Until … This journey lasted for a long time.

The surrounding scenery has not changed, but their hunger has changed.
Like normal deficiency, dream creatures will continue to consume what they need to eat to live when they are active.
But they can’t find any food here, and not all dream energy can be eaten.
So now they are getting hungrier and slower.
Actually, Lin felt hungry, too, but Veronica can certainly support them longer. If they all starve to death, Veronica can eat them.
And you don’t have to wait for starvation to eat.
However, Lin still thinks that they are alive because this group of people are connected with the’ future Walsh’
"No … very … hungry …"
This group of people in Ershi can’t go on.
Everyone in Ershi stopped where they were, and they were occupied by hunger after thinking.
Lynn thought maybe she should try something.
"That place …" At this moment, Lin found a Kirshman saying, "There is food in that place"
Lynn found it pointing to a dark place in the distance.
Although there seems to be nothing there, they all seem to think there is something there, and all the people in Ershi point to that place.
So Lin decided to go and have a look.
Thinking of Lin flew towards the target position.
As Lin went forward, Lin found that there were many things in the original dark place.
These things all look very delicious food, and different biological thinking can see different food states.
From the perspective of people’s thinking, we can see that these things are very common foods among them.
But in fact, these things are not food. When Lin approached them, she found that they are mainly food energy.
What? There are such food shapes here. Lin thinks it’s strange.
During the test, Lin also recognized that all kinds of things here have no’ self’ shape, but show different shapes to different creatures.
Their form may always be in change.
But what’s the point?
Maybe it doesn’t make sense
This is …
Lin thought about it when she suddenly found that all these’ foods’ were active.
They slowly get together, and when they merge, they don’t look like food.
They turned into a strange shape that looked like … a sticky’ cream’.
At the same time, Lin also received a signal, "What haven’t you changed?"
"There are no changes in the creatures that receive changes here, and they can’t be received, but your state is very strange."
"You are changing and unchanging. You need a stable state to be invited. You seem to be entering … a stable state … and not entering …"
Because this thing is very strange, Lin asked carefully what it was about. It said that they mainly received those creatures that were forced to’ solidify’ like Ershimin.
They will connect these creatures to the right place.
But it is not sure whether Lin has solidified the organism at present.
Chapter sixty-four Collection
"We always collect these creatures and let them go to the right place."
This creature told Lynn a lot.
It can be called’ desert reaper’
Of course, this is Lin’s translated name … They are specially responsible for receiving lost creatures here.
Before Lin saw that’ mouth’, it was mainly solidified and close to living things.
Generally speaking, the creatures that have just arrived in this area from the original place are in that semi-permeable form, and it is not certain that the creatures will need to live here for a long time before they will be shaped.
But almost all living things don’t live to be shaped. For various reasons, they always die before the meeting.
One of the biggest reasons is eating by law.
It is said that amorphous creatures eat by law … and many of them will starve to death.
That’ mouth’ is set up to help these miserable creatures, where they can let the creatures shape … how long does it take to live?
But there is a little problem, that is, it will make creatures … less satisfied.
This kind of pre-forced solidification of biological forms usually turns organisms into forms they don’t like. Usually, after seeing their new forms, organisms will fall into a panic state and run around.
And it-‘desert reaper’ is specially looking for these frightened creatures.
It’s called the’ eternal dark desert’ here, which is an unpredictable range, so that lamp has no effect.
Lynn felt that it might take some time to officially enter, but now it seems that it is easy to enter.
But just like the normal virtual environment, this is a place where there are no living things, no food … and a few things are floating.
General creatures will die if they get lost here, just like this group of Ershi people.
Many desert harvesters may have a lot of’ food’ in places where creatures pass.
In fact, it is to knead a dream energy into food-like. When creatures see it, they will think it is food they know.
And that’s how it collects these creatures

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