上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 约茶品茶工作室 In short, since Tailaojun gave birth to the idea of reuniting with Pangu Yuanshen, the mystery has disappeared. Efforts have been made to achieve this goal, that is, the activity of the roots of the exotic vines has lost after being refined into flat crutches, and then it took Tailaojun several days to restore the activity and give it the ability to refine the wind.

In short, since Tailaojun gave birth to the idea of reuniting with Pangu Yuanshen, the mystery has disappeared. Efforts have been made to achieve this goal, that is, the activity of the roots of the exotic vines has lost after being refined into flat crutches, and then it took Tailaojun several days to restore the activity and give it the ability to refine the wind.

Gradually falling into despair, the original Buddha suddenly came from Sumi Mountain, and his strength weakened. When one hand holds out the mountain and the right hand holds out Pangu Zan, he will be able to transfer all his mana and pour all his anger into it and drink "Li Er! The leader will perish together with you! ! !” )
The third volume Fairy things Chapter three hundred and nineteen The tower is exquisite
The third volume Chapter three hundred and nineteen The tower is exquisite
"To the same place, to the same place, to the same place, to the same place, to the same place, to the same place" lasted for a long time. After flying to the Buddha himself in the Central Plains, he swung his hand and pointed it at the head of Tailaojun.
I didn’t choose to cut off the dust because the original Buddha knew that the Yuan God’s mana loss was too great, and then he didn’t have enough spare capacity to wave Pangu Zan again. Even if he cut off 129,600 pieces of silver, it would be better to do it again. If he was lucky enough to hit the old gentleman seriously, he might be able to save his life.
Pure power attribute mana drives Yuan Tianzun’s palm. Pangu Zan, the most sharp and sharp place after the creation of the world, was cut into a semi-taiji map, reduced and fell straight to Tailaojun’s head. The first merit treasure and the first defense treasure, the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower.
Six years after the collapse of Elysium, I felt that I was looking forward to meeting you. Yuan Tianzun was struggling to wave Pangu Zan to cut Amitabha, not far from Tailaojun, coughing up blood and holding a striking crack in the center of the twelve golden lotus.
It took 6 years to realize that it was not wrong to guess that Amitabha’s helper was Tailaojun, and he still didn’t know it was this sentence. Instead, he should say "Tailaojun’s helper was Amitabha"
With the resentment and anger of the marsh days, Yuan Tianzun survived strongly. In the palm of his hand, Pan Gu’s banner was chopped heavily, and the two saints confronted each other. There was no rest or strength to escape. It was evenly matched. All the energy melted into the touch of Pan Gu’s banner and the mysterious and exquisite pagoda of heaven and earth.
Point deep darkness appears and expands rapidly to produce poor suction.
"Black hole! Not good! ! !” After 6 years, I recognized a small black hole for the first time. I was shocked and quickly sacrificed to the East Emperor Bell. "After ringing a bell to light a cup of tea, I can destroy the whole black hole in Jiuyou, and the bait is eliminated."
After six years of saving the nine deep places and The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the traces were also exposed. At this time, the three saints, Man, Yin and Buddha, did not pay attention to him.
Amitabha is still coughing up blood; After Yuan Tianzun’s blow, Pangu’s banner force slipped in the palm of his hand, and his whole body became empty and swaying like a smoke cloud, as if it could dissipate at any time; Tailaojun was shocked and fell into the blood. The mysterious tower of heaven and earth was shrunk to three inches in size and still suspended in the distance and slowly whirled.
"Heaven and earth xuan huang exquisite tower! Why didn’t you follow the old gentleman? Murphy: "Being in good condition for 6 years now, it’s strange to guess that Pangu Zan’s fierce blow just now has killed the brand of Yuan God that the old gentleman left in the tower. Suddenly, when he was overjoyed, he added a meteor to shoot at that" the first merit treasure the day after tomorrow "that he had coveted for a long time.
Amitabha then reacted by crushing the injury and pouncing on the mysterious and exquisite pagoda of heaven and earth, and got this treasure of the Three Realms, which can suppress the worry of insufficient luck in the West.
6. The distance between Amitabha Buddha and two saints almost reached at the same time. One person held the top of the tower and the other grasped the bottom of the tower, and both of them went into it, thinking about the center of the saints. The first two saints fought together.
At this time, if the Xuan is distracted by attacking the other person, it will be imprinted on the Yuan God by the other person’s hard resistance. At that time, it will be difficult to erase the imprint and win the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth.
Since Pangu’s epoch-making strike, this kind of hierarchical power, which can fall into the heavens and the earth, has appeared twice, once for six years, using the power of thunder to punish the sword; Another time, the pure attribute power of Yuan Tianzun drove a blow to Pangu Zan.
Now that the thunder punishment has lost its yuan and the world will be extinct, it is no longer at this level. Therefore, for 6 years, both Amitabha and Amitabha struggled to fight against each other instead of attacking each other.
At this time, the old gentleman just woke up and saw that he had been competing with Amitabha for his heaven and earth for six years. Suddenly, he snorted angrily but didn’t join in. If it was just an injured Amitabha, the old gentleman was completely sure to recapture the Linglong Tower in a short time, but there were still six years left, it wouldn’t be solved in a short time.
