Divine knowledge exploration immediately finds the source of fluctuation.
Tenglin has broken through!
Zhang Yang couldn’t help laughing in his heart.
Now Yinhe River God is not what it used to be. Others are the strong gods, and they have the strength to sweep most of the strong gods. King Danube can be promoted to the King of God at any time … In this way, there are two powerful kings in God.
There are also a large number of strong gods, more than 20 thousand and half steps, and the Lord’s realm is hag.
Tenglin is only the title of dzogchen after the breakthrough, but it is also a half-step god, and its influence on God is negligible.
But Zhang Yang is still excited to see this breakthrough made by his most loyal servant who followed his old department at first.
Fluctuations of laws transform the spirit of rattan forest.
"When the law! The route taken by Fujimori’s enlightenment is actually the law of time! Ha ha ha … "
Zhang Yang laughed.
Jin Mu’s law of fire, water, soil and five elements destroys Tao and gives birth to Tao, among which the law of time is the most powerful.
Zhang Yang was regarded as having potential by the time beast because of his understanding of the laws of time, thus giving him a big chance at will.
Now that his best servant is on the same route, Zhang Yang is certainly happy for him.
Zhang Yang can predict that when Tenglin is promoted and completed, the realm of God will definitely sweep all the hag kings except Danube!
The Wu Man clan has a strong bloodline, and the overtime rule is superior to his rule, which is powerful enough for Tenglin to create this miracle.
With the fluctuation of laws, the majestic energy in the center of rattan forest gathers.
This trend can’t be compared with Zhang Yang’s promotion.
Hundreds of Wan Li energies in Zhou Fangyuan are agitated and frantically instilled into rattan forest. Compared with the same order, this kind of power is already very amazing.
Thousands of kilometers!
Finally, the rattan forest was shaped into a giant with a height of thousands of kilometers.
"Ha ha ha … promotion! This is the half-step power of God. I feel that I can conan the destroyer before I raise my hand! "
Just promoted to Tenglin, the excitement is better than feeling the surge of strength.
"Master Fujimori has advanced!" Rattan forest did not lose his discretion. First of all, he saluted Zhang Yang respectfully.
"Ha ha ha very good! You still have life fluid there, right? Speed up the strength to the half-step state of God Lord dzogchen! At last, another god-class strong man was born outside the temple of Wu Man’s pulse! "
Zhang Yang smiled very carefree.
"Rattan forest! You finally made it! "
"Congratulations to Mr. Fujimori!"
Rattan far and others are all excited than happy from the heart when they flash to Rattan Forest.
Chapter seven hundred and eleven A brand-new world
It’s hard for a bunch of hags to look envious.
Although the Galaxy God has made rapid progress and advanced to many strong people, it is always difficult to see a companion advancing to envy.
Excitement is a moment, and God is a step on the road to the strong, far from the end.
Zhang Yang quickly continued to fix the vulnerability.
For his life for thousands of years, it may take millions of years to fix the loophole, which can be said to be extremely long.
But Zhang Yang knows that this process is very necessary.
Don’t say that after the restoration, the meteorite world will become stronger and become a strong backing, but during the restoration process, it is also more flexible in terms of timing.
From time to time, he added some laws that he controlled to make the meteorite world have other powers 3.
The process of restoration is also a process of spiritual practice.
The long river of time passed slowly, and thousands of years passed in a hurry.
Zhang Yang feels that he is more proficient in all kinds of laws. This proficiency is definitely not the effect that can be obtained by simply understanding the law ball.
In this way, he is even less anxious to continue to understand the law ball.
In these thousands of years, two old hags have successfully advanced to the king of hags. Of course, this is only an episode.
Practice years
Zhang Yang had this feeling before, but this time he really felt the true meaning of this sentence.
In the Millennium, it is a blink of an eye for thousands of years, and it is not noticed in the construction of immersion law.
Perhaps from time to time, a hag succeeds in promotion, and the fluctuation of the law makes Zhang Yang occasionally disturb one.
From the 90,000 th year of the law structure, after the rattan forest, Goto was promoted to become a strong god.
Zhang Yang exultation
It’s a pity that although there are hags who have been promoted successfully, he and others have been silent for a long time
1.23 million 792 years!
This is when Zhang Yang repairs the whole plane loophole.
When Zhang Yang fixed the last loophole, the whole interface law structure changed qualitatively.
There are thousands of barriers in the plane, and the law of auspicious light and gorgeous time is fast fluctuating, which is almost visible to the naked eye.
The meteorite world expanded rapidly and skyrocketed.
The crown of the tree of life flutters and flutters
Zhang Yang promoted to shape the body energy tree of life and almost consumed the life fluid accumulated in the trunk.

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