上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室 约茶品茶工作室 Wang Foer brought his own hand, and hundreds of refugees left. He didn’t tell the two military commanders that they were sealed by air pockets. He took away a sealed town with more than 10,000 resin soldiers left, and the troops left were not enough. Yan Chimei and Wang Foer believed that guarding the city should not be a problem for these three fire ape generals.

Wang Foer brought his own hand, and hundreds of refugees left. He didn’t tell the two military commanders that they were sealed by air pockets. He took away a sealed town with more than 10,000 resin soldiers left, and the troops left were not enough. Yan Chimei and Wang Foer believed that guarding the city should not be a problem for these three fire ape generals.

When he went back to the north gate to see the elder, he was worried. When he came back, Tan Guang said first, "There have been a large number of corpse soldiers in the north gate, and we have been surrounded by the city."
Wang Foer heart a surprised face but don’t understand the color is light replied, "I already know, let me lead these resin soldiers guarding the city first and withdraw the temple Buddha soldiers and refugees!" If the mobile warfare building fails to enter the city, just leave it alone and bring everything in it. "
Seeing that Wang Foer is so calm, Tan Guang and other old monks are also slightly relieved. They are proficient in Buddhism and martial arts, but they have no experience in war. If Wang Foer commands all the way, even if he is the least angry with Lingshan, he vaguely agrees with Wang Foer’s abbot status and believes in what he says.
As the fire ape army resin soldiers took the place of defending the rotten Tuo Temple, the monk soldiers became busy. They helped the refugees abducted by Wang Foer and the mountain thieves settle down and clean up a former military camp in the north of the city.
Fengming City is occupied by resin demon linen, so it’s less natural and clean. These monks collect firewood, put all the filth away, burn it with a fire, and face the siege of resin soldiers outside the city. Everyone has an appetite everywhere. Wang Foer and the elder Feng Chu found the most spacious house for the time being to discuss the future.
With the 50,000 corpse soldiers of the Fire Ape Army, everyone is not worried about breaking through the encirclement. The only thing that is wrong is that after this war, there is no spare capacity to attack the Lingshan of Da Lei Yin Temple and come out to go to Araki General.
Wang Foer couldn’t help thinking that this meeting in Lingshan didn’t refute "Anyway, now everyone can’t leave these words, and it’s not too late to study them when the situation of corpse soldiers outside the city naturally changes!"
That night, everyone went to rest after a long battle and fatigue.
Wang Foer’s practice of sinking consciousness into the sea of knowledge has become a daily practice, and this time is no exception. He has repeatedly deduced the subsequent changes of the Great Sun Sutra in the sea of knowledge. Recently, he has revised the second layer of scripture. This great day’s Tathagata blessing the divine change is to limit the light and fire. Although it seems that it is not limited, the original appearance of the mind method is full of energy, but the subsequent strength is mellow and level, and the potential is endless. It is also counter-productive to all kinds of sneakiness. It is far from just three martial arts.
Knowing the sea, Wang Foer is wrapped around the golden rune. In the red sun, there is a faint head of the three-claw sun. The frozen magic symbol, the fire and water, the exquisite tower, turns into a pearl star, and the magic soldier Beidou draws a constant circle around the Yuan God to form a perfect trajectory.
Wang Foer, who had been motionless for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes and turned pale white. The beads suddenly stopped running and set the center of Wang Foer’s eyes.
"The transformation beads cooperate with the ancestral gods to change me, and I can return to my ancestors with ten breaths. This practice can promote the Five Emperors Dragon Boxing to another level of power. This killing trick should be kept in a critical position!"
Chapter 17 A hammering army breaks the array and kills
One night, the north gate of the city fought, but the south gate fought overnight.
When Yan Chimei woke up and turned around, he flew into a rage and went out of the city to fight, but his hand strength dropped by nearly half, which was not far from the control of the army by the two resin demons outside the city. He fought hard overnight and didn’t take any advantage, except for losing more than 3 thousand troops and gaining one.
The genius came to Wang Foer to beg for the corpse demon to seal the town when he saw the bright red eyebrow.
Wang Foer smiled and said, "There are resin soldiers around the North Gate. How can I guarantee the safety if I return this soldier to you?"
