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However, a few years later, when the great change came, I was able to buy several famous vodka breweries. Even if I didn’t make money, it was quite gratifying to dump cheap vodka when polar bears suffered a great blow, and it was reasonable and legal to lower the average life expectancy of northern neighbors by a few years.

Liang Yuan and Liang Haiping freely talked nonsense about the Soviet wine culture while turning the evil thoughts in their heads.
The next day, the weather is beautiful, blue and sunny, as clean as washing. Looking at kuibyshev, there is not even a cloud. It is a good weather for visiting aircraft manufacturers and performing flight performances
The kuibyshev Airlines Consortium located on the Volga River is much busier than usual, and the viewing platform beside the large test flight runway of many factories is no longer in the past. The crimson carpet and azure canvas awning cover most of the cement structure of the viewing platform, and the perennial green plants are scattered around the viewing platform, giving people a sense of visual freshness.
At the end of the test flight runway, a silver-blue-white phase diagram 154 passenger plane is doing a pre-take inspection. When the motor of three Solovjeff d3ku turbofans is running slowly, bursts of low-frequency howling are clearly poured into the viewing platform.
"Now preparing to take off is the latest model of Figure 154 passenger plane this year. We have not only replaced the new navigation system and added the autopilot, but also replaced the turbofan motive with greater thrust. Compared with the original motive, the new motive has greater thrust, quieter thrust and more fuel-saving …" kuibyshev Airlines Consortium Party Secretary Avksenti Yevich Liang Haiping talked about the various types of Figure 154 passenger planes on the left hand side.
"Compared with the American bourgeoisie producing Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, it is cheaper for the Soviet Union to produce large passenger planes, and the passenger planes of the same class as Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas can be obtained at half the cost of American passenger planes, and the Soviet planes are not as delicate as American passenger planes, so they need simple maintenance to ensure that the passenger planes in Figure 154 can continue to fly in the blue sky," Putin said proudly, pointing to taxiing to the takeoff point.
Obviously, Liang Haiping’s trip to Sukgebo should be deeply involved. The KGB represented Putin on Liang Haiping’s left, and kuibyshev government officials could be accompanied by Putin.
"The Soviet Union’s industrial operations are concise and durable. The Republic has a good reputation. This time, I came to the Soviet Union to inspect Figure 154. Six passenger planes are purchased in batches. If the experience is good in the end, there will be a second batch and a third batch of purchases in the continuation meeting." Liang Haiping is arrogant and nonsense
Thanks to Romania’s national policy of being relatively independent, the Soviet Union did not penetrate deeply into Romania, and no one except Romania and Yuanjia high-level limited personnel knew the truth of these Figure 154 passenger planes.
With the huge roar of full-load working hours of three turbofans, the passenger plane quickly passed the viewing platform. First, the front wheel of the plane slowly lifted off the ground, but in a blink of an eye, it held its nose high and plunged into the sky.
Looking at the large-angle climbing figure 154, Liang Yuan couldn’t help secretly licking his tongue. The fighting race driving skills are really simple and rude. The flight crew must be a fighter pilot. The climbing angle has passed 6 degrees visually. I don’t know if there will be a roll after leveling for a while. Someone is afraid of the sky.
Chapter 225th Almost vanishing Figure 154
Liang Yuan expected that the large passenger plane would not roll after all. Figure 154 showed its excellent climbing ability and then slowly leveled it. Then, after several large-angle turns for a moment, it made a low-altitude slow-moving field from the direction just after takeoff to show its excellent aerodynamic performance to the audience at the viewing platform.
Looking at the huge fuselage tens of meters long, some nai sighed lightly from the front of his eyes. Although he strongly suggested that United Airlines abandon Figure 154 and choose British ba111 passenger plane to form a fleet, he also had to admit that Figure 154 is one of the few excellent large passenger planes on this planet.
