This means that it was sent to a certain location.

There is a record in the research institute that it is called’ forwarding’, which means that … the place where it is sent is that place.
That place is called Midgard Curtain.
Midgart occasionally destroys a part … The enemy’s rear messenger throws them into the’ graveyard’, and when this happens, everything thrown into the cemetery will show this slow delivery and leave a residual image.
It’s not clear why Midgart did this, but it’s obvious now …
Transpirator started Midgart weapon, but at the same time, its sending direction was affected by Midgart attack.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and forty-six The loser cemetery
This is a … vast sandy land.
There are several grains of sand floating in the sky, and the ground is vast and golden. Sha Hailin is here for the second time, and this place has some … different scenery.
If you look, you can see the flying dust, and there is a huge blackened land full of cracks in the high school.
Meltdown zone … indeed as expected has come to this place.
This is mainly due to the transpiration. It is said that part of Midgard’s attack system is combined with sending the target to this cemetery.
The transpirator continued bombing to avoid the attack stone, thus polluting the attack system and making it destroy the attack stone with the’ Star Flame’, but this also led to the launch of the cemetery system.
I should have been influenced by the cemetery to escape from the melting zone, so I changed the original coordinates and came to this Midgart tomb.
This is obviously not where Midgart expected to escape. I don’t know where Midgart wanted to escape, but this place is not very friendly to it.
The main reason is that it’s too far away, and it’s also effective that Midgart … is forbidden to send it here. Transpirators can’t send it to Midgart in the first place, nor can they do it here. All delivery or similar escape methods are forbidden here.
Midgart specially designed this area. I don’t know what the purpose is, but … The transpirator can’t take the melting zone out of here now, which means it will be trapped here forever unless it finds some way to escape.
Of course, it’s easier for Lin and the brainiac to get into this place by mistake, and it’s easier for the creatures to escape by smearing themselves with lantern powder.
In fact, the only way to get here by mistake is to make it easy for those who send lanterns to go back and forth.
But there is not so much powder to wipe the melting zone or the transpiration itself. It may stay here for a long time.
However, Lin is also sure that it will continue to erode the thoughts of the melting zone in this period, and Lin feels that this matter should be stopped.
At the same time, the Linde Midgart pipeline also allows some troops to go … It should be easy to find the place where transpiration pollutes the weapons system, and Lynn also intends to study and find out the whole Midgart by herself … When Lynn feels that she knows enough, she can also make a similar Midgart unit.
This seems quite interesting.
And here Lin intends to fly to continue to attack the transpirator.
But there is a little problem that there are no troops here who can’t send the attack stone to this position. This is … completely out of perception.
Lin, the army here has a … general arm like a mite-‘Wei mite’. This Wei mite is much bigger than before, almost one meter in size.
But it is still weak, but the transpirator can’t do much for the time being. It was seriously injured by Lin bombing, and the erosion rate should be much slower or the roots can’t be eroded.
Lin still sometimes … can solve it, just make enough troops, thinking that Lin looked around and soon found something that could make troops.
In the sand dunes in the distance, there is a ship that looks like an aircraft. The appearance looks very new … It seems that it is not as long as it is here. Anyway, it is profitable.
The mite quickly ran over and climbed to the front of the flying machine, which looked like an egg … The egg was more than 30 meters in size and looked like a power plant. The surface was covered with cracks, from which you could see the complex mechanical structure inside.
Lin Wei mite found an entrance and climbed in. It’s like Lin has seen most aircraft cabins with a driver’s seat … It looks like a dust crocodile. From the seat, the driver’s figure is also very similar
But there are no drivers here who don’t know where they went … Lin came here to test and investigate these machines … Finally, Lin tore them all up.
Lin broke down the aircraft department from the operation system and assembled a large number of … small mechanical arms from these decomposed parts.
And make these arms refit the whole aircraft department, just like this … It didn’t take long for the aircraft to be refitted.
Although the appearance is still an egg, the part is completely different. The energy makes the original energy of the aircraft still half.
Moreover, in the process of decomposition, Lin also found what the driver left behind … Diary This diary is a three-dimensional picture playback. Although it speaks a language that Lin has never heard, Lin also knows about it just by looking at the picture.

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