Yanchimei shouted, "I don’t think you are safe. This more than 10,000 corpse soldiers are our fire ape army. Why don’t you give it?" If you don’t pay me back today, you will personally lead troops to beg me to see how much resistance you have! "
Wang Foer’s eyebrows have been secretly annoyed in his heart. Yan Chimei came alone this time without his two companions. When he turned his mind, he already had a dispute and said with a smile, "If this big war comes, you and I will both lose. What if we deal with the corpse soldiers outside the city?"
Yan Chimei’s eyes are red and thundered. "I’m not going out of town to destroy those resin soldiers. Don’t be bothersome again! Give me back the town! "
Wang Foer vomitted a long mouthful of true qi and stole a look around. Several elders really found that everyone was surprised and angry with Yan Chimei for being so outrageous and unreasonable.
"Feng Chu! What do you think I should be? "
Wang Foer kicked this big burden to Feng Chu’s side. The middle-aged Confucian scholar who claimed to be the first strategist in the day didn’t even want to immediately say, "Is this still a choice? Killing Yan Chimei and taking the soldiers is ten swords and going to Maicheng! "
Feng Chu drew ten yuan swords from the sleeve robe and turned them into hundreds of cold lights in the wind like several horses practicing swishing and breaking to swallow the red eyebrows.
The first military strategist in the day decided to be bold, not to mention Yan Chimei, even a bunch of monks such as Wang Foer were dumbfounded. This strange sword has many powers. Although Yan Chimei is skilled in martial arts, he can’t resist the saber exhibition in his hand.
Lingshan Tanguang and others immediately woke up and made moves in succession. These old monks have surpassed Yan Chimei in every martial art, so they have captured the famous tough military commander of the fire ape army alive in three moves.
Haze light knows that if you really kill Yan Chimei and take the soldiers, you must have a deep hatred with the fire ape army, so you can’t solve the feud, so you can transport the big Bodhisattva sword and play the ten swords of Feng Chu to protect Yan Chimei.
Wang Foer has never had a chance to make a move since the war, but he can shake his head and say to everyone, "Yan Chimei will be taken into custody for the time being and sent to tell the two military commanders that we will return the head and tail to them after we retreat from the enemy!"
Buddha Tuoshi’s face is worried and said, "Now we are in conflict with three generals of the fire ape army, but how can we resist the corpse soldiers outside?" I went out of the city to check the dense reading method of rotten Tuo Temple. At least five resin demons have appeared outside Fengming City. "
Wang Foer gasped at this and shouted, "One corpse demon can take six or seven thousand to nineteen thousand corpse soldiers to guard five corpses, and the strength brought by them is enough to trap us here!"
Buddha’s hands are folded, and his face is more worried. He said, "One of the five corpse demons here in the north gate has a faint second repair, which should be the sixth demon boy of the seven corpse demons in Da Lei Yin Temple."
Wang Foer’s face was even more shocked. He blurted out, "If it’s really this big demon and no corpse soldiers are besieging the city, he can break in alone and kill us. Who can be the second repairman?"
Once the martial arts training has passed five times, every liter will be turned upside down. If seven four or five masters still have a chance to challenge a three-master, once the enemy is replaced by a second one, more than ten three-masters may not be able to gain the battle advantage. At the beginning, Indra’s first ninth training made Wang Foer afraid all the time.
Even the most violent Lingshan has nothing to say at this moment.
Wang Foer grew up and said lightly, "I’ll go out of the city and check again. Before I come back, this can mobilize the corpse soldiers to seal the town, and the elders of Buddha Tuoshi will be in charge temporarily! It is up to Mr. Feng Chu to decide how to deploy troops! "
Before several elders could say anything against it, Wang Foer had drifted away from him all the way. The north gate saw the overwhelming corpse soldiers lined up in an array ten miles away. I knew that these were not the invading military forces. At least a corpse demon took a corpse soldier to ambush in the distance and waited for them to come out when they went out of the city for a decisive battle.
"If Yu Daosui is one-on-one, are you sure that you have cleaned up the sixth child?"
Wang Foer said that he had been silent for a long time in the past, so he came out of the snake staff and said faintly, "I didn’t know that I haven’t fought anyone for a long time and I don’t know if I still care about my martial arts!"

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