In the 1990s, many countries and manufacturers produced passenger planes soaring in the sky, which is far from JAL’s lament after the new century-when Boeing and passengers were left in the sky, we could spell that miserable situation.
At this time, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing, the three major players in the long-range intercontinental trunk passenger aircraft market, just lost $2.5 billion and announced their withdrawal from the development of civil aviation passenger aircraft. Lockheed’s 1111 three-engine passenger aircraft is still in large-scale service with the ball fleet.
No one pays attention to the short-distance and medium-distance regional aircraft market, especially Swedish Saab 2, Dutch Fokker 1, German Dornier 32, British bae146, BA-French Fast Sail 4, Canadian Bombardier rj, Brazilian Airlines erj and Indonesian Research n25, all of which have invested in pre-research of new models or improvement of old models.
Even Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea are all preparing to take this busy plane tide. If we count the large design bureaus such as the Soviet Union, tupolev and Ilyushin, France and Italy are in line with advanced European projects such as regional aircraft, the World War is still in the era of stars.
Unfortunately, no one could have imagined that only ten years later, the Soviet Union completely lost the ability to develop large passenger planes, and the national strength slipped sharply. England and France, which were in the same boat, cut down the number of large passenger planes, and integrated the whole European forces to maintain the passenger confrontation in full swing. Boeing
However, the rising Republic was fooled by McDonnell Douglas for two years. With the demise of McDonnell Douglas, the efforts of large passenger planes eventually collapsed. Canada, Brazil, Sweden and other countries were completely integrated into Boeing or the passenger industry chain. After the aviation industry storm, the whole planet was left with an independent large passenger plane in the United States.
Thinking that competitors will be as high as Mount Everest in the future, a wry smile will emerge in front of Liang Yuan’s mouth. Figure 154 is like the sky at this time. How far will Yuanjia grow up in ten years before it can be shot to death by Boeing and the two giants. It seems that the limit is actually harder than the steel plate and the sky can get its own collar.
The eyes follow the soothing flight. Figure 154 Liang Yuan’s thoughts are scattered at will. The aviation industry and the semiconductor industry can be said to be led by the American life root itself. It is a very risky business to start the world police in Yuanjia.
It seems that it should be added to the Soviet Union. If the Soviet Union is the number one enemy in the free world for one day, the northern giants will not fall, and the Soviet Union will set up the sky far away.
Liang Yuan sighed and lived a heavy life once, as if he had not been fascinated by money, knowing that the Federal Republic of Germany would give itself away to the GDR, and that the GDR would expand greatly, knowing that Lao Mao’s future was dark and bitter, but he didn’t expect the Soviet Union to bring much benefit to himself or the Republic.
For example, the later generations of the United States sourly complained about the Republic of America, and it took more than half a century for the United States to fight a world war. It took money and manpower to finally establish a controllable and safe trade network, but it turned out to be cheaper to sneak into the organization Republic. In just over ten years, the world’s number one trading country changed hands, and the practical actions of the Republic vividly interpreted the folk proverb "The bottom of a big tree is good for enjoying the cool"
Even if he is crossing, compared with the real national leaders, he still feels that his IQ is not enough. Liang Yuan laughed at himself.
Liang Yuan stared at the blue and sunny sky, and suddenly there was a whisper around him. He turned to look around, but now kuibyshev government officials are whispering in twos and threes except Putin’s smiling face.
"What’s wrong with brother-in-law?" Liang Yuan leaned out from Hai-ping Liang’s side and asked curiously.
"The figure 154 of the flight show flew away …" Hai-ping Liang stammered.
Liang Yuan looked up at the genius, who was still in sight just now. Figure 154 shows that the passenger plane has almost disappeared, leaving a very vague white dot behind the sun in the north.
"Fly away? Isn’t it normal to fly away after the air show? " Thoughts and some erratic Liang Yuan repeated 1.
