According to the queen mother, she was stunned and then her face immediately became gloomy. Even Zhao Cuo’s delicate and jade-like feet curled up her delicious tender toes, which shows that she was really angry if there was a sense of oppression overflowing from her body.
"I think you want to be in the palace!"
"Empress, calm down"
Zhao wrong sincere tone say
"It sounds nonsense that a demon sage will have feelings for a weak Terran, but how can I live until now?"
"Go on."
Look at him with an expression on his face.
"Empress, since you have dealt with that witch, you should know the cunning. If it weren’t for her voluntary confession, I wouldn’t have known the identity of the demon princess. After all, even the Imperial Supervisor failed to see through my virtue?"
Zhao wrong evil spirit have something to say.
"After learning that she is a demon family, it is impossible for me to ingratiate myself and betray the court first, so I will give her medicine on my wedding night, but even if I humiliate her like that, I still can’t kill me."
His rhetoric is really outrageous, but it is also logical. It is the best proof of this lie that Grandpa Zhao Xiaogong is sitting here now.
"You make it sound like it’s really like that …"
The empress dowager stared at him intently.
"But there is a little palace finish method to understand the syren again how also can fight with me what will like you a fragile thing? Do you have any advantages that she likes? What can’t I see? "
"Do you need a reason to love someone?"
Zhao cuo is sitting in danger.
"I didn’t ask you to play tricks!"
According to the queen mother tone sen cold reprimand angrily to 1.
"Maybe it’s because the minister is good-looking?"
Zhao cuo hesitated to say his biggest advantage at present.
Chapter 17 from the queen mother empress conditioning discipline
Listening to Zhao Cuo’s joke, he spoke as the queen mother smiled more and more coldly. His eyes were already like staring at a corpse.
"You don’t think this ridiculous remark can fool the palace, do you?"
Her tone is cool.
"dare not"
Zhao wrong low head said
"I didn’t mean to cheat the empress just now, but sometimes telling the truth is more trustworthy, isn’t it?"
"Are you questioning the palace?"
Empress Dowager narrowed her majestic phoenix eyes.
"Empress can understand me telling the truth, but can you believe that Kenai? You don’t think I really colluded with the demon race, do you? If that’s the case, Xia Yaonu won’t make a scene last night and then walk away. I won’t be here … "

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