Wei Dong came to the altar of the gods in Zurich.

Suddenly, a crack appeared between the altar and Weidong, just like a sudden opening of eyes.
There is something in that eye that will completely isolate the altar from Weidong.
Everyone’s talent will grow and change with his physical strength and rank. Wei Donglai is already a level 14 destroyer. He holds the second talent, "Eye", and his power has reached an incredible level.
Su Li’s look changed slightly, and the stars on his head shone in the ancient city. This thought field contains almost a small universe, and all the energy is under pressure.
A spectacular and terrible scene appeared, and the stars above their heads seemed to feel the call to fall. It was a magnificent scene like the end of the world
Su Li’s situation is the same as that of Wei Donglai. As he grows stronger, so does his third talent, the field of thoughts.
Forgetting the war situation, he can return to this level. Today, the force explosion can already launch the Fang Xingchen force.
After all, it contains a small cosmic force.
Wei Donglai felt that the terrorist force seemed to crush everything.
He stood in the middle, not afraid, not afraid of the second "eye" hit on his head, then the third, fourth and fifth …
In half a second, there were cracks all around him, and all the cracks seemed to be connected, and there was an incredible name awakening, and an ancient smell of the wild was everywhere.
His forehead opened with a vertical eye, which was the mark of his treasure. His eyes were connected, saying that it was the trace left by the fall of the ancient saints.
Every eye seems to be buried with an ancient sage. At this moment, the traces of these sages are awakening and calling for the return of the ancient sages.
The meteor falls from the sky, and the power of the stars falls from the sky, covering all sides in an instant. The meteor hits the square eye and detonates the earth-shattering noise.
The stars are strong enough to crush and destroy everything, but Wei Donglai is firmly guarded by the ancient holy forces. Without power, he can cross the line.
At this moment, the two men fought evenly, and no one could stand anyone.
The news that a fourth-level destroyer in Suli district was able to walk out of the sacred tower was so close that it was impossible to win or lose. If it went out, it would be shocking and would arouse the sacred shock of all ethnic groups.
Weidong came to force his eyes to cooperate with the sacred eyes and to sacrifice the sacred field again.
Su Lili pushed the heavens and the stars to hang down, and the sacred field that he had just sacrificed was crushed again.
Wei Donglai punched a hole and almost understood that he directly hit a channel leading to another indescribable time. No matter how strong Su Li’s attack is, passing through this channel is equivalent to hitting another unknown time to Wei Donglai’s body.
In the face of this eye, Su Li’s performance is crazy and directly beneficial. The falling stars hit this eye and then detonated the force of the stars. It is directly necessary to destroy all the channels when this eye is playing.
Although this eye claims to be the traces left by the ancient saints, it can’t resist the big bang of stars all over the sky. Suddenly, a large number of eyes were directly blown to pieces and disappeared.
Once again, the magnificent tower was raised by Su Li, whose surface was covered with thousands of golden symbols, and a golden light beam rose from it, and it hit him with a bang when Wei Donglai’s eyes collapsed around the sky.
Wei Donglai was hit by this golden beam and opened his mouth to let out a stuffy hum and spit out an arrow of blood. Almost at the same time, his eyes around his body almost collapsed into pieces, but he just punched a hole and the indescribable power around him has awakened. His sacred eyes resonate with light.
Seeing the Suli Tower fall all over the sky with golden light, the bullfight will be suppressed, and this Weidong will summon the indescribable things. Suddenly, the tower’s momentum will fail and it will shake first and show signs of collapse.
Just eleven seconds later, Su Li’s enemy state finally disappeared.
The enemy’s state disappeared, and the great monty dragon body in Suli immediately felt the pressure of terror and squeezed itself from all sides.
Although he has been able to carry the stone energy back, he is so strong that he can launch the energy in the field of thinking, but there is a small cosmic energy in it. No matter how tough he is, he can’t support it.
Cracks suddenly appeared on the surface of the body, and there was a bone fracture inside. Su Li’s body method supported this dream field and suddenly weakened the tower. The indescribable thing had a crack before it collided.
In the sudden surge of this indescribable thing, a vague white eye can be seen hitting the square tower.
"Boom", a golden light exploded, and all the lines on the surface of the tower shattered the whole magnificent tower and collapsed.
Su Li was hit hard, snorted and vomited blood. Suddenly, his body glowed in a rainbow and suddenly disappeared into the water in the distance.
Just now Su Li launched the teleport crystal to escape from here.
This Wei Donglai is too strong. Even if he is in the enemy’s state, it may not be his opponent’s worse. In eleven seconds, the enemy’s time has ended. If you don’t escape, you won’t escape.
Su Li has always displayed a very strong and overbearing posture. Wei Donglai never thought that he would suddenly cast teleport crystal to escape from leng leng before he realized that he had captured Su Li’s breath by induction.
This teleport crystal will send people to hundreds of miles away at random, and there is no clue in these four directions. How should he look for Su Li?
"Damn it, I should make the seal crystal first-"
The medium-sized seal crystal can seal Fiona Fang for 10 kilometers. This area can make teleportation crystals again, and he has several such medium-sized seal crystals, but he has not made them.
Wei Donglai paused for a second before he roared with a look of regret, but there was a faint sadness in his heart.
I wouldn’t have made such a low-level mistake if I had been killed all the way from the sea of dead bodies and mountains.
However, in recent years, I have been in a high position in the eastern region, drinking and enjoying myself for too long, and my sense of fighting has been somewhat behind me.
He had some inexplicable fear in his heart, and he felt that his fighting consciousness seemed to be unable to keep up with this newcomer who was only in his twenties.
From the moment he fired the first shot at him, the newcomer successfully set up a game to slay the East, and finally came with him. All five companions died, leaving him alone.
If the East hadn’t died, he and himself would have killed each other.
I have taken advantage of myself now … but I am reduced to this. Although it seems that Su Li lost to her own teleport crystal and escaped, Wei Donglai’s heart is full of frustration.
He felt that he had completely failed. Without the East, he had no idea where to find Su Li.
I felt an unprecedented inexplicable fear in my heart. He didn’t stay any longer, and suddenly he flew in the direction of Luobo City.
Su Li launched a teleport, and the white disappeared around the crystal, and immediately saw a fortress in the distance ahead.
It turned out that he was randomly sent to about thirty or forty kilometers away from the third fortress.

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