Jianghan’s heart was shocked.

A year ago, after Jiang Han came back from southern Henan, he learned from Li Qiubai that there was no news of Gan Yixin’s death, so he asked Li Qiubai to find those senior Jianghu people who attended the wedding that day. During the information period, he could learn some things about the marriage of Tianzong Pavilion and Guigu. Later, he realized that it was not Tianzong Pavilion’s adoption but Guigu’s marriage because of Gan Yixin’s unique pulse.
Jianghan has always been willing to give up the yin pulse. Many years ago, it was cured by Ganbaicao wild silkworm, but later he realized that Guigu wild silkworm had always had one, that is, the one when Jianghan Qin spoke softly and continued his life.
Of course, it’s not that Gan Baicao gave up his granddaughter when he became Jianghan. It’s because many years ago, when Gan Baicao got wild silkworm, his heart and body were cold and his spine was broken.
Generally speaking, the sudden death of yin, body, cold, poison and broken spine on the spot is doubtful, but the ghost doctor is a strange and unpredictable doctor, and the mysterious needle just helped Gan Yixin suppress it for ten years, which is equivalent to continuing his life for ten years.
However, it is only ten years, and last year was the last time when she was willing to be happy. Before that, she spent all the time left in her life to make Jianghan like her again, and finally she had to return to Guigu and marry Tianzong Pavilion.
The reason is that Chu Yifeng, the young master of Zongge, was born without Yang, and the harmony between Yin and Yang was the only way out. Gui Gucheng could not die, and he was not allowed to die. A woman will marry sooner or later, and it doesn’t matter who a woman with the status of a ghost doctor marries. Sir, it’s not unclear about Chu Huainan’s father’s ambition, but the word ambition and ghost doctor is a laughing stock. Whether she is adopted by wife or married is the same to him.
Later, Jianghan learned that the snow and frost were not dead after the wedding poison, but that the ghost doctor Xuan Zhen became the living dead and was sealed in the cold pool of the ghost valley. Later, Jianghan got the news from the Jianghu that the four ghosts in southern Yunnan issued a reward order for the Jianghu and asked the Jianghu spirits to continue their lives.
Mr. Jianghan couldn’t believe it. He never thought that he would know that the jade toad had reached his own hands. This was bought from Qin Mufeng at a great price before Jianghan came.
"Why don’t you want to give it?"
Mr eyebrows a pick light way
The jade toad grows in strange shade and extremely cold, and the poisons around it are sparsely populated. It is definitely a hundred times harder than the wild silkworm! This is the accidental income of Qin Mufeng when he was carrying out the three-person national execution in Tongjiang Wenxuan Longpo. Well, this thing is also a national strength!
It’s natural to have a doctor’s name renewed. However, this jade toad has a good life, but it’s not good. He is also helpless and poisonous!
In those days, even though Qin Mufeng knew that this jade toad might be good for his daughter, he never dared to let people treat it with medicine! And Putian is famous and has something to do. Jade toad is the only ghost doctor!
Jianghan knows that since the ghost valley has passed away, it will never be aimed at it. Jianghan knows that the answer to the degree of love between Mr. and the four ghosts is already ready!
What? Jianghan is ashamed of what he is willing to do. No wonder Mr. Wang just scolded Jianghan for several rampant crimes, but he didn’t bear the responsibility of being willing to do so!
"You don’t want to give it?" Mr. Wang’s face sank and he became cold again.
Volume Five Feilong Day Chapter 339 Real Shura!
Jianghan Pupil Zheng suddenly woke up from the shock and immediately took out an object from his pocket!
The whole body is green and crystal clear. This is a rouge-green small bottle with a three-inch curved diameter. The mouth of the bottle is blocked by a mass of red cotton cypress. Even during the day, the bottle is glowing with bright green light, which is really eye-catching! No matter how precious the contents in this bottle are, this rouge bottle alone is a valuable art. Those who punch people definitely have a market value!
Jianghan put it in Mr. Wang’s hands without hesitation!
Before hesitating, it was not that Jianghan didn’t want to hand it over, but that he was shocked that Yu Xiansheng would know this thing in his own hands!
