I was smashed by you with one punch!

Tam raised his fist and punched directly toward the water barrier in front of him.
The five-meter-high wat barrier was immediately smash by Tam.
A large amount of water dripped on Tam’s body, which was evaporated into dense steam by magma on its surface on the spot.
Although Tam directly broke a water barrier, more water barriers began to appear.
Tidal lizard after the display of’ domain skill and storm’
In this special weather, the difficulty of using water skills has dropped by several levels.
Make its water attribute skills almost free of money.
But what’s the point of having so many skills?
An amazing number of water barriers were almost broken by Tam one by one.
Don’t even have the ability to stop Tam.
Tidal lizards obviously know that they can’t fight Tam in this state.
Try to distance yourself from Tam while displaying the water barrier.
I’m kidding. Even if the magma temperature is so far away, it can feel the heat coming from the face.
Once you get into close combat with Tam, even if it is a tidal lizard with strength, it is definitely not much better.
Now the only way for it to win … is to delay.
Delay until the end of Tam’s magma body.
Besides, it can’t think of what it should do now to overcome this state, Tam.
Watching yourself stop Tam Tidal Lizard from biting his teeth with water barrier method started to release his skills crazily as if he didn’t want money.
Water skills, water blade!
Water skills, water spikes!
The median water blade is coming towards Tam.
On the ground, several sharp water bursts pierce the soil and come out.
But in the face of these attacks, Tam just ran over it as if he didn’t see it.
The audience saw Tam and the tidal lizard getting closer and closer.
Everyone had a hunch that once Tam chased the tidal lizard, the battle might be over soon.
And this kind of layman can see things. Can Jiangbei Ling, the animal bender, not see it?
Looking at their tidal lizards can flee in disorder.
Jiangbei spirit a grind seems to have made any important decisions.
For a second, Jiangbei Ling raised his hand and aimed it at Tam in the field.
And her white wrist shell necklace immediately gave off a soft light.
Every second, an energy beam flies out of Jiang Beiling’s fingers and flies towards Tam.
This energy beam is very strange.
It not only flies very fast, but also seems to have no collision volume.
On whether it’s boiling magma or soaring water column
This energy beam is straight through.
And this energy beam doesn’t seem to be lethal, so Tamgen doesn’t feel dangerous.
This makes people pay attention to the tidal lizard Tamgan, but he doesn’t notice this beam.
As a result, this energy beam passed through more than half of the venue and instantly hit Tam.
And all this happened so fast that Liu Yuan couldn’t wake up even if he noticed it.
Is almost the energy beam hit tam instantaneous.
Jiangbei ling face immediately become more than pale forehead is emitted a lot of sweat.
And Tam, who is chasing the tidal lizard, stops for a moment strangely.
This scene appeared because Jiangbei Ling released that energy beam.
It’s really her animal-fighting talent-‘mind soothing’
Generally speaking, jiangbei spirit will not display his talent of animal control in battle.
Because of the need of fighting, it is high fighting will, and spiritual comfort is to calm the mood of pet animals.
To soothe the mind in battle is to actively weaken the fighting spirit of pet animals.
And it is this special feature that makes Jiangbei Lingshi also regard it as a special skill.
So what Tam will suddenly stop is that it suddenly appears for a short time and his will subsides.
However, it doesn’t last long for Tamhero to calm down, and it will recover in two seconds at most.
But it takes a lot of mental effort to fight for Jiangbei Ling for one or two seconds.
In order not to wave this precious time, Jiangbei Ling directly and anxiously shouted "Tidal lizards seize this opportunity!"
Tidal lizards immediately got the message when they heard their master’s words.
Water skills, water cannons!
The highly concentrated water cannon spouted from the mouth of the tidal lizard and directly hit Tam.
And when Tam just recovered from the strange calm, the amazing current bombarded, however!
I’m sure I’ll avoid it, but Tam never wanted to avoid it!
Magma skills, rock melting fist!
Tam’s right hand condensed out a lot of magma and then suddenly exploded in front of him!
With violent explosion and evaporation, a large amount of steam appeared in the site.
The tidal lizard that just finished the current cannon hardly adjusts.

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