism is flooded with this information, it may enter a long-term daze, but Lin arms continue to swim.
So Lin saw that it also sent micro-arms to fight Lin
It these micro arms … are those’ particles’.
Particles have been seen in the core and central system of these points, and they are actually quite large, usually about half a millimeter in size, much larger than ordinary cells
Lin micro arms look like a huge … fleet.
These troops launched a fierce attack on Lin’s micro-arms. Their main attack method was to emit a lot of high-temperature substances on both sides of their bodies. These things looked like lava balls.

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