Mr. One leng’s face turned for the better. He took a surprised look at Jianghan before he turned his eyes to Jianghan and handed me the bottle!
Although the bottle is green all over, there is a glittering and translucent white light on the abdominal wall of the bottle. You can still see the faint virtual shadow reflected through the bottle through the emerald bottle. The short and delicate shadow is not like a toad, but more like a gecko. It is the jade toad who lives on!
Make sure what’s in the bottle is Mr. Yu Chan’s eyes are fixed on Jianghan Road. "If you threaten me with this thing and let me help you heal the girl outside, maybe I will promise you not to try?" Or did you just think so? "
Jianghan suddenly looked up and stared at Mr. Wang with burning eyes. "I never thought of confusing the two, let alone threatening Mr. Wang to turn him into a deal!" "
"Hehe ~" Mr. Wang smiled coldly. "So what if I told you that I wouldn’t help you heal this jade toad even if you took the initiative to hand it over to me?"
Jianghan’s eyes looked dark and his face flashed a trace of loneliness, but he still looked up and said, "I dare not disagree with my husband!"
"But …" Jianghan trembles.
Mr. Wang’s face turned playful, and he had a long hair and a long beard. "But what?"
Jianghan gritted his teeth and said, "If Mr. Wang refuses to heal Jianghan, he dare not force Mr. Wang to break the rules. I beg Mr. Wang to lend me an ice needle and an ice knife!"
Mr Pupils suddenly shrink intensely staring at Jianghan surprised way "do you want to come? You have realized the seven stitches of life extension! ?”
See out of the bamboo shed Li Qiubai immediately to meet!
"What happened? He agreed?"
Jianghan didn’t speak and looked at Lin Youwei, who was sitting on the ground leaning against the bamboo fence. His eyes were filled with teasing thoughts and he grinned. "Agreed!"
Hearing Jianghan say that Lin was faint, Zhan Yan smiled. At the moment, the snow and ice scattered like a snow lotus before the fragrant bamboo fence.
Looking at Rylie Zhang’s flowery face, Jianghan was absent for a moment, and the bitterness of his mouth passed and soon converged.
"Let’s go and accompany me to a place!"
The sword hidden light call 1, he went over and picked up the faint Lin around the bamboo fence and walked towards the back of the bamboo house.
Jian Yin Li Qiubai looked at Jianghan’s back slightly, and he saw the great pressure hidden in Jianghan’s heart!
The bamboo house is different from the fertile land, mulberry, bamboo and beautiful pool before entering the valley, but with the continuous advancement of Jianghan, the distance from the bamboo house is getting farther and farther, and the temperature is getting lower and lower!
"It’s so cold ~!"
It’s early September. Although the midsummer has gone, the autumn tiger is still in Jianghan’s arms. Lin You will say it’s cold!
Jianghan didn’t speak, but dantian has changed. A torrent of intangible charm originated from Jianghan dantian and began to surge along Jianghan Qi meridians. This charm turned into a scorching airflow and began to warm his arms.
"psst ~"
Lin Youyou seems to have a feeling, and her body unconsciously leans against Jianghan’s chest because she finds that Jianghan’s body temperature makes her body warm and warm, and her heart is warmer!
"Better?" Jianghan asked with a smile
"Hmm ~" Lin Youwei’s face is flushed like a mosquito, and she is surprised and surprised in her heart. She really wants to ask if Jianghan has done something, but she feels that this kind of thing is so incredible that it is impossible to lie in Jianghan’s arms and hug Jianghan’s neck at the moment. The whole person is warm and dizzy.
It’s not surprising that Lin Youyou doesn’t know anything, but if there is a master of painting bones, it will definitely surprise him and then point to Jianghan and swear that he has lost his family!
Breath charm is the symbol of a master of bone painting, and it is also the greatest guarantee of skill realm. He is like an ordinary person. Generally, how many things he does every day will make him feel tired. For a master of bone painting, it is usually to consolidate the viscera, speed up the blood circulation of the body, wash the marrow and cut the bones, and seek physical fitness. Like Jianghan, it is like a mahogany toilet knife to kill chickens.
And this scene has been closely followed by Li Qiubai behind Jianghan. His eyes are full of amazement!

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