How many of these people …

It’s too difficult. "
I will not think about it, too …
At this time, Cui Jue said, "You really don’t care."
Yu Huifei looked at Cui Jue.
Cui Jue said, "Now you’re a fairy in the reform-through-labour bureau. These people may not be able to move big mana one after another, but if the other party really goes too far, it’s not that we can’t restore mana to tidy up him, even if it turns into heaven."
I was relieved to hear that.
Think about it, too. He is the most scum fairy in the three realms. Why not destroy the old world?
The sky is falling, there is a heaven to support it.
Can’t he call the jade emperor and shake people?
I’m too lazy to think about it when I think about it. Anyway, I have money. I have to eat, eat and wear. Let’s talk about it first.
At this moment, the bull’s head burped out. "Little fish, when will we improve our living conditions?" Can’t it always be a double?
If this comes again, we will be three people. "
I will not think about it, too …
However, this kind of thing is really difficult for him to solve, because it is very troublesome for rural land to expand or do whatever it wants.
Especially in this mountainous area, every flat land base has come to farm, that is cultivated land to put it bluntly!
It is even more difficult to move cultivated land.
If we don’t expand, we can build …
The problem comes again. First, it costs money to build. Second, the third floor is not suitable for people to come in and add floors.
When I was worried, the door was knocked.
"Who is it?" I’ll have to hit the gate to see the village chief Jiang Sansheng.
As soon as we met, Jiang Sansheng said, "Little fish, you tidy up and go out with me."
Yu Huifei wondered, "What’s the matter with the village chief?"
Jiang Sansheng said, "Recently, it’s interesting to further transform and upgrade our scenic spot in the city and expand the scope of the scenic spot. Today, there is a meeting that needs our village to go to a representative to talk about the situation in the village. Maybe there will be investment, and then our village will really become a big tourist village. That’s a good thing for the benefit of future generations."
I will not nod. "This is really a good thing, but what do you want to see me for?"
I would also like to say that I am not from this village either.
Jiang Sansheng ha ha laughs "who don’t take you? Now, as far as you have been to Houshan several times, you know the situation there best, and now you are famous. You are a dog pulling a sled to save people, and you are rushing around with a rescue team for thousands of miles to fight wolves.
A few days ago, I took part in the marathon and got results.
People can’t even notice you.
You were asked to attend the meeting by name.
That’s what I mean. After you have a good sleigh ride and get along with the dogs in the village, we are going to regard you as the sign of the sleigh king. "
Jiang Sansheng said a lot of nonsense, but he also understood that Jiang Sansheng wanted to export him to make a name and make money.
To put it bluntly, it means carrying …
How can you refuse a good gift from someone else?
I will not directly take out my smoking van. Jiang Sansheng’s broken van turned around and knocked on the eye bags with his bare hands. "Why don’t we walk?"
In the end, Jiang Sansheng still got on the bus. He kept chanting all the way, "You won’t roll over automatically, will you?" This is a mountain road, so don’t slip away. "
I will not …
Chapter 32 Bad boy
When they entered the city, they went straight to the Rime Flower Sea Hotel, a famous top five-star hotel in the ancient city. People here usually don’t say that they are either rich or expensive, but they are also rich.
Usually in the parking lot, either Audi or Mercedes-Benz or BMW can still see a row of Rolls Royce with a red flag from time to time.
I don’t know what day it is today. A row of small sports cars stopped at the hotel gate to greet the children with smiles, red faces and crooked lips …
The doormen are constantly helping people to open doors, move cars and collect small fees.

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A bang! Yun Fan is in the valley to display’ Xuan Yue’s big handprint’, and each palm hits the true qi, which is bigger than a millstone in Hwa-Sung Do.