上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 桑拿会所 On the other hand, the material of Aquarius has also undergone earth-shaking changes. The most precious Aquarius is refined from five-color soil, but it is more special because it is contaminated with the smell of saints. Although Lu Yu improved the quality of Aquarius through continuous sacrifice, he still managed to get rid of the material restrictions

On the other hand, the material of Aquarius has also undergone earth-shaking changes. The most precious Aquarius is refined from five-color soil, but it is more special because it is contaminated with the smell of saints. Although Lu Yu improved the quality of Aquarius through continuous sacrifice, he still managed to get rid of the material restrictions

The base of Qianbao Aquarius is his culmination. However, this time, the world treasure vase has become a world body, so it has been greatly promoted. Now it can be regarded as an innate treasure weapon, and the magic weapon has already done harm to it.
Lu Yu immersed his mind in a vase and appeared in front of him a brand-new world, a world made up entirely of water, which is not ordinary water. It has all the characteristics of water that Lu Yu once sacrificed and refined.
Lu Yu will never scrimp and save again, and is afraid of finishing his hard work and accumulating possessions, feeling the surrounding water. Lu Yu can clearly feel that there is a faint vitality. This is because fate and time have made it possible to breed life in this world.
Maybe many years later, there will be many kinds of life and splendid culture in this world full of water.
At this moment, a bell rang to pull Liu Yu’s mind back to his body and looked up. It turned out that the old Taoist priest was banging the bell with him.
Chapter three hundred and forty-four The gate
The bell rings at Yangshan Mountain to wash people’s hearts and make Lu Yu’s mind more peaceful.
He was surprised to see that the old Taoist who rang the bell was able to knock out such a bell. At this moment, Liu Yu seemed to understand that such a dying old man could actually build a foundation in heaven and earth.
When the old Taoist saw this, he said with some embarrassment, "It was I who disturbed the Xianshi retreat!"
Liu Yu shook his head slightly and said, "What’s more, your clock is quite extraordinary and can wash your mind."
"I have no gain or loss since I let go of my obsession, but I can understand the true meaning of the scripture, and my mood is more peaceful. Later, the master asked me to ring the bell every day to urge my younger brothers to work, so I loved this job. After that, I found that ringing the bell every time made me feel more peaceful, but I loved ringing the bell."
"Juxian Temple was damaged by the war between Xianshi and Shizun, but this bronze bell was well preserved. I found it and rang it again every day. I didn’t want to disturb Xianshi."
Lu Yu sighed, "It is no wonder that you can cross this threshold if you have this feeling. I will retreat here these days, and you can call me if you have any doubts."
When the old Taoist priest heard it, he immediately said with joy, "Thank you for your mercy!"
Aside the wishful true fairy is gently skimming the pie mouth, thinking how he didn’t find anything strange in this clock.
It wasn’t long before everyone in the girl country knew that the wishful true fairy in Juxian Temple had been defeated, and even Juxian Temple had been destroyed, but the precious abortion spring fell into the hands of a blue student.
Strange to say, although the student occupied the abortion spring, he didn’t want anything like a true fairy, but he often didn’t have a good face for those who came to get the abortion spring. Instead, he comforted them that their lives were precious and could not be easily damaged, so that they could come back after thinking clearly
What’s even more surprising is that when the Lord heard about this, he sent a minister to Xieyang Mountain with a lot of property and manpower.
The mighty crowd came to know that Yangshanshou was a female official of some age. He arranged a dress from Malaysia and said to the attendants around him, "This immortal is no more profound than ordinary magic, and he can’t be treated with any delay just because he saved the country!"
It is too cautious for the attendants to nod their heads in succession. Now who dares to disrespect the mountain immortal? You know, the indomitable spirit giant is vivid.
Climbing the stairs and quickly gathering in Xian ‘an, this group of people were dumbfounded. The original brilliant Taoist temple is now in ruins, collapsed houses are stacked together, and there are traces left by the war. The traces cut by firm but gentle still have a sharp breath, which makes them shudder.
Everyone can’t help but swallow saliva, but also play an extremely spiritual spirit. The fairy power is far beyond their imagination.
However, there is no fairy teacher around, and the female officials have inquired about this fairy, who lives in a simple life and practices all day long. It is always reported that an old Taoist will introduce them.
