上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 桑拿会所 Soon the keel beast dragged the red gauze girl to the valley.

Soon the keel beast dragged the red gauze girl to the valley.

The woman couldn’t help giggling when she saw Xing Xuan lying on his back in a big zigzag in the valley where Shaqi was tumbling. "Isn’t this the new Gouchen Emperor? Why do you like these filthy places as much as those ghosts in the nether world or are you killed by someone? Do you want to commit suicide here?"
Said the woman jumped from the keel beast to the cliff and landed lightly beside Xing Xuan.
Xing Xuan narrowed his eyes and saw that this woman is really delicious. It’s really the land is big, the small place is small, the long place is long, the short place is short, the warped place is up, the waist is twisted, the eyebrows are raised, and the amorous feelings are a real demon.
"Ha ha, Sunday, the bodhi old zu also made mistakes. The new Gouchen Emperor is the most difficult person to see the immortal in the mirror of past life. I think that’s all. I can’t get away from the fate war with liu er macaques. Now I’m lying here and getting a lose-lose!" The witch approached Xing Xuan with a smile, and a fragrant wind smoked Xing Xuan almost jumped up.
But the star Xuan refrained from talking or moving.
"Oh, my dear, there are already 500,000 eastern body repairs. It’s really amazing. There are six yuan baby pills in the body. It’s really a romantic species. Others can’t marry you, but they have married six in a row. You are not afraid of others hitting you. Hehe, but I like it!" Said the witch, reaching out and gently stroking Xing Xuan’s strong chest.
But this time, the witch girl guessed a little wrong. Four of the six Yuan Ying Dan were Xing Xuan and Zi Rui, and the first one was cultivated by Xing Xuan herself. Recently, this one was robbed of liu er macaques.
With the enchanting dance steps, the enchantress danced her reddish clothes and legs, and her slender and smooth thighs were once again exposed, and her flat and tenacious lower abdomen and twisted waist constituted a beautiful scenery.
Xing Xuan looked at her heart with great interest and secretly thought, "That’s all there is to this demon girl. It’s just to learn the dance steps of strippers in the human world. Of course, it’s also a good thing to watch striptease. It didn’t stop her from looking at Xing Xuan without blinking."
The syren also puzzled Long Xingxuan by her own demon posture, and proudly reached out and dragged the veil around her chest.
Two full and full of elasticity, two peaks bursting out, a little purplish like a thread, is the performance of a true yin woman.
The woman was naked, while Xing Xuan’s pupil was dilated, and a charming god immediately attacked Xing Xuan’s mind.
Star Xuan is not open, and when the knowledge of God enters his body, black and white, and the gas rotates slightly, he immediately turns the knowledge of God into a true yuan and hides it in his body.
The woman naturally doesn’t know how to gently touch her hand, so there is a pink hibiscus account in herself and Xing Xuan. The hibiscus account is a treasure of the succubus, which is dedicated to aphrodisiac and has a barrier to the intrusion of foreign demons. As soon as this account falls, the myriad demons ShaQi in the valley are blocked out.
"Brother Gou Chen hasn’t tried the taste of Emperor Gou Chen yet, so you will become a little sister today!" The siren’s voice was particularly charming, and her eyes were so charming that she reached out to get rid of the star Xuan’s robes.
On the tenth day, the black god bird was about to move when it met a foreign enemy, but it was played by Xing Xuan’s finger on each bird’s head for ten days. Wu suddenly stood still and took off Xing Xuan’s robe with the witch.
"Ah, Brother Gou Chen is so strong!" The succubus snake is generally wrapped around Xing Xuan’s body and sticks out a soft tongue to lick every part of Xing Xuan’s skin. She licks Xing Xuan’s stiff and cold body after fierce fighting until it becomes soft and warm slowly.
Then the witch lay prone on the star Xuan body, with a pair of tall and straight peaks pressing down the soft and flexible tongue of the star Xuan chest, prying the lips of the star Xuan and hooking the tip of the tongue, and crossing that true yin towards the star Xuan body.
At this time, Xing Xuan stretched out his hand and hugged the succubus’s weak waist, and his tongue stuck out to entangle the succubus’s tongue. He sucked the succubus as long Xingxuan was confused by himself and lost his sex, and he didn’t care about a trace of truth. He hung on the body and searched for the body. Yuan Yang wanted to seduce all the baby Dan of Xing Xuanti.
Slowly, the enchantress felt that she was so hot that she couldn’t control herself. When the Yuan Yang of Longxing Xuanti was too abundant, the trace of true Yin could not be hung out, so she spit out one mouthful of true Yin again and flew towards Xingxuan.
I don’t know if this mouth is full of true yin, but it will be uncontrolled, like the sea bursting its banks, and it will tilt towards the star Xuan body. At the same time, it will fly out with a brilliant brilliance, but the body yuan baby will fly out and rush into the star Xuan body and the star Xuan Yuan baby will be combined together.
The syren felt that crazy in love could no longer grasp the initiative to be used by Long Xingxuan to exert the yin-yang intercourse achievement method, and absorbed the true yin into the star Xuanti. At the same time, the yuan baby was applauded by the star Xuanti and gradually lost its vitality. The true yin star Xuanti Yuanyang in his body formed a yuan baby Dan and condensed in the star Xuanti Mud Pill Palace.
After Dan finished, Xing Xuan laughed and turned over. On the tenth day, Ufa immediately flew back and looked at the witch with mirth.
"How to hook the taste of Emperor Chen?" Xing Xuan is teasing the witch.
The witch looked at Long Xingxuan with a full face of horror and was speechless.
"What’s the name? What the hell is going on with the mirror? Who is the bodhi old zu on Sunday? " Star Xuan eyes rested on the syren eyes looked at her and said