At this moment; Too old gentleman has more urgent things to deal with. Resisting the urge to take back the treasure, he flies to the weak Yuan Tianzun with a ferocious face. His right hand leans out into a claw-like fingertip and escapes. Five strands of blue filaments meander out and entangle in vain. Yuan Shen drags it to his mouth and sucks it.
Yuan Tianzun is in a weak state at this time, and the old gentleman already needs to nibble away bit by bit and swallow it neatly.
After 6 long years of obsession, Amitabha secretly sighed, and then withdrew from heaven and earth like a flood of obsession. The Xuanhuang Linglong Tower gave up the struggle. If he was not injured, he was confident that he would survive for 6 long, and after a line of injury, he would fight for a little while.
In the end, his support was driven out, so it is better to give up the entanglement for six years immediately and turn to another treasure, Pangu Zan, who is still wandering in spite of the blood.
Six years after Amitabha’s retreat, the deity immediately poured into the Linglong Tower and contracted behind it to form the Yuan deity, leaving it at the core of the tower.
Since then, the first meritorious service in the world, the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower, has belonged to it for six years. It is difficult to run, but it still needs to be sacrificed and refined if you want to drive like the East Emperor Bell.
Amitabha jumped on Pangu Zan immediately after quitting the entanglement for 6 years.
Too old gentleman swallowed Yuan Tianzun’s whole body, and the momentum rose sharply, which showed that his power was greatly improved, and his cold eyes were sweeping four times. He saw that he had put away his heaven and earth for six years, and the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower Amitabha jumped on Pangu Zan.
With a heavy cold hum, the little old gentleman suddenly appeared in front of Amitabha with one hand and one finger, shooting a black horse and two horses to practice strangulation, and at the same time, his figure flashed and Pangu complications were pocketed.
After all, it’s a great surprise to get the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower.
Amitabha didn’t dare to recklessly fly back and take advantage of the situation to drive the golden auspicious clouds straight away. Every treasure 33 days away belongs to its owner. Now the situation is getting more and more chaotic, and even a mixed sage like Yuan Tianzun has fallen. Amitabha knows that it is urgent to take good care of his injuries, otherwise he will definitely deal with the chaotic situation in the catastrophe.
I glanced at Tailaojun for a long time, and the robe sleeves turned and sprinkled away. The figure flashed, and the little Tailaojun stopped in front of the vagina for a long time. "Where is the demon emperor saint?"
"Why? Where does the emperor go, will he have to be taught by a saint? " 6 long squinting at too old gentleman little look quite bad.
"Naturally, I don’t need it," the old gentleman sneered. "I want to pick up the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower in heaven and earth and give it back to the old road to ensure that I will never entangle it."
"joke! Linglong Tower already belongs to the emperor and should be given to you? " For 6 years, I disdained to sneer. "Why are you entangled? Can the leader catch up with the emperor after swallowing Yuan Tianzun’s mana?"
"Pursuit of three realms of happiness" This is a public opinion. How dare you be on a par with pursuit? "insidious smile, the old gentleman, said with a few compliments and then his face fell cold." But after six years, don’t forget that you still have a brother, a princess, three brothers and four people, and there are hundreds of millions of demons. It’s easy for you to avoid the old road, but can they run? "
Smell speech 6 long immediately face sink like water cold way "Li Er emperor also want to wake you up a word to teach is also a brother".
Too old gentleman not care gave a way "just a few younger brother gave up and abandoned the old road willing to give up for 6 long, are you willing to give up?
"It was so forgetful." Six long sighs made a faint way. "Li Er, if the emperor were you, you would find a mouse hole and thoroughly refine the Yuan Buddha and Yuan God, and then come out instead of staying in front of people to die.
Haven’t you ever heard of "a good dog is out of the way?"
"Ha ha" is too old gentleman angry and laughs. "Is the old road weak and hollow for 6 years? You will know if you try it yourself now."
"That’s what the emperor is thinking." Rapier slowly pulled out the demon emperor for 6 long times. "Most people get rid of the emperor with a stick when they encounter wild dogs. There is no stick and there is injustice. A demon emperor Rapier is too small.
"Young players die! The leader will become you! " After six years of repeated beating around the bush humiliation, a "dog" was as gloomy as the old gentleman, and he also flew into a rage, offering a Tai Chi map and shooting two horses, one black and one white, to practice for six years.
6. Long-term exhibition of posture, illness, wandering around, evading like a snake, two instruments, air and lips, drawing out a trace of radian, moving for a long time, suddenly increasing the ability to drag a string of ghosting images through two small gaps in practice, bullying the old gentleman, raising his hand in front of him and stabbing him in the chest.
The first sword demon of the world of mortals kendo asks that the world of mortals sword is as light as a threat, but it contains a continuous sword meaning, covering the world of mortals and pointing to people’s hearts
Too old gentleman shook the dust and greeted the sword as soon as he touched it. He shook himself and pulled away. He flew back pale without a trace of blood. He asked with horror, "What is this sword?" small
The demon asked the world of mortals to torture people. If you face the old gentleman or Yuan Tianzun alone, let alone win with a sword, it will have a little impact on them, and it is impossible to mix the Yuan saints. Which one has not practiced for several years and is firm in mind and will be confused by the fantasy of the world of mortals?

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