"Lu Xianshi’s Hongmian has been ordered to make a special contribution!" The female officer respectfully saluted the distance, and the sound was crisp and full of penetrating power, echoing the mountains.
In a short time, an old Taoist priest appeared in front of her eyes. She was tall and straight, so that the female officer could not help blushing. This strange mature charm made her very obsessed.
"You wait for the old road and report it!" The Taoist priest’s words are very light, but people around him seem to see a tall and straight pine and cypress standing upright, which exudes fragrance.
You can see from a glimpse that the old Taoist priests are so extraordinary, and the strength of the immortal master can be imagined.
Lu Yu listened to the report and slowly opened his eyes and said doubtfully, "What did the Lord send someone to do?"
After this period of practice, his Yuan Shen’s injury gradually recovered, and his face became pale and ruddy. The whole person could not see any traces of injury.
Walking out of the abode of fairies and immortals, I saw the vast crowd, and my heart was even more confused.
When the female officer saw Lu Yu coming forward, she quickly bowed respectfully and said, "I have seen Xianshi!"
"What are you doing here today?"
"The Lord of the Kingdom learned that Xianshi lived here temporarily and specially ordered me to send some materials to repair Xianju. I hope Xianshi will accept it!" The female officer said with a sincere smile on her face
Liu Yu looked up and found that it was indeed some building materials followed by craftsmen. He thought about it and decided to let them stay.
It’s natural to be overjoyed to see Liu Yu nod her head, so that she can be regarded as accomplished. What’s even more commendable is that she has made a good relationship with such a well-connected fairy teacher.
"XianShi, what are you going to do?" The old monk was puzzled and asked.
These days, he often consults Lu Yu’s practice of immortality. Although he is a master and apprentice, he naturally knows that this gentleman does not intend to live here permanently.
"How can you live up to people’s wishes now that they have been sent? Besides, although I can’t get these, you are going to live here for a long time, just to take this opportunity to build a mountain gate for you, and you also have a place to live?" Liu Yu said with a smile.
These words made the old Taoist priest’s eyes turn red and tears swirled. He kowtowed respectfully to Lu Yu and said, "Thank you for your kindness!"
Liu Yu shook his head slightly. "I didn’t help you until I saw that you were sincere and kind in your practice. There is such a place in this mountain forest that you can settle down."
So the once quiet mountain forest suddenly became full of people, and several craftsmen shouted here, but no one dared to be careless in building the mansion by Xianshi.
Lu Yu watched these busy craftsmen solve the problem that Yangshan Mountain is steep and the building materials mountain is not easy. Often, these craftsmen are required to bring the mountain slowly with their shoulders in their hands.
Unable to bear it in my heart, I made an avatar call out the Aquarius. A huge wind came over and blew all the east and west of the mountain, which seemed to narrow the middle of the eyes of the general public and was sucked into the Aquarius.
With a gentle hand, the Aquarius floated from the sky and slowly fell to the palm of Lu Yu’s hand. Lu Yu tilted the Aquarius slightly to the ground and dropped those things.
The craftsmen around immediately gave a huge cheer, which saved them a lot of effort.
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Leave
With the help of Lu Yu, the progress of building the Taoist temple gate was greatly accelerated, and soon a brand-new Taoist temple appeared in front of everyone.
The mortise and tenon structure and the surrounding environment of the ancient building are perfectly combined, which makes people feel very comfortable.
All craftsmen are satisfied to see such a death in this brand-new Taoist temple.
The old Taoist priest excitedly looked at the Taoist temple. From now on, this is his place and his foundation.
"We practitioners have always paid attention to law, wealth and land, and these four are indispensable. Now that you have this Taoist view, you will have a land. If you don’t neglect your practice in the future, you will live and see for a long time." Lu Yu said to the old Taoist seriously
"Hum! How dare such a bastard insult me! " Aside the wishful true fairy is some resentfully said
He also spent a lot of money on the gathering of immortals, but compared with the new Taoist temple in front of him, it is simply a cloud of mud. Don’t let him feel cheated
The old Taoist said with a wry smile, "Master, there are not so many skilled craftsmen in our Taoist temple!"
Ruyi Zhenxian glanced at the respectful old Taoist priest, and there was a kind of anger in his heart at the thought that he had painstakingly found the mansion.
Liu Yu gently pulled the ribbon in his hand, and was immediately led forward by Liu Yu out of control.

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