The witch was frightened at first, and then she burst into tears in her eyes and looked very painful.
"Say what’s the name? What the hell is going on with the mirror? Who is the bodhi old zu on Sunday? " Xing Xuan impatiently lit a bone spear in his hand. The woman said that women’s tears can work for him.
"Don’t say? Don’t tell me, I also have a way to know that when Sou Shen comes out, you have to tell me that the secret in your heart is that Long Xingxuan didn’t like to punish women in his life. Well, I’ll give you another chance! " Star Xuan that bone spear banging the syren head and said
"My name is Li Ji, but I found the treasure in the hundreds of miles of Styx on Sunday, and it has been refined for one million years, and finally it has been refined into a magic weapon that can see through all the creatures in the seven realms. past lives is a magic weapon in the afterlife. This magic weapon has great function to write someone’s name toward the mirror and immediately know what this person will do hundreds of years later, and Sunday’s bodhi old zu also has an achievement method that is a magic pen to click on what that person is going to do and draw a few words to control what this person is going to do, and then take the opportunity to take this person to repair and seize his real body. Let the bodhi old zu enjoy it. Now the bodhi old zu has killed ten halls in the nether world, and Yamaraja has commanded thousands of armies of ghosts to be trapped in the nether world. Now he has the final say! " At this time, Li Ji actually told the story of the mirror of death and the bodhi old zu on Sunday in great detail, which made Long Xingxuan feel a little strange.
"Then how many repairs does he have now? What about me again? " Star Xuan then asked
"He has been practicing for seven million years now, and he is still growing rapidly. I don’t know how much real power he has, but his evaluation of Gouchen the Great is the most vague, saying that the mysterious power of your future destiny can’t be seen clearly in the mirror, and it can infiltrate the real power in your body to influence your life trajectory. I’m not angry. I begged to catch you, but I didn’t want to be captured by the Great Emperor!" The liji sigh a pair of star xuan said
Xing Xuan frowned and then asked, "So the bodhi old zu on Sunday is very afraid of me. Why didn’t he personally come out to find me trouble and send you a disciple who missed?"
Li Ji’s face once again showed a charming look and said, "The Great Emperor doesn’t know that the bodhi old zu on Sunday has been repaired for seven million years now, but there is still a long way to go before the Jade Emperor, the Buddha in the Western Heaven and the Three Immortals in the Celestial World can’t see the fate track of the Great Emperor. He thinks it is because he didn’t repair enough, so he is not in a hurry to deal with you personally!"
Xing Xuan laughed coldly after listening to it. He could not see that he had cultivated himself for 50,000 years at the beginning, but now he has cultivated himself for 600,000 years. He can’t see that he is growing and I am growing. He wants to see me clearly, but it is not so easy to attack me, but he doesn’t even think about it.
Such a total star Xuan made up his mind to spit out Li Ji’s baby and returned to Li Ji’s body and said, "Very good, you have honestly exchanged your life. Go!"
Say that finish star xuan lotus root silk cloth cloud shoe light flashing is already a trace of missing.
The Ritchie stared blankly at the two lines in the direction of Xing Xuan’s escape. Tears welled up in her eyes, and her heart seemed to have been taken away. She muttered, "Do you know that this is my first time and I will see you again in the future?"
Long Xingxuan walked alone for nine days, and on the tenth day, the bird of God spread its wings and followed him in a straight line, and when he walked side by side with Xing Xuan, he synthesized a circle to surround Xing Xuan in the middle, playing and playing. I have already forgotten your fight just now.
Star Xuan watched his feet drift leisurely across the white clouds, slowly sorting out his thoughts. Sunday, bodhi old zu, this is the strange achievement method. The ghost fairy can actually influence others’ future, and the left and right strength will increase with the increase of skill repair. Ten temples of Yamaraja have been killed, and the earth treasure king is trapped. This information is similar to thunder. Is it necessary to blow the whole celestial world upside down?
Fortunately, the mirror of the past and the mysterious achievement method of Sunday’s bodhi old zu have a chaotic yin-yang effect on themselves. What role do you want to play in this catastrophe? Xingtian’s great fiend once said that the appearance of that man would never be a disobedient person, even if he would never be conspired and calculated by him, but the new Gouchen Emperor would have to confront him in the future.
The army of fiend soldiers besieged the Jade Emperor and the Chinese Emperor and went to the western paradise to find the Tathagata Buddha instead of in the Heavenly Palace. Have they foreseen such a crisis and are discussing countermeasures with the Tathagata Buddha? But now whether it is heaven or the western paradise, no one has taken action against the nether world. Is it true that the bodhi old zu is so terrible this Sunday?
Thinking about it again and walking forward, I suddenly felt a terrible smell coming from the ground. Xing Xuan couldn’t help but be surprised. It’s strange that this smell is good, but there is a disturbing spirit without frightening overbearing power!
"Is this a complaint?" Xing Xuan sniffed it again doubtfully, and there was indeed a ghost breath in it, but the ghost breath was still so strong at such a long distance. It seems that his soul yin force is really not small
Xing Xuan ha ha smiled and said in his heart that his magic weapon was lost. This myriad magic weapons are condensed together. There is no way to refine things. Up to now, there is no weapon to refine this ghost into a weapon.

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