But in a blink of an eye, Liang Yuan realized that something was wrong. I didn’t hear about the flight show. Light show, take-off and landing. Generally speaking, the flight show will do a good job of flight simulation in front of the ground. What the pilots do is to consider the performance of the aircraft and make comprehensive arrangements to maximize the near-limit performance of the aircraft and ensure that the aircraft will eventually be in a limited area.
Looking at the increasingly blurred silver dot, Liang Yuan couldn’t help wondering what Lao Mao wanted to do. After a while, he was completely out of sight of the viewing platform. Isn’t this picture 154 going to find a place where no one can turn it into a gundam and fly back? Thinking is still in a state of scattered Liang Yuan thinking.
A moment later …
"Turning, turning, the plane seems to fly back again," Fang Jianjie said in a low voice with a telescope.
Only when the telescope disappears completely from the naked eye’s sight in Figure 154 can you vaguely see that Liang Haiping realized that something might have gone wrong in the flight show. Out of courtesy, Liang Haiping handed the telescope in his hand to Fang Jianjie behind him and turned to German to chat with Putin about the working environment and special diet of the Democratic Germany.
Listening to Liang Haiping asking when Putin will return to the East Germany-Soviet Friendship Association, Liang Yuan couldn’t help but chuckle. It seems that his brother-in-law has a good impression of Putin, otherwise he wouldn’t choose this topic to actively ease the atmosphere.
It’s a pity that my brother-in-law doesn’t know that this man with spirit, agility and strong self-discipline looks very similar to his brother-in-law’s own personality. The root of this man is the highest head of the Soviet Union in GDR, and even the non-Chinese employees in Yuanjia, East Germany have been infiltrated by this man.
"Brother Fang, lend me the telescope to see what that big guy is doing suddenly flying so far away?" Liang Yuan twist a head and Fang Jianjie low said
For Liang Yuan, social etiquette is not a problem that should be considered at his age. It is rare to see Lao Mao’s flight show go wrong on the spot, and it is business to satisfy curiosity at the first time.
"Now the plane is located in the north-west position, and you can see it by looking in the direction of my finger." Fang Jianjie half bent his left hand and handed Liang Yuan the telescope, and his right hand pointed to the northwest and said.
Liang Yuan, who took Fang Jianjie’s high-powered telescope, looked up and searched along Fang Jianjie’s finger for more than ten seconds before the telescope now represents the silvery white dot of the passenger plane in Figure 154.
In the telescope, the passenger plane 154 looks normal than the altitude, and the course is straight and fast towards the viewing platform. It is close to the far end of the beam. After concentrating on the telescope for a while, it still doesn’t feel abnormal.
Waves of aero-engines roared from small to great, just flying far away. Figure 154 passenger plane finally appeared again, and the visual range of the naked eye was dumped. Liang Yuan returned the telescope to Fang Jianjie with some sour wrists.
"The Soviet Union expected that the telescope sleeve and frame were all made of stainless steel, so it was sour." Fang Jianjie took the telescope.
"This pilot is going to catch up with those vodka drivers who drink too much in Moscow. If they don’t brake or turn, they will boom the throttle, but fortunately, Figure 154 shows that even if the throttle is stepped on, there is no harm." Fang Jianjie said with a smile.
I was so sleepy yesterday that I went straight to bed all over the building and didn’t say anything to everyone.
In the middle of the month, when the building was full, I was busy. I planned to resume the update. I also promised with my friends in the group that I accidentally gave birth to the building and was arrested in North Korea for more than ten days. I finally climbed back to China yesterday.
The reason for going abroad is a little sensitive. I have explained it to my friends all over the building, so I won’t say much here. Taking a dip today is a message to my own evaluation area at the beginning of the month to say that I will resume the day and wash the floor _!
It’s not shopping, it’s official return. From today on, everyone can smash whatever they have _
Chapter 226 Riding a bicycle and flying a plane
A huge roar flashed across the viewing platform like thunder, and the blue-and-white picture 154 flashed through it like a runaway wild horse, throwing its tail in front of the guests in the viewing platform.

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