I make the seller’s market, and I’m in charge!

If you want to eat, you should eat, and if you want to earn money, you should earn it. Although it is said that large-scale business does not need to be that big, it is also very meaningful to have more precious metal financial reserves.
The main currency of copper coins is still too much pressure for China, a copper-deficient country. Deflation is not suitable for long-term development, and Su Yonglin is also planning to carry out currency reform in the future.
It is necessary for the currency reform to have enough precious metals to make these export businesses and promote the inflow of precious metals, especially gold and silver.
This is what Su Yonglin gave Lin Jingchun.
Lin Jingchun, who has been in charge of finance for many years, has also seen this thoroughly. It can be seen that the current economic situation of copper coins and major currencies is still slightly difficult
Fortunately, in the short term, once China’s production resumes and commercial scale comes, deflation is almost inevitable, so we must find a way to deal with it at this time.
Increasing precious metal reserves and ensuring the value of "white bars" are two main roads that must be adhered to at present.
So Lin Jingchun has to face the foreign trade channels of Jiangnan countries. He can’t help but imagine the scene that the big national team will kill the quartet in the commercial field in the future and Jiangnan businessmen will lose ground.
There’s no way. This is real business competition. Who wants to talk to you unless you have to?
After Quanzhou and Lin ‘an were settled, Lin Jingchun hurried to Guangzhou again.
The southernmost port city of this country, Lilin Jingchun, has seen a different style.
He should be a sultry and dirty place in Guangzhou, but when he really arrived, he found that Guangzhou was very different from what he thought, and the cleanliness was far beyond his imagination. Guangzhou really had a hand in infrastructure.
Although it is really different after that.
It’s almost December, and he has to wear thick winter clothes in the south of the Yangtze River. It’s as uncomfortable and tight to blow on the sea and the sea wind as it is to blow on the blade.
As a result, when he arrived in Guangzhou, he found that it was enough for him to wear a dress. The unexpected cool weather in the morning and evening and the warm weather at noon made him once go to a holiday resort.
However, the officers who came to Guangzhou first told him that it was cool here when they first came here. As a result, it was amazing that the soldiers of the Hot Water Army were forced to go naked and jump into the sea to swim and cool off until the end of October, and they gradually became cool and could dress after November.
According to local people, it’s only from the end of November to the end of January every year that people can wear clothes. It’s always very hot, and in the latter part of March, there’s a weather called "Back to Nantian" by local people.
At that time, many people’s things will regain their moisture, and the house may become damp for no reason. The weather will be very sultry, people will be very uncomfortable, and sometimes it will be difficult to breathe.
Lin Jingchun, who lived in Jiangnan since childhood, felt that he was relatively heat-resistant, but he didn’t expect the heat in Guangzhou to exceed his imagination.
be that as it may
"But it’s cold and windy in the north at the end of November, and it’s important to live here at this time. Maybe it will be very comfortable."
The naval officer laughed and didn’t answer the words.
This is not something he can decide, but living in the north since childhood, he prefers the crisp and comfortable weather in autumn to the hot weather.
Then again, Lin Jingchun came on business, not on holiday. He quickly repeated what he had said and done in Quanzhou and informed them about the tax.
Merchants in Jiangnan countries need to be conscious of tax matters from now on. All goods in Jiangnan must pay a certain amount of tax if they want to export from Guangzhou.
The news caused complaints and strong dissatisfaction among businessmen.
They looked for Lin Jingchun to make a statement and tried to put pressure on Lin Jingchun, but Lin Jingchun later said that this was something promised by Lin’ an court. You were dissatisfied and went to Lin’ an court and said, go and don’t look for me.
Businessmen are like mirrors in their hearts.
Lin’ an court called you. Of course, whatever you say is what you want. Where can we argue?
No one paid any attention to the imperial edict!
Can you say anything without asking?
Foreign businessmen are fine, and businessmen in Jiangnan countries know in their hearts that it is a burden for them whether the state-owned enterprises receive the combination boxing or not, and the tax rate of the sea tax is not low, which is twice as high as that of the original company, or it is not too dark to pay twice.
Can you do whatever you want after winning the battle?
I’m sorry. That’s what I want.
In particular, the rules of shocking the army after killing people to bully others are really settled. Merchants have repeatedly advised and negotiated with Lin Jingchun, but there is no result. Lin Jingchun is determined to do so and will never compromise with them.
Then turned around and went back to Quanzhou.
Chapter 1177 Launched an economic March to Jiangnan
Shortly after Lin Jingchun’s announcement, Quanzhou, Guangzhou state government, county government and village farmers’ association organizers arrived in person.
After they arrived, they reorganized the governance of Quanzhou and Guangzhou according to the Chinese way, and carried out face-to-face changes in Quanzhou and Guangzhou, making these two States truly belong to the state.
For a long time, the businessmen also realized that China really wanted to cut meat from their bodies to eat.
Lin’ an imperial court is unreliable, but it is noisy and noisy. But is it necessary to watch your own interests be swallowed up by the country?
A group of people get together, some people want to engage in economic war, hoard the necessities they have in the market, raise the price, cause market panic and cause trouble to the people.
For example, food, such as fruits and vegetables, such as salt, etc., can be priced, and economic wars threaten Chinese people.
In this way, the Chinese people must be in a hurry, stabilize the situation and will definitely compromise with them.
These people are confident and full of suggestions.
Then I found others staring at them stupidly.
"What are your army hand knives and artillery for?"
"We have foreign aid? Do we have an army? Can someone cooperate with us from the inside? Nothing. Wait a minute. People say there is a law in their law. What if they catch us all? What can I do? Hmm? You can fight those troops, right? "
"This …"
"People are stationed here for nothing and tell you not to move your mind. If you do something a little, they can send troops immediately. Do you believe it?"
"Ah this …"
Give advice. Arrogant fools are silent.
Homo sapiens, who opposed this stupid suggestion, was silent for a while.
For a long time, a gray-haired old guy let out a long sigh.
"As the old saying goes, it’s a bit too much to be strong, so we can’t do anything … even the head backer has been beaten. Now it can be said that it’s a running dog. How can we businessmen resist?"
A group of big businessmen, look at me, and I’ll look at you. You’re all showing Nai and depressed expressions.
This time, the businessmen did not reach a consensus because they were afraid of military force, so they planned to take it one step at a time.
If the country is coming for taxes, then everyone will endure a calm for a while, just as a little more money to ensure peace.
If they didn’t come for taxes, businessmen would never sit still and die. The Southern Song Dynasty is unreliable, so they can rely on themselves.
If it doesn’t work, let’s run Nanyang together, so that the army can’t do anything about it.
Of course, it’s definitely not a good thing to leave your familiar place and live in a strange place. They are certainly more willing to stay and continue to do business and make a fortune. Now it depends on whether China will give them this opportunity.

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