"Don’t move."

He gently took off the embroidered shoes of high cold beauty.
Xiao Bie-zhi was obviously led a light path by Yan Er.
She is petite and delicate, wearing silk white socks and semi-transparent fabric, showing a snowy color, and her toes are rubbing against each other uneasily.
"You should get used to the temperature of a cold pool first, and you should not feel uncomfortable when you repair it."
Zhao cuo gently took off her little white silk on her feet.
A pair of pink and delicate jade feet fell into his hand.
Small and smart makes people feel sweet.
"I’m going to let go?"
Zhao wrong holding her a pair of warm jade little feet to the cold pool.
Chu Buddhist obviously didn’t want to pay attention to him, drinking wine quietly and quietly, but his face was more rosy.
She didn’t respond when her skin touched the cold pool water. Grandpa was a little drunk when he smelled the diffuse wine.
"Did you just promise to say that I will go back after drinking?"
Chu Biezhi seems really drunk.
She even said that Zhao thief did speak, and she was uncertain.
General Zhao holds her palm and thinks that the female sword fairy is really not an ordinary woman. Her drunken temperament is also ethereal.
"You drank my wine. I’m afraid I’ll have to drink this pool dry if I want to honor what I said before."
He pointed to the cold pool with a smile and said
This wangchi water has turned into a wine pool.
The smell of wine is still escaping.
"How dare you tease the seat?"
The Buddhist’s adult shook in the water, and the white jade foot kicked the water.
"I didn’t mean that. I don’t have any wine to drink now. I can wait until tomorrow to go back."
He talked nonsense without logic.
Chu teachers and students angrily said, pointing to the water
"You know the fairy wine is rare? It’ s hateful to spill it directly in the pool! "
She raised her little feet in the water, and the water droplets were still falling, making it crystal clear and moving in the winter morning light.
"Do you still dare to talk to me like this? It was drunk. Let’s go together. "
Zhao wrong hug her waist to cold pool.
Small male ye immediately feel swallowed up by the cold.
He didn’t come to think and consciously hugged the fairy in his arms and wanted to be warm.
At this moment, his cold lips were suddenly attacked by something warm and fragrant, which made him forget the cold body for a moment ~
Chapter three hundred and fifty Drunk resistance
"Don’t branch body is really warm cold pool water is cold well …"
Zhao Cuo felt immersed in a beautiful dreamland. Although his body was eroded by the cold pool water, he felt his heart was hot.
Absolute beauty fairy is no longer cold and reserved at this time, but the wine is still powerful and can make her forget her pride.

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According to the queen mother, she was stunned and then her face immediately became gloomy. Even Zhao Cuo’s delicate and jade-like feet curled up her delicious tender toes, which shows