Love [destruction] and [killing]

Even if he is [destroyed], he will be happy about it …
For those "abyss creatures" created by him, he has never managed them.
Cheng is a free-range posture.
Even if the other person’s brain turns wild and becomes advocating truth, goodness and beauty, he will not interfere at all.
After all, the appearance of that situation really symbolizes that the randomness of chaos has been further extended!
It can be said that when ordinary people face the action mode of "Abyss Will", it is the most likely situation that they don’t understand it …
The only certainty is the power of the Abyss will, which is truly powerful and almost absolutely comparable!
The base is not a close enemy!
That kind of power is really desirable and impossible …’
Think of here.
Olga is decomposing the fascia on the surface of the food before, and it is also a little slow and can’t help but sigh slightly.
After quickly adjusting his mentality, he thought of another problem.
[to a parliament] Is it possible for those crazy people to plan for years to succeed …’
The ultimate destruction in exchange for the last individual’s perfection and transcendence …’
give a thought to
He is also a little curious.
It seems that the later period really needs to find a chance to get in …’
Think of something interesting
Olga’s face can’t help but show a meaningful smile in front of Ms. Pain.
Full of psychopaths, murderers, a sense of sight …
And that meaning is expressionless.
Let the same thinking [Ms. Pain] feel a little unbearable to look straight after seeing it.
With a straightforward attitude, she woke up directly
"To be honest, you just that strange expression is really a little batting practice …"
What she said
It doesn’t sound very polite.
But in fact, she has been very tactful.
After all, it can make her usual behavior calm. She has already said something when she said this introspective words …
This ORR Fu Jia is casual motioning with his hand.
"Without me, I like people who want to chop me to death and divide my body, so that I can die miserably, but I can’t stand it ~"
Chapter 96 【 Festival 】
Since the spirit to absorb strange empire 】 【 destroyed 【 Fredo 】 after the first resistance
Without stopping at all
Three hundred and fifty-seven years have passed since then.
The other side of the world
The desolate area located on the extremely cold foundation with no outsiders.
this moment
Although the snowy scene still occupies most of the area here.
But those snow-white heavy snow and ice
If you look carefully through a special spell,
So occasionally
You will have a chance to see some chimney-like object under special spell cover, continuously releasing turbid hot air and continuously inhaling pure cold air for airflow exchange!
And they are the species selected by Fredos in those years.
It took quite a long time to make a special building successfully.
This kind of thing is also one of the main factors that their ethnic group can survive in this area!
And along a secret passage to ten meters.
There is a huge cyan metal door at the end of the spacious passage!
It is about twenty meters high, twelve meters wide and nearly two meters thick.
Even if there is no pattern on the surface, only some frost is attached by the embellishment of nature, but some force vaguely releases a faint red halo.

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